THEATRE PREVIEW The Christian Brothers

The old cliche that 'school days are the best days’ is to get a right royal seeing to in this production of Ron Blair’s play. Set in 505 Sydney in one of the Christian Brothers' Catholic schools, the play turns the audience into a classroom of fifteen-year-old boys under the tutelage of a Christian Brother, played by Lawrence Coy.

Coy, who was himself educated under the system, explains how he recreates the tense atmosphere of the classroom. ’The audience will be asked obscure questions and then suffer abuse when they don't know the answers. They’ll experience not physically of course what it's like to be humiliated by the Christian Brothers.’ Careful not to follow the Brothers' doctrine of seeing everything in black and white, Coy gradually reveals how the Brother is, like the boys he teaches, emotionally crippled as a result of his experiences. ‘This guy is badly prepared for the situation he finds himself in. He took a vow of chastity when he joined at sixteen, before he even knew what sex was. He has nothing to raise himself above the boys except his dog collar and his leather strap.’ With sexual abuse implied but not explicit, the play promises to be a very black comedy. (Catherine Bromley) as The Christian Brothers (Fringe) Ternpus Fugit, Gilded Balloon (“Venue 38) 226 2757, 7 15 Aug, 12 30mm, [7 M6).

Harsh lessons: The Christian Brothers

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0 Misterman The Traverse Theatre

Written and performed by Enda Walsh, Corcadorca returns to the Traverse alter the phenomenal success of Disco Pigs. A

blackly and intruiging insight into the mind of Thomas.

10 August at 7.30pm 3 pairs

Bodger And Badger

Dltl you know Bodger and Badger totiptrcl the bill at Glastonbury this year? Farr huff, It was In the kIdS' field, but their audience betrayed the fact that students too have fallen under the influence of magic mash

This was our fourth year. We always get all these studenty types turning up, with0ut any kids, tramping through the mud,‘ says Andy Cunningham, aka Mr Bodger, long suffering-friend of mash- thr'owrng Badger The BBC'S unashamedly slapstick children's show is now in its ninth series. Perhaps students are nostalgic for their childhoods. ’lt's aimed fair and square at six and seven-

tons at school about rarnforests. We’re all about anarchy and mashed potato.‘ People often wonder what they use for mashed potato, and, well, it's mashed potato. 'Sometimes we use the real thing, sometimes Smash. I hope there's enough mashed potato in Edinburgh for our regurrements because we do get through qurte a lot of rt. After a great deal of Intensive research, I’m now a world authority on the ratio of mash to water to make the stickiest mashed potato which will not fall off anyone’s face.’ You have been warned. (Gabe Stewart) I Badger And Badger (Fringe) K omedia@Southside (Venue 82) 667 2272, 6—75Aug, 70.30am, £6 (£4).

BE Scotland invites you to a screening of

BrotherlyI I I I I I


Tickets are available for an evening screening of Brotherly Love: a new sitcom from BBC Scotland starring Gregor Fisher. We look forward to seeing you at Broadcasting House, Glmgow on Wednesday 18th August.

Please phone the free-ticket line now on

0141 338 2230

No person: under the age of l6 can be admitted into the studio.

There are no parking facilities within the BBC.

0 Something in Common The Observer Assembly

Dave meets Charlie, a 28-year old intelligent and independant woman who is dangerously comfortable with her own sexuality. She tests him, pushing him to the limits of his self control. 00 they really have something in common? 8 & 11 August at 3.00pm

The Nations Favourite The Pleasance

The battle for the soul of Radio 1 \Mill Simon Bates, till, Steve Wright, John Peel. Zoe Ball and, of course Chris Evans - but who's telling the truth? Tune in for the real story. . 5,6,7 & 8 August at 6.15pm

Disco Inferno The Venue

5 pairs Put your bright blue afro on and slip comfortably into the world that is Disco Inferno. Very tongue in cheek 70’s disco night.

7 August at 10.30pm 5 pairs

The Secret Life of Charlie Chaplin

The Pleasance Fusing live action and film protection, Andrew ‘I.’rsnevski’s highly visual production turns the spotlight on the scandal that

. devastated l920's Hollyt-vood.

8, 9 Si 10 August at 2.50pm

MltChB" & WBbb The Observer Assembly

Join the lovely Mitchell and Webb doing stuff with joke people they've made up in a way that's like a story buy isn’t really. Confused yet?

10 August at 9.30pm

Dave Johns the Pleasance

After last years critically acclaimed show, tricky Dave is back. The word on the street is book early, this bOy is extremely funny.

5, 6, 7, 8, 9 8: 10 August at 8.45pm 3 pairs

2 pairs

5 pairs

3 pairs

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0 Gilded Balloon at the Palladium 4.00pm-11.00pm

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