Heard And Not Seen

Unlike rock bands, a DJ’s image IS not what counts. That's the pomt of a new series of photographs by Davrd N. McIntyre, now showmg at Edinburgh’s City Cafe. The portraits depict big- name Scottish Dls With their faces obscured beyond recognition because, as McIntyre pornts out, ’the punter doesn't go to a club to look at a DJ, they go to listen,’

Heard And Not Seen, City Cafe, 79 Blair Street, from Thu 72 Aug.

Pelageya Midnight In The Music Hall

It's not easy being a child prodigy from Siberia. Take thirteen-year-old A glamOfOUS, Vital 80d DODU'ar Eighteen'year'O'd Pelageya Khanova for example. There she is, from the age of four, happily faces an untimely demise but you can help singing in public in her home town of Novosibirsk and Opening the 850th prevent It- The ObSE‘TVer Assemb'y “35 been at anniversary of Moscow celebrations in Red Square. Then she goes and does the centre of the Fringe for almost two decades, a track on the Depeche Mode cover album and, next thing you know, she’s but financial pressures could close it down unless surrounded by groupies like these guys going by the names of 'lacques’, the pUbllC rally round There's “0 excuse “Qt ‘0 ’Borig' and ’Helmut’. Move over, Britney Spears, do your bit, when it involves attending jolly nights Prodigies (Fringe) Pelageya and Katya Chilly Graffiti (Venue 90) 557 8330, out featuring the top names in Festival comedy

and music. Noble souls aiming to raise £150,000 include Jerry Sadowitz (pictured), Terry Alderton and Vic Henley on Fri 13 Aug and Dylan Moran, Greg Proops and Cookin’ on the followmg night. Malcolm Hardee comperes, and more acts will be announced soon for later shows. Midnight In The Music Hall (Fringe) Observer Assembly, 226 2428, 73—30 Aug, midnight, minimum £70 (72 tickets for the price of 70).

72—75, 77—20, 29—30 Aug, times vary, £6—f8 (IFS—£7), Greyfriars Kirk (Venue 737) 557 8330, 22—27 Aug, 9. 70pm, £8 (£7).