JAZZ PREVIEW Misha Alperin

No one who saw the wonderful Moscow Art Trio on their visits to Edinburgh

Euro-fusion: Misha Alperin

will need any further encouragement to check out pianist Misha (aka Mikhail) Alperin. The pianist’s solo set will inevitably take on different contours, but grows out of a similar fusion of jazz sensibility with deep

roots in folk music.

Alperin was born in the Ukraine, but studied music in Moldavia. Although

classically trained (a further significant layer in his playing), he turned to jazz as his principal vehicle of expression. He took a crash course in jazz piano - from Art Tatum to Herbie Hancock before emerging on the other


After moving to Moscow, Alperin returned to the folk music he had played in Moldavia, and began to explore the structural connections he heard in the

music of Eastern Europe.

That intersection of jazz and improvisation with both folk and classical sources has formed the bedrock of a distinctively European jazz-scape. The fruits of Alperin's contribution can be heard on his three discs for Manfred

Eicher's Munich-based ECM label, a crucial source in that development. Even

better, though, catch him live at his extended Fringe residence.

(Kenny Mathieson)

355335 Misha AlperI/i (Fringe) (Ireyfrliil's' Kirk (VG/tut) 73 7), 5—9. 73— 7 7. 22-24 Aug. 4 75pm. 7)- l2. l8—2l Aug. 0 l0pm. Graffiti (Venue 90) 25—26 Aug, noon.

27-28 Aug. 3 .iOpm. l7 ([5)

<Exhibitlon in the

' Traverse Cafe Bar


recent photographs by Lynsey Wright

26 July lg

12 September



Mose Scarlett

We all hate labels, and In singer/gunar picker Mose Scarlett we have a problem. He really Is unique. His lazy, oh-so-smooth tenor veice has drawn comparison With Leon Redbone, but according to Edinburgh blues maestro Jim Condie, who’ll be trading guitar licks With Scarlett in Edinburgh, there are also shades of Bing Crosby! Condie, who runs the blues end of Tam White’s Big Band among many other musical partnerships described his friendship with the singular Canadian. 'We met In '93, in Toronto. We got playing Fats Waller/Rev Gary Davis stuff then went back to a friend's and jammed all night. Then I helped set up a tour for him in Britain, and It's carried on. We’ve done five now. In fact,’ he grins, ’I’ve kind of developed into a cultural attache for Canada. I've got three musiCIans coming over this year!’ But Scarlett's repertoire is much wider than blues. 'Yes, he’s into vaudeville music, and all those great old songs from 30s and 40s. His gunar style too is very IndIVIdual Kind of ragtime. Not really Iazz And totally unique fingering. He's really a pretty amazing guy.’ Finally, check out the ticket price! (Norman Chalmers) Mose Scarlett (Fringe) Caledonia/I Folk At The Guild/0rd. GUI/diord Arms (Venue 707) 556 4372. 77 Aug. 8pm. free.

CELTIC MUSIC PREVIEW Alasdair Fraser's Skyedance

A few weeks ago, In Skye, after the last ceIIIdh of his week-long annual Summer School, Alasdair Fraser was happy to express his enduring loves —« for Scots fiddle music and the Misty Island. The final night craziness including a team of step dancers In goggles and flippers ~ had the Virtuoso still clad in a cheesy cowboy hat, a symbol, perhaps, of the tug between his CalIfornian home and his Scottish background. 'I love it here I mean I have to come back regularly. This is where the music comes from. PeOple love to hear the mu5ic anywhere in the

Isle communication: Alasdair Fraser's Skyedance

world, but here, ]USI playing for the dancmg In a local hall and then walking OLIISIde and looking out at the sea, this Is what It really means.’ Ten years ago, Skyedance, his celebrated first album With American keys player Paul Machlis, took old Highland airs and gave them a new lease of life; and he’s added flute, bass, perCUSSIon and Braveheart piper Eric Rigler to form his current classy, all-instrumental, all- American celtic band, Skyedance. (Norman Chalmers)

Alasdair Fraser '5 Skyedance (Fringe) Queen '5 Hall (Venue 72) 668 2079. credit cards 667 7776. ll Aug,

7 30pm, F. 7050/5850 (£8.50/E 7.50).


Connoisseurs of the coffee bean will already be familiar With Holly Tomas's award-Winning acoustic songs. Her Friday residency at Common Grounds Coffee-house on The Mound has helped her step up into high gear for the Festival. There are numerous opportunities to catch the woman Who's been called 'Britain’s answer to Sarah MCLaChlan’. She’s doing her own gigs, as part of the Word singer- songwriter package and at Women Of Heart And Mind, which will be draWIng attention to the new CD of the same name, featuring people like herself, Polly Phillips and Swelling Meg. There's likely to he a Usual Suspects appearance on Radio Scotland too. And that’s Without even mentioning her new five—track CD.

There’s no rest afterwards, either. Tomas Will be geing straight Into the BBC studios With co-producer Brian Morton to record a follow-up to lantrum Chi/(l, the debut on her own RBL label. ’l got a bursary from the Scottish Arts Council. I think it's fair to say that this year they were really trying to promote acoustic music, so I think it's a new step for them. I'm very chuffed about that.’ (Alastair Mabbott) Holly Tomas (Fringe) Acoustic Underground At T he Iron, The Tron (Venue 9) 226 0937, 4, ll, 78, 25 Aug. 8.45pm. £5 (£3)