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.. I | . 16. d GumbOOtS The Palladium

in s s tie" fie“, the "us? see s"-<)‘.'. 0‘ fine 1999 Frrnge Festrval Just think,

New Comedy Awards George Sq Theatre t‘.'.e-'.e are :“estect, sex]. and S.;;)'O"‘(‘a‘y taler‘ted 50uth Afrrcan men explode

This is yOur chance to see the very best of new comedy and wrtrress stars h". the makrng The BBC wril be ‘rlmrng the frnal of the BBC new comedy d‘.‘.'81dS‘.‘."trCi‘- or‘ to stage r" a": extra.aga'*/a of (fiance, song and rnfect'ous 'hythm Get It: t'ne box tr“ (e ea' .' ‘0' t“ s are

wril be screened 0n UK Play On Saturday 28 August at 11.30pm The winner of 12 8 (14) Aug at 7.00pm (3.15pm) 5 pairs

the final will also get a serres on UK Play. Frnd Out who ‘.'l.'rt‘.S hrs: 16 August at 8pm 10 pairs BleaCh Graffiti 8:) ie'i‘oase, f"e theatre company tr‘ att'tude are back with therr new

Journey to MaCbeth Royal Botanic Garden Thrs c0uld be your Only chance to see thrs show as trckets are set to sell out A co-nm::..:f-:>" 3 eac" '.,s:!‘:; a soratzre mix of narratrve and abstraction that prlgrrmage from past revolutrons rn Europe arrrve to confront the cycle of te'ro', CO'T‘D "es enc 'Y‘age'y I" a 'r‘o'rtage sty?e, Bleach eprOres human bloodshed and crvrl war. As darkness falls, ghosts emerge frOm the shadows of Isoraf 0" art: sur‘. rrr carrier'rpo'a'y' society. 18 August at 5.30pm 5 pairs

the text. The torchlrt 10urney through the play begrns, Drummers Traverse Theatre

12 August at 9.30pm DOl‘Othy FIBIdS Hill Street Theatre From '."e .'.o'!(: nrer't eves o.‘ tha, Sue ant: Bob too rn the 80's and Shopprng av‘c: ‘..c<r"g -rr the 90's, ’.'ax Stafford-Clark's reputatzon for deverOprng new

Thrs rs a captrvatrng show based on the Me and lyrrcs of DO’OIhy Frelds who penned such trmeless classrcs as Big spender, A Frne prays s abut: class I)r~..""‘.rers s a (iaI-(l'y comrc story of burglary, dour: e-uearr‘g a'tfl brotherly ".(TIO, there 's no I‘OTTOU.’ among threves.

Romance and The Way YOu Look Tonrght.

13 8 14 August at 7.55pm

17 August at 11.00am 5 pairs & ' ' Romeo JUIIBt Geor e S uare Theatre Harvey Frerstern Usher Hall 9 q t I , _ . . . ' Shakespeare 4 Krdz Theatre Company rs and innovatrve proneerrng rr‘C‘ "KL L. (13.11“:'.'.T'liir"(;0411].?”ng(lCrOf cmC gdy llglits aCIlVlSI {)TemIBTCS nlS \Nnting and producing bungan

acclaim-ed r‘e'x. :=.'e show "T"rs ls '«Iot Gong To Be Pretty" corrrbrnes musrcal I‘Lr‘"‘.IIC'S and s deuxays srr pes at eve'ycay nfe with rr'everent rmpressrons and hr: r‘g no.1car mm

13 August at 7.30pm 5 pairs The M931:ng Royal Lyceum

A bus-nessmar‘ or: a tourney, cross ng paths and sharrng hrs lrfe wrth the lrves of st'arwge's. A". old mat‘ rs co'r'.:rrcec: there IS burred treasure m the city park. A .'-.atc'tritake' ta ks to men: about time. A young man and a traveller stir hrs C'SCCI‘EOI‘I about of "us fe. Ber‘eat'i each of hrs errcOunters lres an underworld of comp! c shared masts and commor‘ desrres

16, (17) & 18 August at 8.00pm (2.30pm) 5 pairs All tickets must be collected from The Hub Box Office

Cirque 30129 The Big Top on the Meadows

Exce"t'rc.rs rs a da/zsrr‘g cc)'n:)rr‘.(‘r!¢()"r of theatre, crrcus, dance and "‘asc (eaten as a (larv‘g new ‘.'(’TS.()I‘. of "arzrnzal-free" crrcus rt co:".*‘:.:es to evolue as ar‘ me: "Q art form, whrch rs airve and access me to a Tits 's :3..'e entertanme'r: for the entrre famrly

wond of Wrilram Shakespeare to younge' audrences everywhere Thrs rs a rrusrcal for all ages that Wlil make y0u laugh and make yotr cry

17 Br 18 August at 1.00pm 5 pairs Al‘j Barker The Pleasance

Drrect from USA. Wrnner of Perrrer Best Newcomer '97 returns. New show, new Jokes, same old Arr. Queue early!

