The Eyes bf Tammy Faye "x,

From fake eyelashes to ecclesiastical hand puppets and m drugs mayhem to Testamental theme parks, the largely untold story of the Bakkers, Jim and Tammy Faye, is one of the oddest in hristendom -~ or at least their own warped verSion of that world. Thankf ly, the UK has never had the kind of manic televangelist ~ Thora Hird and H rry Secombe don't really count —- which had God's country up in arms and dippi 9 into its pockets. It’s possibly all too easy to mock these people. But, really, at else can you do?

The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Channel 4, Mon Aug, 70. 70pm.

Event In The Tent

If you need a guide to liVing in a sustainably developed way into the next a; “My {. century, Event In The Tent should pomt you in the right direction. Glasgow’s Centre 21 is running the day’s gOings-on which will offer practical adVice ‘; 3.3533(3- and philosophical theory about recycling, transport, food and social ills such 'w .7 as poverty and homelessness. But in a light-hearted way. For example, the ~ ’_ Glasgow Building Preservation Trust will be showcasmg a renovated police

box and Govan Pals are holding musical workshops.

Event In The Tent 75 at George Square, Glasgow, Thu 72 Aug, noon—5pm,

free. Further info on 0747 248 6864.


119 THElISTS—12Aug l999