0 I saw you Galloway Gang, in our dreams last night. Keep up the good work grey squirrel and evil chef would be proud. Keep in touch. Kisses. Box No U/365/103.

. I saw you Angus Roberts playing at being barbeque king, in the castle. Who’s the real lady of your manor? Box No U/365/104.

O I saw you Tom Melrose in our kitchen. Come back soon, we’re hungry! Box No U/365/105.

v I saw you at The List Party. You were radiant. Out of all of the great things that were there that night you were the best. I love you Sauza.

O I saw you bus stop boy, the hair gettin’ short! Mebbe we could become smoking partners? See you on the 44. Box No U/365/106.

O I saw you tall, brown-eyed usher boy at the Filmhouse. Let’s watch Dawson’s Creek together, and, like, chill, man. Box No U/365/ 107.

Q I saw you in Waterstone Glasgow. Your name Pat, with a womanly bottom. Me grizzly, let me bite you! Rwoaarrgh! Box No U/365/108.

O I saw you in the café of Borders, Glasgow 29/6. You were handsome in black, I was knackered in red. You smiled, I smiled. You left. What were you reading? Box No U/365/ 109.

O I saw you Ann Marie at the Blind Poet with splendid, 25 July. Will be there again, every Sunday in August. Box No U/366/1.

O I saw you Friday 30 July, 6pm, Sainsbury’s, Meadowbank gorgeous guy, green hat, long hair, beautiful dark eyes - I have “vivid” hair, remember! You walked down London Road/Hillside Cres. Wish I’d spoken! Box No U/366/2.

O I saw you horse, 2/8/99; Tallships; Greenock. Me: Port Glasgow girl in a hurry. Wish I’d introduced myself properly. Friend has photos developed already . . . fancy a look? Box No U/366/3.

O I saw you Sunday 1 August, snakeskin boots, black bob and fringe, drinking coffee in Tinderbox. I was a street away as usual. Box No U/366/4.

. I saw you in The List, but listen every Thursday, I think I’m tuned to your wave length. Do you fancy and evening session with a different type of co-host? Box No U/366/5. '

v I saw you today, 4/8/99. Sauchiehall St, Glasgow alking along eating chips, you young, cutie, gay guy. Leather jacket and rucksack, also saw you in Centurion sauna last week. We exchanged glances, me, gay 30, West End. Box No U/366/6.


v I saw you Monday, 9 August, Merkland Square. Your shirt sleeves rolled up, tie and briefcase. Me, white shirt, black waistcoat. We looked back at each other. Coincidence? Box No U/366/7.

9 I saw you Dean, my angel, sleeping in Grand Central Station. My love is your love, S. Box No U/366/8.

Suggest cutting ads that refer to Zootie and also to Jimstarr as there are loads.


O I saw you hot, sweaty and sexy, trying desperately to extract your head out of the blender - you were working a fine puree. Box No U/366/9

O I saw you Stew in yer dungarees, with the hot mamees, rappin’ in de trees. Peace. Full respect. Ring me. Brian. Box No U/366/10

Q I saw you little Sam. Yes you with the shaved head. Sam - you and I may be small but our love could be huge. Box No U/366/11.

O I saw you potting peanuts on the pool table, City CafE. Let’s play crazy golf. You’ve got the balls, I’ve got the drive. Box No U/366/ 12.

Q I saw you in CC Blooms by the ladies bogs. You looked scared - you should let me entertain you! Box No 0366/13.

O I saw you (30ish) bra tap, dancing, having a good time. You called me over. I was too shy. I’ve been back to the Basement looking for a second chance. Get in touch!!! Box No U/366/l4.

O I saw you handsome, dark haired, blue eyed sex throb. I think you were called Charlie. Box No U/366/15.

O I saw you Sarhan. Don’t do that to me again! You’re gorgeous but I won’t forgive you twice. Box No U/366/16. O I saw you Zootie at The Honeycomb. Was that Sauza you were drinking? See you there on 28th. Your style is sooo wild. Box No U/366/17.

O I saw you blonde fox with extremely fit body. You got the look, you got the walk, let’s get together... the barman who keeps looking at you! Box No U/366/ 18.


O I saw you and was served by you in ehl. You may be fit but you gotta learn how to use that till! Box No U/366/l9.

O I saw you Kiwi G and I love you eternally. Scratch the end of the world! Box No U/366/20.

I saw you at Tribal Funktion - lovely guy in blue box fresh top. I was the little oriental girl in the Matrix outfit. Sex sometime? Box No U/366/21.


O I saw you in the moonlight on Fraser Island. You still take my breath away girl. Looking forward to more nice times in the Bush with you. Mille fois xxx. Box No U/366/22.

O I saw you in your little red apron. You looked sad. I could make you glad - that you’re a cad. Hmmmmm. Box No U/366/23. .Isawyoulanandlknew one day I would marry you. Hey boy - you’ll always be my superstar DJ. Box No U/366/24. .IsawyouinyourredGucci .Iaquard. Ditch that bloke from the bay and run away with May... Okayl? Yah. Box No U/366/25

Olsawyouxn‘sbrownwith the sun, big blue eyes, soft blonde hair, laughing, having fun! Wednesday 28/7, Langside Road. Box No U/366/26.

. I saw you in the Bar Kohl drinking Koskenkorva vodka! Small, buxom blonde lady. I was the guy at the Bar Falcon. Box No U/366/27.

. I saw you dark mole. You are my force! Show me your doublesided light saver. Use the horse look. Box No U/366/

I saw you dancing a gigaloo - move your girating hips and kiss my lips ya sexy mutha. Box No U/366/28

v I saw you Starry Bucks playing at Barista, Blondie and Lambchops. When you want to be real Baristas you know where to find us. Love T Box Girl. Box No U/366/29.

O I saw you Pocahontas! Let me be your racoon. Cos I really like your orange red arsed baboon... Yeah Roland Rat yeah. Box No U/366/30.

0 I saw you wearing a Chenelle jumper. You were wearing a wedding ring but I think it’s only for show. I think your name is Jack. Box No U/366/31.

O I saw you sisters? \Vith a pimp in blue? One dark “Kookai”, one blonde(ish), one silver. Box No U/366/32.

O I saw you at college over three years ago. Didn’t fancy you much at first - then you kissed me! Kiss me again, let’s have more travels and adventures. Box No U/366/33. O I saw you Katy groovy baby at the Filmhouse. The assholes dinner love ants in pants. Box No U/366/34.

9 I saw you somewhere out of the norm and you rose above the atmosphere - will I see you there again. Box No U/366/35.

O I saw you in the City Cafe. Tall, slim brunette think your name’s Joy? How about it baby!!! Got canned heat in my heels tonight baby!!! Dance, nothing left for me to do but dance. Box No U/366/36.

O I saw you John on the bridges, Saturday 26th June ‘99. Sorry my mum needed so much prompting. She didn’t mean to embarrass you. Box No U/366/37.

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