The index lists every show appearing in this week's List alphabetically, by title.

' Where the title of a show includes the artist's name, this is also listed alphabetically by first name. The page

; number(s) opposite indicate where the show is covered.

ART An Infinite Storm of Beauty Clty Arts Centre 77 Callum Innes Ingleby Gallery 76 Churchill: The Evidence National Library Of Scotland 77 Gary Hume Dean Gallery 12 I John Stezaker: Angels Portfolro Gallery 76

Joseph Beuys

National Gallery Of Modern Art 4. 76 Kiki Smith Frurtrnarket Gallery 4, 76 Mastery And Elegance National Gallery 77 The Nature of Sweetness Edinburgh College Of Art 77 Summer Madness Bellevue Gallery 76, 77 The Tiger And The Thistle National Gallery 76, 77 1 Welcome Stills Gallery 76 BOOK FESTIVAL Iain Banks Post OffICC Theatre 14

Al's All Night Jokeshop The Bongo Club 70 Ferry Corsten International Club Festival 98 International Club Festival Various Venues 4. 70 Jazz Joint Henry's Cellar Bar 70 Luvely The Vaults 7O Manga La Belle Angele 70 Pure The Venue 70 Vegas Beck's Famous Spregeltent 70 Wall Of Sound Party La Belle Angele 7O OOMEOY 2000 Years Down The Drain Boom Chicago 50 A Star Is Tom Madame And Butler 35 Terry Alderton Observer Assembly 16 Adam Hills: My Own Little World Adam Hills 45 Al Murray Pleasance 4 Andre Vincent Is Cheeky Andre Vrncent 61 Ar] Barker Pleasance 50 Blue Grassy Knoll And Buster Keaton On The Big Screen! Blue GrasSy Knoll 4, 42 Bootlegs Comedy Club 39 Chris Lynam's Wild Man Jungle Trip ClITIS Lynam 62 Close To The Funny Bone GHde Balloon 39 Coffee With Dave Williams Dave Williams 35 Colin Murphy Pleasance 44 ; Cookin' Observer Assembly 4. 9. 57 1 Dave Fulton Observer Assembly 60 ; Do You Come Here Often The nghl Size 44 Ed Byrne: On The Road Ed Byrne 57 Electric Eel Pleasance 39 . Four Gimps And A Pimp Valentine Flyguy 61 Four Horsemen: At Last! It‘s War. Famine, Death And Pestilence! Four Horsemen 33 Greg Fleet ls Scary Greg Fleet 49. 54 Hollow Men GIIdEd Balloon II 40 Hudson And Pepperdine Pleasance 45 Jim Rose Circus Secrets Of The Strange 14 Jimeoin Beck’s Famous Spregeltent 55 Johnny Vegas - Happy Days Are Here Again! George Souare Theatre 4. 49 Julian Barratt And Noel Fielding In Arctic Boosh Observer Assembly 4. 41. 43 Just Another Tickle Amnesty International UK 9 King Arthur And The Knights Of The Occasional Table LIp Servrce 30 Late Snatch Flllhy Gibbon PTOdUCIIOOS 58

Lee Mack's Bits Lee Mack 41, 43 I Marge Oxford University Towing Company 54 Nimmo Twins Pleasance 40 Norman Lovett Pleasance Over The Road 52

The Nualas - The Big Shiny Dress Tour The Nualas 42

Omid Djalili Pleasance 4, S7, 59 Orange Girls Grlded Balloon Backstage I 40 Oxford Revue Grlded Balloon || 46 Paper Son Byron Yee 46 Parrot: God's Comi Stand Comedy Club, Stand III 54 Parsons And Naylor Observer Assembly 47

The Phallic Menace 'An Insider's Guide To America' The Brave New Workshop 62

Retro Kids Brrthwrrte Theatre Company 50 Rich Hall Aka Otis Lee Crenshaw Pleasance 58 Rubbabball: Rome! Rubbaball 36 Scared Weird Little Guys Grlded Balloon 4 Sex And Sequins Deb Percy 62 Shadow Puppets PhII Nrchol 52 Simon Evans Pleasance 39 Simply Barbra Pleasance 42 Sparkling! SIX Pack Productrons 40 Steve Best Is Immature Steve Best 44 Steve Gribben: I'm Turning Into My Dad

Grlded Balloon At The Honeycomb 43 Sunny Side Up, Dirty Side Down Jason Freeman 50 Tripod Gilded Balloon II 45 Viagra Falls! Steven Alan Green 62 Vic Henley Observer Assembly 53 Wedding Belles Sally Woodcock 28

Who The Hell Is Cathy Dunning? Cathy Dunnrng 3S

Destino Tango Amsterdam Parade 10 Egiku Hanayagi Japanese Dances

The Garage Theatre 38 Gumboots G”de Balloon at The Palladrum 4, 18 I Can't See A Thing It's So Dark Bug Onron 52 Night Sullied Flesh Coroboree Theatre 59 Pussy Galore's Flying Circus Graffrtr 58

