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Flesh exposure of a unisex kind: John Stezaker's Angels on show at Portfolio Gallery

exhibition focusing on lrousitrg projects designed by contemporary Scottish architects. illustrated by models. photographs and drawings.


9 Hill Square. 527 I600. Mon Fri l(Iattr—-lpm; Sat |()atn—lpm.

Henry Wade 1875-1955 Tue II) Attg -Sat 4 Sep. An exhibition celebrating the life and work of Henry Wade. one of Edinburgh's tnost famous surgeon/soldiers.

ROYAL FINE ART COMMISSION Bakeltouse Close. l-l6 ('anongate. 556 6699. Dain llam—me.

Flesh And Stone (Parts 2 8i 3) - Building A Scottish Identity Until Sun 2‘) Aug. The second part of this exhibition focusing on contemporary Scottish architecture. emphasising civic. historical. educational and leisure buildings.

ROYAL OVEReSEAS HOUSE landings Gallery. |()() Princes Street. 225 |5()I. Dain I()am—6prn.

Joe Amenechi and Gakonga J. Gakonga Until Fri |() Sep. Two African artists show new work.


The Mound. 225 667 l. Mon—Sat |()am—6ptn; Sttn l lam—5pm. Connections Sat 7 Aug~Sun l9 Sep. New works by Royal Seottislt Academy members artd their guests featuring painting. sculpture. printmaking atrd architecture.


l6 Dundas Street. 558 I2()(). Mon» I‘ll ltlam—6pm; Sat |()alIl-4plll.

Giovanni Corvaja and Jacqueline Ryan Fri 6 Aug~Wed I Sep. Contemporary jewellery.

Driven To Abstraction Fri 0 Atrg-~Wetl I Sep. A selection of vessels byvat‘ious artists including Ken Eastman. Nicholas Rerta. Darren Stokes. Helen Talbot. Simone ten Hompel. John Ward and Rachael Woodman.

James Morrison Fri 6 Aug—Wed I Sep. Fast and west coast landscape paintings.


58 Rateliffe Terrace. 667 I966. Mon-—l-'ri 9am—6pm: Sat I0am—5ptn.

Festival Exhibition Until Sat 28 Aug. A selection of work by contetnporary artists.


Prrrrces Street. 66l 6000. Mon— Sal

l Iarn —6pm.

West End Craft And Design Fair Mon 9—Sat 28 Aug. Contemporary arts and crafts. all for sale.


George IV Bridge. entrance on Victoria Street. 2265138. Daily mam—6pm. Can I Kiss You? Sat 7-Sat 28 Aug. A talking installation of paintings. robots and plants.

STILLS 23 Cockburn Street. 622 620i). Tue-~Sat |()am 6pm.

Welcome Thu 5 Aug -Sat 25 Sep. Work by artists I‘Imily Bales. Nina Saunders and Nicky Hoberrnan. exploring the meaning ~ and sometimes tttenace - behind tlte home and family. Bates crafts outfits otrt of human hair. Saunders distorts the dream of the rural itlyll. IIoberrnatr paints child on the cusp of adulthood. See preview.

The Multiple Store Thu 5 Aug Sat 25 Sep. (Cafe atrd bookshop space). The Multiple Store is a new organisation which commissions and sells limited edition multiples by leading British artists. This is their first collection featuring multiples by Keith Coventry. Dal/.iel & Scttllion. Grenville Davey. Graltatrr Gussin. Kenny Hunter. Cornelia Parker and Sitttott Periton.


26 North West Circus Place. 225 5355. Mon-Sat 8.3(lam-8pm; Stttr I lain-8pm. Colin Baxter's Edinburgh Strn S—Morl 3t) Attg. Limited edition prints ofColin Baxter's photographic images of lidinburgh.


ll) Stafford Street. 226 58l2. Mon-Sat 9.3(latn-6pm; Sun rttiotr--5.3()ptn.

Magic Carpets Sun is Mon 30 Aug. Carpets and rugs by Lorraine Slatlram. TALBOT RICE GALLERY Universiton Izdinbur'glr. South Bridge. 65() 22l I. Mon Sat Itlarn 5pm: Sun

2- 5pm.

Terra Nullius Rob Maclaurin Sat 7 Aug-Sat ll Sep. l-‘ollowrng his travels to Australia and 'I‘asmania. Rob Maclaurin's new series of landscape paintings.

THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place. 226 5425 Dain 9.30am-9.30pm.

Andrew Testa Sttrt 8 Mon 3() Aug. Photographs by award-winning journalist photographer Andrew Tesla.

Nabil Shaban Sttn 8— Mon 3() Aug. Computer art by Nabil Sltabarr. the co- fourrder of the Graeae Theatre Company. Britain‘s first professional rtatiortal theatre for disabled performers.

TORRANCE GALLERY 36 Dutrdas Street. 556 6366. Mon—Fri

I lam—6pm; Sat I().3()arn—~lptn.

George Birrell and Stephen MacGruer Until Sat 7 Aug. New paintings.

TRAVERSE THEATRE Cambridge Street. 22s NIH Daily |()am—midnight.

