THEATRE PREVIEW So I Killed A Few People . . .

Dead residents: So I Killed A Few People...

A man on Death Row has one final request; to perform a one-man show before he is executed. That man is Archie Nunn, successful advertising executive turned serial murderer. A character with whom actor David Summers has become all too familiar in the almost three-year run that has seen the play performed all over the US.

The play was devised totally through improvisation, with Summers being interviewed as Nunn, by director and co-author Gary Ruderman. ’I find it's the best way to work because you're writing in character,’ explains Summers.

Conscious of not glamourising Nunn's actions, Summers and Ruderman were cautious with their character’s development. ’We didn't want to make this like a laundry list of murders with gory details; we wanted the audience to get inside the mind of the killer and see how this guy was created.’

Their overall approach was subtle, almost deceptive: 'We use comedy as a tool to draw the audience in and then they let down their defences and you pull them in a little bit,’ Summers states. 'The real trick is when you turn it around and say, “You were relating to this guy, trusting him and laughing with him, well here’s what he's really like.“ (Mark Robertson)

So I Killed A Few People . (Fringe) Martin Sutherland, Komedia @ Southside (Venue 82) 667 22 72, 6—29 Aug, 8. 50pm, £7.50 (£5.50).

the Clue to what hIs ’dumb-ass' show Is all about -— topical humour Is where he’s at, and It's something he does Incredibly well.

He has been compared to the late Bill Hicks, a comparison he Isn’t entirely comfortable With. 'He was one of my heroes,’ he explains. 'At the same time I'm flattered, I'm also thInking "shut the fuck up" Although there are similarities between the two, Henley Is less dark. 'Hicks would deliberater set out to work the audience,' he recalls. 'He would enIOy people walking out of ms show I don't do that.’

(KIrSty Knaggs)

25325: Vic Henley (Fringe) Observer Assembly (Venue 3) 226 2428, 6—29 Au], 8 45pm, [IO/£9 (£9/f8).

quality of the script, Saving Grace Is a defInIte wmner.’ After Edinburgh the team are heading for New York, where Corlett WIII indulge hIs other great passion chocolate doughnuts.

(MOIra Jeffrey)

Saving Grace (Fringe) Edinburgh Acting School, YMCA (Venue 777) 556 0007, 9—74 Aug, 9 30pm, f6 ([4 50)


'I don’t know why anyone w0u|d wanna come see my dumb-ass Alabama show,’ drawls VIC Henley, not quite getting Into the spirit of Festival promotion. 'Well actually,' he continues, 'tell the people I'm coming to thank them for their part In the NATO bombIng campaign' And there's

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Tues 19 Aug 99 - Sun 15 Aug 99 9.45llm

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