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Angust 6:11??$1§.‘i1§§ August Box , i


4 ‘ShoI-{Plays within/e kzz

DIRECTED BY NATHAN OSGOOD The 1.40:; 0! Larkspur- Lotion 0 Talk to

The Dar-l: Room 0 A Der-[ea Aualqgi "



5.15PM | 6-30 AUGUST ' TICKETS £7.50/S6.50 GILDED BALLOON BOX OFFICE: 0131 226 2151

38 THE UST S l? Aug IOQQ



MUSICAL PREyIEW Poisoning Pigeons In The Park

This year, the award-winning Northern Theatre Company will be dancing the Masochism Tango and Poisoning Pigeons In The Park. But don't fret, it’s all perfectly legal and above board. NTC are paying homage to cult satirical songwriter Tom Lehrer. ‘As a student in the 605 I was brought up on Lehrer,’ says director Richard Green. 'But his black humour hasn't lost its appeaL'

A Harvard mathematician who once worked for the Los Alamos nuclear lab, Lehrer’s biting humour took no prisoners: the arms race, small town hypocrisy, folk singers and unusual sexual preferences all suffered under his sardonic gaze and breathtaking verbal dexterity.

them to 3 Gilbert and Sullivan tune.

(Moira Jeffrey)

Satirical spectacle: Poisoning Pigeons In The Park

His scientific training stood him in good stead: not only could he pronounce all the elements in the periodic table but he could remember them and sing

Lehrer wearied of performing and in the end returned to maths, famously declaring that since Henry Kissinger had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, the world no longer needed satirists. But new audiences and fans continue to rediscover him. 'His songs are brilliant,’ Green confirms. 'It’s fantastic to see a cast of twenty year olds having such fun with them.’

Est? PO/St‘nng Prgeons In The Park (funny) Northern Theatre Company (iI/rlt‘d [lgllr’r‘c‘n // (Venue 3(5) 2.36 I,“ I tS—ji‘i,’ At/‘J, 2 5pm, 7 (f6)

liSllVAl 1 3pm contInued


'ThIs show doeSn't pretend to be cool] says dtrer tOr Joseph Alford 'lt's Ver aware of Its own srllrness.' A good than; too, for a show thch promotes the Idea that Lego ’symbolrses the aIOms of creatIrIn and the buIIdIng blocks of God ' For all hrs self-depracatron howexer, AlfOrd's company Generally Better PrOductIOns has a pretty heavywerght reputatIon, recently sellrng out at the Brrtrsh Festrval of Visual Theatre And 80nd Is very vrsual, as well as herng musIcal, rhythmIc and physical 'lt's stylrsed rather than stylrsh,' explarns Alford 'Although some of the Issues . we deal WIth, lrke lrIendshIp and JOBlOUSy, are gurte senous, we dIdn't want to make It too melodramatlc ' Part of a rnInI-festrval of VIsual theatre berng held at the Grlded Balloon tellIneg tItled Three Companres, SIx Countrres, Eleven Sleeping Bags, the play explores the nature of relatronshrps, and what happens when the pattern of frrendshrp :5 suddenly changed Although Its Me, and the fact that the two prrncrpal characters are men, rrnplres the marn theme Is male bondIng, thrs Isn't the case 'It's not really male onentated,’ denres Alford 'It appeals to everyone, because we've all been In IhlS krnd of sItuatI0n (Krrsty Knaggs) 80nd (Frrnqe) Generally Better P/(‘Iftrx (Ions, GI/ded Bal/I Ian 1/ (Venue 30) I 23o 27:37. o. 8 TO 12 M. 76 )8 -0 2-1 Ed 28. 30 Aug 2 («Up/n [7(1‘6)

COMEDY PREVIEW Rubbaball: Rome!!!

Last year The Lrst descnbed Rubhaball's productIOn feet/I ()f The lung/e as 'terrrbly sIlly Indeed’ Thrs year an apt descrrptron of Rome/ll would be 'hrgh camp daftness'

The script by Ewan Barley and Jonathan Chesterman Is tIght The two performers produce sornethrng that's nrcely paced, wrth gags that make you gIggle and repartee that’s as why as yOtI IIke Barley and James Wallace show a (Onsummate mastery of the craft when actIng and clowning, so It all adds up nIcer

The show :5 rude and lewd wrthout ever descendtng Into anythrng crude It's not gurte the famrly entertarnment Teeth Of The Jung/e was, even SO, It's sllll only frlm certIfIcate 'lS' ratIng There Is, however, nothing OrIgInal Or Innovatrve here You've seen all the elements before In Monty Python '5 [no Of Brian, In Mel Brook's History Of The World Part /or even, dare I say It, Frankre Howerd's Up Pomperr It has nerther satrre nor some undercurrent of socra! relevance v- It's JUSl pure froth

SayIng that, If you Stmply want to be entertained by a fun show, If you JUSI want a damn good chuckle, Rome/ll can be reCOrnrnended wrthout any hesItatron (Ross Holloway)

% Rubbaba/l‘ Rome/H (Fringe) Rubbaba/l, P/easance (Venue 33} 555 5550. 5 7 3O Alla (not 9}

2 30pm. [8/1 7 (l. 7/} (5} Hey/(2w 5 Aug, [3 5O