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These three musical lads from the Australian comedy capital of Melbourne don't even pretend to be sensible. Steven Gates (Gatesy), Scott Edgar (Scod) and Simon Hall (Yon) are the three musical whizzes who turned their busking careers around when they won the 1997 Melbourne Lavazza Comedy Award at the Red Nose Comedy Gala. They sold out three consecutive years of Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows and got heads turning and toes tappin' over here last Fringe in their UK premiere. You’d think that they'd find the second year easier, but Gatesy reveals all. 'Comfy? Not on your life! You'd think that because we’ve done the tough first year, it'd be cool. I'm poohing my pants! Bigger venue? Yep. Bigger expectations? Yep. Better show? Shit yeah!’

The threesome already have the Fringe etiquette down pat after only one season. 'l'm collecting flyers this year,’ announces Gatesy. ’Not only do you make somebody feel great by taking the show flyer from them, you get to have bits of paper lying around the house. Bits of paper coming out of your pockets. Bits of paper everywhere . . . This year we're gonna fashion a massive bucket out of flyers and glue and fill it with more flyers. We’ll leap from the top of Arthur’s Seat and dive into the bucket.’ And for the finale? (Tracy Griffen)

Tripod (Fringe) Gilded Balloon l/ (Venue 36) 226 275 7, 6-30 Aug, 7 75pm, [7 50 ([6 50/



' mirth, are essentially tortured creatues. Tears of a clown and all that, the whole Tony Hancock thing. Two words to knock the theory pear-shaped: Adam Hills

’lt JUSI ain't me,’ laughs the eternally r grinning Aussie. 'I don't do tortured all that well; anyhow, I believe that great comedy can come from very positive sources'

After cleaning up last year With the glorious Life Is Good, Hills returns to the Gilded Balloon this Fringe With the equally effervescent My Own Little World, a Jaunty little effort wherein many delightful things tend to ferment and flourish, hinged chiefly around the central motif of improvmg our indiVidual universes

’That’s the starting pornt for it,’ Hills explains. ’That idea of improvmg yourself and thus the world around y0u, It’s a Whole lot more showbizzy as well, mind, and With a huge James Brown influence to boot.‘ Happy days are here again. (Barry Mcpherson)

I Adam Hills: My Own Little World (Fringe) Adam Hills, Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 2 15 7, 9-30 Aug, 7.45pm, £7 (£6). Prevrews 6—8 Aug, [5 ([4).

version of The Tempest \‘JlII hold court I Half prom, half picnic, this Tempest is set durmc) the Victorian colonisation of the Car‘il')l)ean, and explores the slavery I emhedded in Barhados' colonial history I and the ways in which Baitin culture I SurVived the period

The production takes advantage of the very musical nature of the play by taking every opportunity to cram it With calypso and ska, stilt walkers and rasta acrobats Edinburgh's not renowned for its clement weather, but Getigh says they'll go ahead come wind or ram 'We are praying that the Baiun gods Will he With us and that we'll hung the same Caribbean weather to Edinburgh as we had out there ' That'll he the day. (Gabe Stewart) it! The Caribbean Tempest (Fringe) The Holders Season Barbados and Theatrum BotaanL/m Theater of Plantes, Royal Botanic Garden (Venue 793) 0374 I67 352, 8 30 Aug, 7 30pm, [IO ([8).


Adam Hills: My Own Little World

Received Wisdom decrees that stand- ups, beneath their many masks of

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