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Cooking With Elvis The macabre tale of a paral}xed lil\ ix imperxonator. hix \\ il'e. their daughter and the local halter more dixturhingl} lunn} than The King‘x \'egax _\earx. fringe. ()lMt‘l'l't'I'.'i\\(’I/I/)/\'. /) .i’llgiue (IIH/ (I, If). 34/ 4.30pm.

Adolf l’ip l'tton'x chilling )et charixinatic portrait ol' l)er l’tilirer ix among the nioxt axtonixhing perlormancex at the Fringe. ()ne of The Iii/’x out- and-out li\e-xtar recommendationx laxt _\ear. fringe. ()lHt'l'i't’I'."\\(’/)I/)/\‘. /) .i’Uxiue. //..\’Uum. The Ju in Girl Scottixh pla} \\ right Aileen Ritchie talx'ex tl\ lrom Rhodexia in l‘)3‘) to Ximhalme in l‘)‘)‘). telling the \tot‘icx ol [no “omen connected h} a liloodline. I’i'inet'. i/‘rm't'rw. () .Iluu 4 Sq) Inn! 9. // /.i’. M. 3". 30/. 11mm i'uljr.

Howie The Rookie Mark ()‘Rtme‘x black comic drama tellx ol l\\'o )tillllg men and their in\ol\ement in dodg)‘ dealing and \ iolence. xet agaian a modern-da} urhan lrixh haclxdrop. I‘ll/tee. ()lm'ri't'r .'\\\('III/)/_\‘. 6 AV) xii/Q (110135; N. /(//)III.

So, I Killed A Few People . . . Archie .\'unn xuccexxlul :\d\erti.xing lixecutire and xerial murderer ix on Death Row and his laxt requext ix to do a one man xhou. 'l‘hix ix the rexult. :\ darkl} comic tale imextigating the rootx ol e\ il. I'M/rec. Karim/[(101 .STIIH/IA/(lt’. /) 3‘).'\ue. 8.50,);21.

Happy Birthday, Mister Deka D lmaginatiw. poetical. moving. intenxe all epithetx tixed in conjunction \\ ith the \xork ol~ pla_\‘\\ right Biyi Bandele. and no doubt itixt ax \alid when applied to thix \\orld premiere about the nature of one. the paxt and the present. [Vii/rev. IT't/l't’l‘u'. Hid/(e -/ Sty) (in)! If). 33. .i’U). Ilium i'uijr.

Box The Pony l’reiudice and pugilixin meet in thix much-lauded xemi-autohiographical \hou lrom Aboriginal actor/xinger Leah l’urcell. 'l'o lind out where the port} litx in. _\ou'l| iuxt lime to go along '\our,xell'. fir/nee, ()lMt'I'l‘t’l‘.'\.\.\(’//I/)/_\'. /) 33 slug Hm! 9. l6; ll). l5/nii; 3-1 .i’I).-\ue. NEH/Hi1.

Bingo Brought to lidinhurgh under the auxpicex ol‘ 'l‘he Amxterdam l’arade. l)e (iehroederx l-‘lint tranxl'orm a tent into a palace of l'laxhing numherx. tliuarled dreamx and a real chance for the audience to win xoine caxh. Fringe. (I'm/fin. It) [4. l7 3/. 34 38.4104. 7.30pm; /5. 33. 39mm. .i/im. Lyrebird: Tales Of Helpmann The flamboyant lil'e ol‘ .'\u.xtralian dancer and choreographer Sir Robert

llelpmann comex to the xtage ax \\ riter-actor 'l‘} Ier (‘oppin talxex the audience through colourlul anecdoch and conl‘exxionx. l-i'i/iet'. ()lm'rrn' durum/r. I!) .r’().-\ue Inn! 35; 3. /."/mi.


Cookin' l‘eel the heat in thix Korean kitchen ax a quartet ol' li} peracti\e chelx \\ l]i\l\ up a meal to the rh_\t|nn ot‘ lxni\ex hitting the chopping hoardx. Slapxtick lliL‘L‘i\ Illttl‘lltll att‘l\ meetx .l/tM/t'rt/It’f. IVrinet'. ()lixt'ri't'i'.-\\\t'iii/>/\. /) fitting (no! 33; /(//ml.

