Total sell-out 96/97/98


The Scotsman


'Z unday Times

“Hilarious” The Guardian


10 Nights Only! 6—1 6 August

1 0pm Assembly Rooms lr‘ot 8th; 8131 228 2428

8 Sent Metlrerwell Theatre 81898 287515

9 Sent lllilrcalrly Adam Smith Theatre 81592 412 929

18 Sent Aberdeen lemon Tree 81224 842238


58 n1: usr 5—12 Aug 1998

f’hotogmph Roslyn Gaunt

11—12 88!" Glasgow Bellies Theatre 814] 357 3888

13 Sent Paisley Arts Centre 11141 88718111

14 Seat Stirling Maellnbert Arts Centre 81788 481 881

19 Nov Glasgow settler Theatre 814i 357 3888

28 Nov llunrlee Ben 81382 228538

"SH .’-ll) 11,’()



Roe stone ranger

1 0pm—Late


Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus

Rope opera: Pussy Galore's Flying Circus

From Archaos to Bollerhouse's current productron Circus, actress Phrllrpa Vafadarr has seen It all from twenty feet rn the arr She’s the aerral artrst who stars m the one-woman play whrch recounts her relatronshrp wrth her gay brother. Drrected by the hrghly- acclarmed founder of Clyde Unrty Theatre, John Brnnre, thrs crrcus theatre plece rs herghtened (no pun intended) by the unrque spacrousness of the venue.

Thrs humorous and t0uchrng story rs a collaboratron between the actor and drrector wrrtten wrth the lvlansfreld Place Church very frrmly rn mrnd. The single prop from thrs partrcular Flying Circus 15 a very long prece of srlken lyCra, upon whrch the story unfolds at herghts of srx to twenty feet.

Featurrng mu5rc from BAFTA-wmnrng composer Crarg Armstrong (The Space Between Us), the world prernrere of thrs collage of musrc, text and aerral Imagery rs sure to turn heads Vertrgo sufferers beware! (Tracy Grrffen)

I Pussy Galore's Flying Circus (Fringe) Graffiti (Venue 90) 557 8330, 70» 79 Aug (not 73—74), 7040pm, f5 ([4)



The Late Snatch

'VVhat we're demo :s nt ‘1 retain, ser'mtrs,’ ugly ‘rtlrr‘ Fr th\ Grhhori l‘redtlt trons 9e 21h" \\lt’r is show that rth ltldes sltett

stl‘, ) ..rrt.\ l7

hes .atv‘ut r'adro l)(‘llltl(lldl)ll\', gr \tlt‘é‘lltt‘lt‘ 'ltlrned Dave Javu whose surtverr‘l rs

dera x'tl ano The Spoon Theatre Company “ed anon'rdutlls' who re-enact farrlous battles nsrntr lczttheo ntensrls thrno rt rs

'The show thtrnoes exery rnroht,’ says Doody 'We're all so rezelt'ed m 11, ll sornetrrnes does of? 'J." t: t rodent When we do rrnrlrovrse, rt usually works really well, but we couldn't rmprowse the whole thrno we'd be too stared '

Thrs ls the frrst turn" the loot Manchester Unrver'srty students have taken therr' materral lot of then home town, and they are tortfrdent that they wrll go down a storm, destrrbrno themselves as a ’phenomenon tn the makrng,’ A serrous ( farm Indeed. (Krrsty Knaggsl I The Late Snatch (Fringe) Filthy Gibbon Produc trons, Ho/yrood Tavern (Venue 84) 557 4972, 8 22 Aug, lOZOprn, f5 ([4) /)/'1’*‘.’/<"."'./ 6 7 Aug, [3.


ser'ro'tls rs (thyrotrsly the last

COMEDY PREVIEW Rich Hall Aka Otis Lee Crenshaw

Rarely seen together at the same trme, Otrs Lee Crenshaw and RH h Hall, desprte hernr; famrly, don't always see eye-to-eye on (ultural err-:tuette '1 would love to have hrrn tall: to you,’ explains Hall 'Btrt srnr e rt not warm here, he refuses to route rndoors. He Just sleeps rn the (‘ar'

Thrs rs Crenshaw/s frrst solo festival run and Hall, a veteran rn tomparrson, reckons the pressure rs on Unr le Otrs ’He's holed up tryrno to wrrte new songs for Edrnhuroh He feels beholden to be the sole brrdge between Scottrsh and Country & Western musrc, and that's a lot of preSSure '

1f success runs rn the famrly blood then Crenshaw should have few

Hall of mirrors: Otis Lee Crenshaw