Dazzle Wed l I Aug-Sat 4 Sep. Contemporary jewellery selling exhibition.

24 ROYAL CIRCUS 24 Royal Circus. 226 2769. Mon—Sal

I latnvopm.

Oneness Mon 9 Aug—Sat 4 Sep. The first British showing of work by Russian artist and graduate of the Tbilisi Academy of Art. Guennadi Vassilkov and Chinese/German artist Walter Ding.


This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions.


I42 Carrongate. 529 4H3. Mon~ Sat |()am—5prn. Free.

Thomas Lochhead Until Sat 14 Aug. Free. A retrospective exhibition of the

work of Kirkcudbright-based potter Thomas Lochltead.


Chambers Street. 247 42l9. Mon—Sat |()am--5pm (8pm Tue); Sun noon—5pm. £3 (f I .50); under |8s free.

The Parliament Of Scotland Until Wed I Sep. This display traces the history and origins of parliaments in Scotland including exhibits of the statues of Justice and Mercy and the only known illustration of the fortner parliament of Scotland in session. The silver mace sytnbolising the authority of the Parliament presented by the Queen on the opening of the Parliament goes on display for five weeks.

NEWHAVEN HERITAGE MUSEUM Newhaven Harbour. 55l Jl65. Mon—Sat noon—5pm. Free.

Photographic Memories Until Thu 30 Sep. Photographs by Hill and Adamson. taken in the l840s and contemporary portraits by Miles Tubb. linking past and present generations in Newltaven.


2 Chambers Street. 247 42l9. Mort—Sat |()am—5pm (8pm Tue); Sttrr noon—5pm. £3 (I; I .50): under l8s free.

Octo International Until Sun I2 Sep. Three weavers. three architect/furniture tnakers and two textile printers make tip this artists' collective frorn Denmark. Combining their skills. the group create an installation of furnishings which reflect contemporary Danish design today. Sentimental Journey - A History Of Souvenirs Until Sun 9 Jan. From the earliest forms of souvenirs dating from Pilgrim times to the tacky seaside kiss- me-quick hat. this fascinating exhibition traces the history of the souvenir with a displa of over 5()() objects.

Hisas i Momose - Paperworks Sat 7 Aug-Fri l2 Nov. (Ivy Wu Gallery). Paper works by Japanese artist Hisashi Momose.


Lady Stair's House. Lady Stairs Close. 529 4901. Mon—Sat |()am-5 tn. Free. George Mackay Brown (1 21-1996) Until Tue 3| Aug. Free. An exhibition celebrating the life and literary achievements of George Mackay Brown.



Venetian Women At Their Toilet Fri 6 Aug. l2.45ptn. Free. Natiortal Gallery of Scotland. Paris Bordon‘s painting is discussed by Matthew Wellard.

Family Values: Two Works By Richard Billingham Mon 9 Aug. 12.45pm. Free. National Gallery of Modern Art. A talks b r Michael Gormley.

T e RSA’s Unknown Collection Tue to Aug. l2.-15pm. Free. Royal Scottish Academy. Victoria Keller discusses the hidden gems in the RSA‘s collection.

22? August

I lam - 4pm every day admission lree

Minds Meetings

admission lree

Flesh + Stone was...» Building a Scottish Identity

A dynamic exhibition of contemporary Scottish architecture with models, photographs, dravmgs, and Video va pops showrng CIVIC, educational, Cultural and leisure boildtngs against an historical background

Il,l3,18 and 20 August, 5.30pm - 7pm

lnlormol, illustrated dlSCUSSIOOS on berries Irom Flesh + Stone, introduced by the ard'trleds, borlders and users Involved


Field-Marshall Geor e Wade, Commander-ln-Chie In Scotland Wed ll Aug. l2.45pm. Free. National Portrait Gallery. Nick Bridgland gives a talks on Johan van Diest's painting.

Minds Meetings Wed l l Aug. 5.30pm. Royal Fine Art Commission. A series of informal seminars to accompany the Flesh + Stone exhibitions at RIAS Gallery and at the Royal Fine Art Commission for Scotland. In Enduring Quality Ot'l’npulnr Nrrt'eltyl’. Andrew Nairne. Tessa Ransl'ord. Neil Simpson. Allan Murray. Ric Russell and Gordon Anderson discuss Dundee Contemporary Arts. the Scottish Poetry Library. Peterhead Maritime Museum and Arr Lanntair Ans Centre.

Introducing Tipu Sultan Thu I2 Aug. l2.45pm. Free. National Portrait Gallery. Anne Buddle talks about the current exhibition T/It’ 'I'r'gt'rxlnrl T/It’ 'I'Itt'stlt'.


An exhibition of paintings, photographs and sounds by

Lesley Banks

Artist-in-Residence I999 Edinburgh Zoo

The Gallery Edinburgh Zoo

Open every day 23 July - 3 September I999 9 000m o.OOpm

Admission tree Telephone 0131314 031 I


_ zoo


i Bakelrtitrse (IItrse, l Mli (Zarmrrgate. Edinburgh I'll IS SDI)

Architecture on the FRINGE

5-22 Aug I999 TllE usr 81