AI Murray The Pub Landlord openx lll\ doorx again lor another round ol olt-centre ohxer\ ationx on Me ax xx e l'xllt)\\ it. l‘our l’errier .’\\\ard nominationx in to e _\earx pro\ ex he'x one ol‘ the moxt conxixtentl} l'unn} men on the circuit. l'i'l'net'. I’lmumw. unli/ A’Uxiuu Hm! It). 3/; (1.35pm; (it'uret' Xi/uun' 'I/It'ulrc, /.\' /-/. 3/) 3/. 37 39.4112. //./.‘-/)I)l. 0mid Djalili .'\ mi\ ol' Iranian ceilidh. lilamho}ant dancing and (im/ii/lu—lilxe xound el'l‘ectx ,xhould enxure ()mid Dialili a \xariner reception in lidinhurgli than an} :\_\ato||ah \Hillltl get. l‘ull ol' Middle l'iihlc‘t‘lt pl‘tHlliu‘. I‘M/tee. /’/t'(l\tult'(', .‘T 3/) glue Inn! ‘1. 3.?) /(I.A’."/i/ii.' Queen '\ l/(I//. 33’ xii/Q. /()..i()/mi.

Arctic Boosh \Vinner ol' the l’errier'x Bext

.\'e\\ comer .-\\\ ard laxt _\ear \\ ith 'l‘he Might} Booxh. .lulian Barratt and Noel liielding return to colder climex. hut \\ ith the xame hrand ol' xurreal \xhinix}. I’rinet'. I’lt'mum‘i'. unli/ .i’llslue Hm! I“. 34; 6pm.

Johnny Vegas St llelenx' moxt notorioux l)lY guru returnx l‘or another run of xingalongx. cerainicx and xcintillating xarcaxm. ()h. happ) da}. IVrinet'. (it'uret' Square il./team: It) IS xii/e. 9.45pm; .luxl ."IIlil/It’l' il./(Alf. ()lm'ri't'rxixu'ni/i/r. o'xiue. Hip/ii. Scared Weird Little Guys (‘oniic xongx or a \ei‘_\ hlL‘illx and almoxt dixturhing nature. \\ ith an endlexx xuppl} ol' inuxical parod}. lrotn thix .'\u.xtra|ian duo. Since laxt _\ear. the} '\e been to America. and xo ha\e plent_\ ol xide-xplitting neu material. I’M/rev. (ii/t/t't/ Hal/mm. (i .it/xiue. t\’.~/5/mi.


Gumboots :\ hlend of dance. xong and muxic hurxtx out of :\lrica and onto the lidinhurgh xtage. 'l‘he rootx of the guinhoot xtyle ol' dance are lound

in the gold minex ol apartheid South .-\lt‘ica. hut thix

upheat \litm pqu opprexxion in the paxt and lookx to a bright lulure. l’rinet'. (ii/i/t't/ Hill/non (1/ //1t' I’u/ltu/iimi. ,7 fitting Inn! N. M. 3"; "pm: /~/ l5. 3/ 33 nil/Q. .‘,./.‘—/)III.' 3N Riki/re. /.A/.‘_/im.


Kiki Smith Some xa_\ her \xork ix xliocking. otherx note the empath} xhe xho\\ x tor the \cr_\ xtut‘l ot lite and death. 'l‘hix xolo e\hihition h} the .\'e\\ Yorlx artixt leaturex ne\\ piecex. /-'r1iitnnir/xt’l (fuller). IiIIII/ // Sic/i. .l/mi Sui l/tl/H (rpm, Sim mum .‘T/im.

Joseph Beuys .\'o xtranger to paxt lzdinhurgh l‘extixalx. Ben} x ix reprexented thix _\ear h} the lier Britixh xho\\ ol hix Iii/1mm. xome thirteen _\earx alter liix death. ’l'hix maior retroxpecti\e includex pt'inh. oliiectx. pliotogt'aplh. hoolxx and poxlcat'dx all of \\ hich lunction ax \\ hat the artixt termed 'xocial xculpturex‘. .S't-u/Iix/i Nut/until (/(l//('/'\ or .‘It’tlt'l'll girl. [mill /3 Sq). .llnn Sill /Ut1m 5pm. Sun

3 5pm.


International Club Festival (‘Iuhland geix nx o\\ n xlice ol':\tiguxt action \\ ith dancelloor energ} on multiple le\e|x ol‘ the one huilding. .lon l’leaxed \Vimmin. l‘arle) .laclxmaxter l‘unk. .\larxha|l .lell'erxon. and .lon ('arter and .lame\ llolt‘o}d l'rom Bugged (hit make the trip to the capital and that'x _ill\l ill the l-il'\l three dtt}\. ’Ii'i‘liul Run; 0 3r\'.-\II'\'. 9pm 5am.


Blue Grassy Knoll 8: Buster Keaton ‘l'he xilettl comic\ maxterpiece .S/ii'r/m/t .lun/ur xupported h} another ol ltix gt‘etth. (.U/H hig xcreen treatment \\ ith Ii\e hluegraxx accompaniinent. I‘irinut'. ()lmv'i't'r.-\\\t'm/)/\. It) Using. (Lil/pm; /7 37 Aug. Ill/mi.


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From left: Happy Birthday. Mister Deka 0; Tyler Coppin in Lyrebird: Tales Of Helpmann; Al Murray.

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