Swahili Godot

1157 Performance Group And Platform S7, 62 Swan Lake Shaktr, Garage Theatre 60 War! Teatro Margen 61

Blue Grassy Knoll And Buster Keaton

On The Big Screen Blue GraSSy Knoll 4, 42

Bodger And Badger Komedra @ Scuthsrde 28. 30 Matilda Hong Kong Youth Arts Festival 28

Excentricus CITQUC Eloize 55 Festival Fruit And Veg VBTIOUS artists 12

Alasdair Fraser's Skyedance Queen's Hall 68 Ando Drom Famous Grouse House 63 Angelite Various venues 66 Anonymous Society Stage Art 64 astrid Planet Pop 63 Bare Barb Jungr 66 Barrage Fam0us Grouse House 66 Blacka'nized The Venue 63 Holly Tomas ACOUSlIC Underground At The Tron 68 Little Shop Of Horrors Zoo TC 39 Misha Alperin Greyfnars Klfk 66 Mose Scarlett

Caledonran Folk At The Gurldford 68 Planet P0p Various Venues 64 Poisoning Pigeons In The Dark

Northern Theatre Company 33, 36 Polly Philips The Tron 63 Roots Manuva The Venue 16 Saucy Jack And The Space Vixens Pleasance 60

Sneaker Pimps The Venue 63 Summer Nights at Lennoxlove LennOxlove House, Haddrngton 63 Younger Younger 28s Late 'n’ LIVC‘ 64 THEATRE A Kind Of Alaska Two's Company 33 Adolf Observer Assembly 4, 23 And No Talking IOTA 34 Andromache Laboratonum-33 49 I Beckett In The Afternoon Club West 35 Bedsit Observer Assembly 28 Bingo Graffltl 4 Bond Generally Better Productrons 36 Box The Pony PCTfOTlTlIllQ Lrnes 4, 57 The Caribbean Tempest The Holders Season Barbados And Theatrum Botanrcum Theater Of Plantes 44 The Christian Brothers Tempus Fuglt 30 Cirque Eloize: Excentricus Crrgue Elonze 55 Contradance Teatro Alba 30 Cooking With Elvis Lrve Theatre Company 4. 37 Corpus Christi Theatre 28 22 Divine David Gllde Balloon 10 Dracula Skullduggery Theatre Company 16. S4 dream.2000 Activated Image 60 East Pleasance 42 Eleanor Of Acquitaine - Mother Of The Pride Erleen Page 33 Fanny Hill Afterthought Productrons 62 Farces - Fantasia Farces 37, 39 Friendly Fire West Lothran Youth Theatre 38 ; 6.0.4.: A Technodram Club West 47 Greg Fleet ls Scary Greg Fleet 49, 54

Happy Birthday. Mister Deka Traverse Theatre 4 Hello Dali . . .Atomic WhISDCflng Eyes Theatre 44 How To Be Successfully

Mad Outrageous Scrrpts 8 E Howie The Rookie The Bush 4, 49

Johnny Vegas: Happy Days Are Here Again!

George SQuare Theatre 49

mm Girl Traverse Theatre Company 4, 41

Kaddish Dead Earnest 42

Leslie Phillips In On The Whole It's

Been Jolly Good

Bare Boards And A Passion 34

Looking For The Tallyman Triangle 41

Lyrebird: Tales Of Helpmann

Observer Assembly 4, 33

Macbeth Frantrc Redhead 42

Mainstream Suspect Culture 37, 38 Michael Smiley: The Parting Glass

Observer Assembly 37 Misterman COrcadorca 41. 47 Nixon's Nixon Observer Assembly 37 Nomads X-Tant S4 numb b Komedra @ S0uthsIde 37, 40 Opium Eater Gilded Balloon II 38 Out Of The Dolls House

Negative Eqwty Theatre Company 52 Riffs And Credos Frantic Redhead Prods 55 Rocket Girl Pleasance 10 Romeo And Juliet DK99, AUQUSIIHQ 34 Saving Grace Edinburgh Acting School 52 The Secret Life Of Charlie Chaplin

Frrerarsers Theatre Company 33. 34 Sex With A Corpse

Merlin International Theatre 26 Shylock Observer Assembly 28 Six Mourners 8: A Monkey WIDE 60 Sol Killed A Few People

Martin Sutherland 4. 49, S3 Spinout/Spinback Inflate 54 Stephen Fry's The Liar

C0unterwerght PdeUCllOllS 37 Stones In His Pockets Lyrrc Theatre Belfast 59 They Shoot Horses, Don't They

The National Youth Theatre 37, 40 Topless Peta Llly 61 Touched Dunn/Granary Prods 30 Truth Tall Stones 54 The Underground The Frrm 54 Wolfsong Second Nature 47 Zoo Story Double Edge Drama 34

5—12 Aug 1999 THE usn