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’cheeky mix' Fullerton explains: ’We The show that came about by chance want to provide a venue where the and cheek has run and run. 'We open audience can apprecrate artistic at a permanent venue in London in diversity. Where you can experience September: our own futuristic cabaret as much for your money as possible.’ bar,’ says Fidler. 'Before that, we (Catherine Bromley) wanted to bring it back for that raw

I Six Mourners And A Monkey (Fringe) WIDE, Old St Paul's (Venue 45) 556 0476, 9—74 Aug, 72, 75am, [4 (£2.50).

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AUIIISIIIIBS SIREN!” VBIIIIG ‘52 Mom 9 ' - so ' um 18' or 23 '12! 2215 mm uciiois It box-office econ two) tel: 225 3575

dynamic multimedia performance” -The Times

August 7-17 10.30pm Chaplaincy Centre Tel 0131 662 8882

Cocktail class: Saucy Jack And The Space Vixens

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