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For those of you distraught at the prospect of no Fringe ’99 appearances by St Petersburg’s astonishing theatre/dance outfit Derevo, aid is at hand. Hailing from the same part of the world is DO-Theatre which has merged with fabrik (who come from Potsdam, near Berlin) for Hope/ess Games, described by their hosts at the Demarco European Art Foundation as ‘paratheatrical physical-dance.’ The Theatre of the Absurd meets contemporary dance in a bizarre comic drama set in a derelict train station, where the ghosts of local vagrants come out to play a deadly game. Prepare to be awestruck. See review, page 59.

Hope/e55 Games (Fringe) DO- Theatre/fabr/k, DEAF. @ St Mary’s Cathedral (Venue 709) 557 0707, unti/ 74 Aug, £7 (£5).

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The Big Tease

Armed only With a tub of gel, a heart full of ambition and

a questionably camp wardrobe, Scottish hairdresser Crawford MacKenzie is heading off to America to compete for the Platinum Scissors Award. That’s the scenario of The Big Tease, our tip to be one of the unexpected hits at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. ’lt’s a classic fish-out-of— water story, about how a gallus Glaswegian can succeed in Los Angeles,’ says the film’s star, Scottish actor and comedian Craig Ferguson. ’We pitched it as "Rocky in curlers".' Shot last year in Glasgow and LA, The Big Tease gives a lift to the baddest of bad hair days.

The Big Tease (Film Festival) ABC 7, 79 Aug, 8.30pm, £7 (£4.50); GFT 7, 20 Aug, 8. 75pm, £7 (£4.50).