15, 16, 17, 18 8: 19 August at 8.55pm 2 pairs Fanny Hill Street Theatre

Varrety rs the sprce of Me, and Fanny certarnly sees varrety - voyeurrsm, games With grrls, an attempted rape fought off, fetrshes, transvestrsm, Orgres, buggery, a back alley rogerrng and a thoroughly enyoyabie spankrng among the hrghlrghts.

18 August at 11.45pm 5 pairs Carmen Funebre ord College Quad

Thrs award wmrrrng productrop that has stunned and enthralled audrences all

17 August at 9.15pm 5 pairs over the world, Wrnnlng prizes and plaudrts fo: rt's grrpprng expressron of the honor of war. This rs a one off performance rn ard of Amnesty Internatronal Ken RUSSE" International Book Festival Although the trckets are strictly free, please be prepared to make a small ()r‘e of Batarr‘s 'rros'. orrgrnai and rrtrrovatrve frim-rnakers who has m,“ mm“ donat'on for a Very 900d cause" . turned hrs hand to frctron, Come and be entertained as he talks about rm... 13 AUQUSt at 1 pair his new book Mrke and Gaby’s Space Gospel, IN" " (includes official reception) 14 August at 5.00pm 3 pairs - p, Salsa Geltlca The Queens Hall Steve International Book Festival With South American rhythms fired by the Celtrc muse, Po tca cartoor‘rs: ior The Gtrardran, Steve Berl, descrrbed as "a genrus rrmm. n salsa (Elma are one Of Scmlandls m0“ poplula' We bands 1211173211 and freshness of cor‘staht danger". Hear hrm speak exclusively at the "'”‘*"“W Jo'ned by Venezuelan Carlos pena and (“be S A capeua sensatlons

|."I(?.'."a’.r()tra§ Book FOS'.E‘.<":l about h s new book Bell’s Eye Twenty Years of VOCa' Sampl'ng and Group FOICIO'KO (“tumba' Drawrrrq Blood a"<: the creative process of puttrng pen to pO|!II(S. T'y Say'ng that when your drunk

14 August, at 3.00pm 5 pairs 12 AUSTIN at 11-00Pm 3 Pairs

ilt’E‘LI‘lilifi'iUt1:Cr~.(‘:SrEI(‘()(l:;)I.(l"r, The List :r'vw'! is .r s" 2.1." r' i : 1' 2‘. far“. ii-il E Ill/tilt flh 1;..t' x: t'ttiice tr) sr-e sr'r.r.'.s ircr'? (frfr‘eretrt :mts of tin. lest at ":2 r .. . hair“ Irzr , ti. t‘ “.2”: r 7 r: "aw-'f ,t .' t" :: L.' H t :rr'.;' st ()3. or .2? (101.31,, llRSl Sf R‘x’l l) beasts lit)» '3 tongs-Z it) true 7' r- r; «r . ' i: :s i: .atgra.“':e an.“ r; "'.:r" i" .‘..:r i -.:'r::. . .' . l s' or t: be (itsetf T11; VENUE BOX OFFICE (NOT THE FRINGE CENTRAL BOX OFFICE) ON THE PERFORMANCE DAY IN EACH CASE.


Traverse Theatre 10.00am-10.00pm The Observer Assembly 10.30am-midnight Royal Botanic Garden Shop 9.303m-6.00pm Edinburgh Int. Club festival 10.00pm-2.003m Gilded Balloon at the Palladium 4.00pm-11.00pm Continental Shifts St. Brides 10.00am-10.00pm " ' " SEE FREELOADERS PAGE 33 Edinburgh Int. Book Festival 9.30am-9.00pm George Square Theatre 10.003m-10.00pm The Bongo Club 10.25pm

Edinburgh Int. Festival 9.00am-10.00pm Graffiti 10.003m-various Queens Hall 10.00am-S.30pm All tickets must be collected at least one The Pleasance 10.00am-1.00am Hill Street Theatre 11.003m-midnight Chaplaincy Centre 10.00am-10.30pm hour prior to performance

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12—19 Aug 1999 THE lIST 11