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6.8pm festival

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FESTIVAL 6—8pm continued Royal (Venue 47) 556 2549, 6—30 Aug,

6 15pm f 6 Prevrew 5 Aug, free

; COMEDY PREVIEW . ,_ I The Oxford Revue

Director and producer of The Oxford Revue, Helen Eastman talks about the new show Now With Wings, coming to the ange this year at The Gilded Balloon. She says that although II is a sketch show and ’we are Influenced by TV, we deliberater didn‘t want It to be sketch then blackout. It's exciting and focused and looks very different to TV’. In fact, It seems much more theatrical in style, tone and characterisation.

The theme is ore-millennium With the audience on a tour of heaven Characters such as Jesus' grrlfnend, whom he dumps and Is excluded from the Bible, form part of the show. According to Eastman, some of the audience are ’dragged up onto the

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COMEDY 5 STAR WARS Trilogy in 30 Minutes Aug. 7-14-21-28 @2 11:00am Sc 11:30 pm Aug. 8-11-13-15-18-20-22-25-27 @ 11:30 pm I stage to take part in a Virtual heavenly

* 3 X Steve Martin ; ' blind date Sounds like a lot of fun, but Aug. [0-12-17-19-24-26 @ 1 1:30 pm ; Oklahoma kid: Byron Yee don’t Sll near the front unless you

want to take part. (Laura McGrath) MUSICALS

I997 San Francisco Fringe Festival l The Oxford Revue (Fringe) Gilded

N "sense Award wrnner Byron Yee makes his Ba/loon // (Venue 26) 226 2757, 6—30 u l Edinburgh debut this year wrth this Aug (not 77 23) 6pm £7 50 (£6.50) Aug: 8'14'15'21'22'28 9:30 Pm i one-man atitobiographical show, Paper Workin Studs Terkel , Son traces the life of an Oklahoma- COMEDY PREVIEW Aug. 10- 2-17-19-24-26 9:30 pm :)()I;I Chinese-American whojsttattes of Hudson And pepperdine

llS ()l'lllil IVQ years \Nclll C( O )9 * TEA 8‘ CRUMPETS i l.‘.'llll(‘ i wanted to be like everybody ’Good I think »- she said modestly,’ says Aug. 6-11-13-18-20-25-27 @ 9:30 pm else growing up in Oklahoma But Vickie Pepperdine of preparations for “YOU’RE A GOOD MAN straddling two cultures, Yee's life their new Fringe comedy act, Hudson

9 became a struggle to discover his own And Pepperdine, currently being fine-

CHARLIE r cultural identity. tuned at London prevrews ’The people

Aug: 7'14'21‘28 @ Rm)" 1 Transforming such meaty interCultural that have seen ll say it's funnier than

material IlIl() comedy, initially Yee was last year,’ says Mel Hudson, ’50 that’s : wary about the response from a wrder encouraging, but I don’t know ——_——— audience 'I didn’t think anything I was whether that means ll wasn’t funny at XHEggeg 19 22 26 . 4.00 f talking about was terribly interesting. all last year.’

“35' ' ' ' ' Q!“ ' Pm : My story’s very specific, but the more I ’Basrcally, it’s about two neurotrc * DRACULA talked about the specifics of my own women who share a flat together,’ . i story the more UfllVClSal ll became! explains Pepperdine ’We do lots of

Aug: 7'1 1’14'18'21'25'28 6” 4'00 Pm : Despite widespread success I different character sketches, 6 DEGREES OF SEPARATION ; throughout North America, Lee has 5 Interspersed wrth life in the flat. There Aug. 11-14-18-21-25-28 @ 7:00 pm ; not been carried away. In language ' are The Dirty Slowness, The Assertive

: Teenage Girls and Edie Trinder, the ' stand-up pensioner'

BAD SEED ! founcl rarely amongst comedians

l Aug. 10-13-17-20-24_27 7:00 pm punting their shows, Yee states ' modestly 'I think it’s a pretty good ’We’ve been preparing over a period * NATIONAL ANTHEMS show but I'll let the audience deCIde ' of years, It feels like,’ says Hudson. Aug. 6-10-13-17-20-24-27 @ 4;()() pm IDavre Archibald) I ’We’ve tried lots of different things and I chucked out the dead wood Last year,

«:2 Paper Son (Fringe) Byron Yee, Cafe

* MODIGLIANI Aug. 8-12-15-19-22-26 GD 7:00 pm

(* U.K Premiere)

RESERVATIONS 0131 558 9695 All Tickets £5.00 i

Drummond Community High School 41 Bellevue Place V Venue 25 5





School of Theatre University of Southern California Los Angeles, California

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Winging it: The Oxford Revue

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