PERSONAL l Presentable, professional

male. young 30. something

seeks pleasant female soulmate to participate in the great adventure of life. I enjoy music. cinema. socialising. Letter and photograph appreciated. Box No 366/4. I Iall, professional male handsome. fun. with all usual vices. seeking outrageously sexy and adventurous babe for fun. fi'olics and @*C=la"‘. Explicit letter for immediate response.

SWITCHBOARD lath!“ Gay Switchboard

' 5‘39 man"? “"5" “if” - Box No 366/5- Advice on Sexual Health &

guy. . 3. cross ( ressei' see 's nice I Sensual. sensitive, .

11"" “WW-V PM km W‘- stimulating alliterative literate. , _ i HIV/AIDS and all matters relating to and outdoors. bring in the new (my. plump pm,- womum 408. I Professmnal guy young so o . millennium in stylet‘.’) Central. scc‘ks imcmgcm man {0]. yrs. oft tall. medium btiild. s/a. the Gay and LeSbIan Communlty

()nce III a liletime. Box No romance and advcmum a” am s/l. n/s interests include theatre.

M’h/l' H _ y 7 carefully considered. Edinburgh. ""","1-' 9m “d‘d' 5”“ . ;

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woman. see 's mte igent. tacti e. guy or sincere rieiit s iip am i C .

tiger for solid friendship and big more. 3()+. any nationality. Box |

No 3(i-I/(i( . .Wa,m,’affmionate ; SWITCHBOARD LESBIAN LINE

, professional woman. looking for

same. to share her wealth with. i

lo\el Likes clubbing. long walks and conversations. literature. pretentious l-rencli cinema and small fluffy things. tlitlinburgh).

Box. No son/3. She must have GSOH and enjoy j 7.30pm-10pm 7.30pm-10pm wild nights in and friendly 3 Every Night Monday & Thursday nights out. ()ccassionally on the 5 “mm- B‘“ N" 366/” 5 A Scottish Charity No. 800 03403.

Registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee No. 16449

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4t). intelligent. solvent. good life

style. seeks younger. handsome. I Gay professional guy. 34. " I: ~ I You write? I \\ me back"? masculine man for partnership. 5 medium build. enjoys good food TO CALLERS I (‘hat on phone‘.’ Meet for drink'.’ Detailed letter preferred. Photo and wine nights in and out. '. y, n UK & USA What's complicated about that'.".‘ o tional. | Looking to meet similar. 25—40. f "\“li‘c‘""- “'C'KHF- U"‘~“.—'”“ Box INO 363/52. for friendship maybe more. Bo\ i LIVE l'2'l .. , MEN CAI-I; guy. 37. WITH. likeable lass ' I Nu 366/5]. t ' for /I\I\‘ pursuits. laughs and I Fit, blue-eyed gay man 36. l I Lesbian couple in Arysliire long comersations. Ho\ No (m [at]. good looking into hill area. Looking for other lesbian : 483 WOMEN CALL: .ioo/S. walking, wmking out, cinema, couples for great nights iii and ; 486

theatre. travel. seeking guys to i out. Basically for fun. Be bold .—

Shaw grcm times with. maybc and givc us a "yr Box NU GUL 80x5306WC1N 3XX. 09067 calls cost 759/min. 09061 121.50/min. Livecalls recorded.

more.'s do coming ! 306/57.

iidinburgli Festival together. menial) (my cum I Not bad-looking sti‘aight- j x a. a. it} I acting. early 30s Piscean man. “'3


honest. very genuine. hard- er" mum-mmmmommmm

working. likes socialising. nights CHOOSE YOUR MAN BY REGION OR CATERGORY‘.

iii/out. concerts. theatre. travel.

Looking to meet genuine (‘aiiceriaiL Capricorn. Scorpion UL 80x 5306. WOW 3XX. calls cost 301mm cheap rate. 8p/min peak. There are other premium rate or Credll card charges. When making a date be sate and secure. Live calls recorded.

man. aged 23—40. for new gay

friendship. maybe heading to a The second part of our special courses, activities, opportunities & tuition highlight . .

trusting relationship. Box No

364/52. J

look out for your ideal next step on 26 August 1999

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