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BANDS/MUSIC Scotland. You don t need to WANTED Available for artists &

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“HIE DRUMMER. 10h" on 0141 337 2358' DREADLOCKS? students’ art classes for ‘09 $6590“ Pm (10m Mariyn’ Can you put my non—Afro portfolios From £5 per hour, Ethcndgcr Aswad ctCa) Aval'ab‘c hair into dreadlocks? Phone David HOLIDAY? FESTIVAL? for any 5655i“- Contact Box No DI366/1 0131 659 5151/0403 472653 "63‘ Yourself ‘0 TiVCTSidC Tel: 01292 317764 cottage, Cramond, Edinburgh or or 07788 496767. Buy & SELL . visua| presentation Beach House, Belhavcn, Dunbar Email: _ Smite, need eye-ca,ch,ng (25 miles Edinburgh). c I Moped Wanted good flyers’ brochures? What about Sleeps 4 or 5. I M condition, reasonable price. Call CD & cassette covers? Coma“ £375-E190 I Bassist avai a e looking for Laura, 0131 669 8815. Derek on 0131 334 1668 or 0131 339 6757 working covers band to make Email some mom)“ OW“ gear and m . transport. Phone Barry 01501 I "Mas/Registede child I Holiday let available 741192. minder Saugmonha“ area. townhouse, Haddington. Thirty Reasonable rates. Commuters mins ‘0 Edinburgh Sleeps eight AND YOUNG , a welcome. Tel : 0131 337 3776. plus. Pubs. rcstaurantf. shops on your doorstep. Fully urnishcd, Glasgow Chamber ARTISTS/BANDS and son STRESS FREE bed linen provided, Dares Orchestra DINNER PARTIES available for Millennium and ' ' All I ' f k Wig—23 allow P0016110. SPCCialiSlS in Festival. For further info phone rcqmrcs the followmg types 0 mus" mm rot I A professional prepared CV lsyou first step vegetarian vegan cooking, to do 01875 611847 (leave message). personal: 21:55: pop, folk, (elm, "ad, to a newiob or weer. it all for you. Large or small e tern r : O o . . . . . . 3,0,, Play“, progresswe, mix modern are “33°ng- dizfa$/;§;LT§;§§;$1331; FESTIVAL ACCOMMODATION ,‘ndudin 'm,‘ “1 Get that Interview! for.Please contact . 2nd 063;: P SEND DEMO TAPE/CD WITH mm, mm, W 07147 733 955 ' - Also coveli letters. consultations. . French Horn Players min 3 5 songs plus photo or mmg update mum Acnvas - Trumpetch press book glVlng some ow, - 79A Collnton Road. Edinburgh E810 50F :11 11:35:80 Engrch 8 details on yourselves and 0131 337 8896 Is YOUR “FE ms “Emma pc your Influences I0: “ML m Trips & Holidays, Horse-riding, Stand“ 0' “’0”- mm Hill-walking, Ceilidhs, Sailing, For further information contact Tennis, Meals, Concens’ xcg‘flégfigqom 5 AVENUE SAINT LAURENT Badminton, Microlighting, I Huge flat available for visit our website at arms. Theatre: Dancmg. Festival, (two floors), sleeps http‘l/gco freeservc com/ /’ Archery. Cinema comfortably, 8-10 people. TWO ' ' ° /f. and lots of other activities too bathrooms lar e loun e/l A. g , . . g. g arse an! ~ .3; numerous to mention! kitchen, great views, load of 3 ' It could be With IVC character, newly decorated. - a self-run club for go-ahcad £1000 per week or daily rates. pe0ple who want to get the most Tel 0410 754 563. small flat move specialists 01" 0f life. I Central Festival

Membership costs less than £20 accommodation 4/5 people, 15

moving boxes. bass and a bed? a year. Give it a try for a month mins walk to Waverley, £300 pw or two with no obligation to join for a bequtiful tranquil flat,

- close to all amenities and on bus

but we’re sure you’ll want to! route, Claire 07875 r 0 u F'Iend')‘ MEIER Dependable Details from 830575/claire@greenteam.abel.c

Glasgow 07020 955482

- o email I Two rooms available for the be“ 705 "IbUIe bONd In SCOflond mlnma an kcom Festival in friendly flat with all ' Edinburgh 0131 332 1343 mod cons. Great location close o-mall id Dundee 01332 737839 email to water, Britannia and frequent oops ups 9 dance 10 "16 dmlsost-andrewsacuk buses into centre, plus easy your head music evenings and weekends gzgkling. Phone Sarah 0131 552 corwosh Get down to It m MINCE up :tsery cegtrtal titre:l d . e room a avai a e urtng sex machine dlsco Inferno YOUR LIFE Festival. can sleep five people. love train r..— P R M The origina| and [argest For info contact Sharon on 0131 boogie nights . 445 3267 or 0802518036. play "we funky __ B E D 8 adventure, somal group for FROM adults. Events include ce'ebmflm music .. . . . BEAUTIFUL MEADOWS FLAT shaft THE P E 90-,kamng’ "re-eating available from 22 July. """""" badminton, rambles, meals One double bedroom _._, out, weekends away and One 5:11;? gag-week r...— N forelgn mps' Use of kitchen and shower. Russrn Pmnespim amt les 0131 552 9500 Phone 0131466 0420 0] 3] 669 5082 for a tree Info pack.

12-19 Auo 1999 THE U811”