Opinions about comedy are rampant at the moment but rather than listening to the critics harping on about sketches, characters, stand- ups and the like, why not get on the box and do it yourself? Hoots! is a Six-part series tracing 60 years of Scottish comedy from Harry Lauder to Billy Connolly and Rab C to Phil Kay, It IS not only about the JOCUlar Jarring of the nation’s funnybone but a chance to put the rise of the Caledonian comedy scene into a social context. And that's where you, the punter, come in With filming due to commence in September.

Hoots.l is due for transmission on the BBC in early 2000. To take part, ca//0747 429 7750.

Command And Conquer

After a wait of five years, Nintendo owners now have the chance to get their hands on one of the most original games of the 905. Command And Conquer was the first title to bring real-time strategy to the masses and some would argue that it has yet to be bettered. Proof posmve that dazzling graphics and semi-naked women do not

in themselves constitute a great game, Command And Conquer is a classic that can still

’So cool it hurts’ muttered one Irish food critic of the mix it With the big boys.

Dublin cafe named after the man who altered the course Command And Conquer on the Nintendo 64 is

of history With his 605 Cultural Revolution. Or, depending our/10W,

on your world View, helped pave the way for bad stuff like the Tiananmen Square massacre. Now, MAO is coming to Glasgow to instil a bit of ’Asian fusion’ into the Merchant CIIy. Ronnie Riley, one of MAO’s directors, inSists the name was the perfect chOIce as it is ’controversial, appropriate and availatfle' Should you have political ObjeCIlOHS to the name but want the finest in noodles and rice, you may Just have to hold yOur Tung.

MAO opens in Wilson Street, G/asgow on Wed 78 Aug.

Alfred Hitchcock Centenary

If you stopped Joe or JOSle Public in the street and asked the question ’Who IS the most famous, most critically praised,

most influential dead film director in the world?’, chances

are Alfred Hitchcock's name would come up. Whether

your favourite films include those from his Silent days, his Hollywood mid-period or the great late SOs/early 605

quartet, Vertigo, North By Northwest, Psycho and The

Birds, Hitch remains The Master Of Suspense. And so

what if he was blatantly misogynistic, made distinctly

dodgy films at the end of his career and loved his a mother too much?

Hitchcock’s 700th birthday would have been on Fri 73 Aug.

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