International Club Festival

It's August: another Festival hijacks the city and fills the streets with mad foreigners and their abstract performance art. While the rest of Edinburgh goes Festival bananas, clubbing in our fair capital is usually relegated to a backseat. Venues become performance space and legions of students leave for the summer; August has always been somewhat of slump for the clubbing population. You'll no doubt be overjoyed, then, to hear that the International Club Festival returns after its staggeringly successful debut at Teviot Row last year.

‘We've got much bigger acts this year,’ says Tony Foster, marketing manager for the International Club Festival. 'A lot of people promoters, DJs and clubbers have shown interest on the back of last year’s success.’

This year's line up looks even more impressive with a batch of big name national clubs bringing their

It's an armfest: International Clubfest

favourite DJs to town. This may well be the closest you'll get to the dummy-sucking madness of Gatecrasher, the sheer techno genius of Bugged Out, house music all night long at Golden or Liverpool’s clubbing export, Cream, without heading south of the border.

It’s not just the superclubs at the Club Festival, either local talent will also be in attendance. Edinburgh based record store Uber Disko will once again be hosting two nights. ‘We felt that it was a great way to showcase the sounds of our inhouse labels as well as some of the music that we sell in the store,‘ says Uber Disko's Barry Fraser. ‘We had great nights last year. We were given a free bar and the after parties just went on for days.’

As well as Uber Disko, the drum & bass fraternity will be pleased that Jungle Magic will hosting a room every night while Martin Kay will be showcasing his progessive house label, Zazoo Records. Scottish 'superclub' Colours are hosting two nights while Joy’s Maggie & Alan will no doubt bring a couple of hundred of their maddest mates along to run riot. (Simone Baird) first: International Club Festival is at Tevrot Row from Fri 6 Aug 500 Fest/val Clubs listings fOr night/y (fetal/s

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Brazil's finest: DJ Marky

have been responsible for introdncmg Scottish crowds to the likes of Roni Size's Reprazent, Peshay, Ed Rush and Optical, months before most had even heard of them Like most great clubs, however, ll is mainly thanks to the resrdent DJs G-Mac and Kid 'We always have the records before anyone else in Scotland, so we’ve broken everything here, from commerCial tunes right through to the hardest stuff,’ says G-Mac, who also wears the promoter's cap.

With residents of this calibre, the appearance of BraZiIian hero DJ Marky, currently causing a stir over here after Creating an entire scene back home, is icing on the cake, rather than a sole


Considering the overwhelming hegemony of house on the Scottish club scene, it is perhaps a surprise that Manga has managed to push at the boundaries of drum & bass for the past four years. The need by discerning

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punters to escape from four-to-the- floor oppression has, however, made the club a mecca for fans of the break beat and bassline end of the musical spectrum.

In part, this has been due to the top notch guests over the years. Manga

reason to check Manga out. To give 6- Mac the last word, he is not bragging when he says: ’Manga is Number One in Scotland for drum & bass'

(Jack Monttram)

Manga IS at La Belle Ange/e. Fri 6 Aug.

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Late licenses are go - but can you take the pace? Manga DJ Marky, the man responSIble for kicking off the drum 8r bass scene in Bra2i| of all places, guests tonight. Get your bass fix and stay happy. La Belle Ange/e. Fri 5 Aug. Pure Surgeon, one of the finest techno princes in the land, guests at this bastion of all that is pure and good in the captial (boom boom). The Venue, Fri 6 Aug. Al's All Night Jokeshop With one of the best and most diverse line-ups of local talent (see listings), tonight could very well be one of the events of the year. The Bongo Club, Sat 7 Aug. International Club Festival Call me biased but Bugged Out is quite simply one of the best clubs in the world and its two favourite sons Jon Carter and James Holroyd -— Will be representing in fine style tonight. There is a God. Tevrot Row. Sat 7Aug. Luver If you think you can take the pure madness that will ensue as Luver descends on this cavernous underground venue, get yourself down early. The Vaults, Sat 7 Aug. Vegas Kitsch through and through and always a sell out, Vegas returns to the Spiegeltent. The Famous Becks Spiege/tent, Sat 7 Aug.

- .c' ..................... ., ...... .. Jazz Joint The Dynamic Duo (pictured) host a night of hip hop action, messmg about on the decks like there's no tomorrow. Always jomed by a legion of MCs, DJs, mu5icrans and mates, this night is truly speCiaI. Henry's Cellar Bar. week/y Tuesdays.

Wall Of Sound Party Agent Dan, Rory Beatnik, Deckwrecka and Krash Slaughta mates from way back get together for some Ieftfield big beat mayhem that the label is (in)famous for. La Belle Ange/e, Thu 72 Aug.