The ha! of Iran: Omid Djalili

Omid Djalili is a joker. An Iranian joker, no less. You may already know him as the warden in the summer blockbuster The Mummy, or as the broadsheet theatre critic in Channel 4’s Coming Soon.

And now don't laugh - he is bringing his own brand of Iranian Ceilidh to the Fringe. Actually, do laugh because Djalili may well be the hottest comedy ticket this year. ’I wanted to share something of Iranian culture,’ he explains. ’An Iranian Ceilidh mixes music, stories and gags which I thought would be perfect for Edinburgh. But it was also to show off his talents.’ Djalili is referring to Kamal Mazlumi, a classically trained musician with a keen interest in Celtic music who plays violin, percussion and a santoor - an instrument related to a hammer dulcimer - and does so the way Jimmy Page plays guitar.

Djalili's status as the UK’s only Iranian stand-up comic makes him fairly unique from the off, but it's all perfectly logical to him. ‘The tradition of Persian storytelling is very, very surreal,‘ Djalili insists. 'lt's very allegorical - hidden meanings behind hidden meanings. You don't know whether it's based in truth or in some parallel universe.’ The truth about Omid Djalili's show is that it is simply unmissable. (Ross Holloway)

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Aucusr 4-14 - 10PM Aueusr15-30 - 7:45PM


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Presented by DHVIU J Foster

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