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See the band live: August 18th: Glasgow - King Tuts Wah Wah l-lut August 20th: Edinburgh - Planet Pop Festival - Midnight At The Speigeltent

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One Up' Aberdeen.

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The World's largest garden party at Ross Theatre in Princes Street Gardens from the 7th to the 29th of August 1999.

Bringing you the very best of the Edinburgh Festival: music. dance. comedy. theatre and VldCO art - all free of charge!

' Highlights include:

LIVE - 13th August* | Band Competition Final 19th Homeland Garden Party 22nd August | World Premier of Musical - 23rd August I Screening of 25th August | N 27th August‘ | 28th August"

' In association with Flux. for tickets call 0870 90 70 999

August I S - Celebrate club culture as an art-form 21st August |

r Let the

party begin

Jom us on the 7th of August. at noon. in Princes Street Gardens. when FESTIVAL REVUE goes lrve to the world


Bringing all Scotland together

' Giant Video Screens - Edinburgh, and in London's Covent‘ Garden 0 Live on the Internet - www.testiva| - and - Cable TV (Channel 90)

ARTISTS MAKE THE WORLD YOUR STAGE Free slot at Ross Theatre - Own Web Page on a global top ten website - A Platform for your video art

Interested? Telephone 0131-662-8600 tor more information or email us at

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