O I saw you the tall guy with blond hair on Friday in Bar Kohl. Your green lips set off your eyes. I want you to kiss me everywhere all night long. The Honey Monster. Box No U/366/38.

O I saw you chicken shedder - what you plucking these days. Stop bugging my mobile oh Borders boy. Box No U/366/39. O I saw you my boyfriend’s best mate in Bar Kohl. I can buy you a vodka but it can’t lead to sex on the beach. Or can it? Box No U/366/40.

O I saw you, you saw me, we know what we want, we know what we need. Come on pretty boy - meet me in Bar Kohl on Friday to show me your smile! Box No U/366/41.

O I saw you Mongo? Grosvenor cafe, 5pm, Tuesday 9th August. You ordered tea but left suddenly. Could I have made you stay? You, olive- skinned and dark eyed beauty, me the red-haired vixen. Box No U/366/42.

O I saw you you have seen me, noticed me - I know. Come on are you allowed out to play next week! See you Bar Kohl Thursday. Box No U/366/43.

O I saw you in Bar Kohl on Monday 28th. Were you trying to smuggle out a Castle lager or were you just pleased to see me? Box No U/366/44.

. I saw you Cosmic girl at Cosmic Disko @ The Vaults 2”. Love you Chicky. Box No U/366/45.

O I saw you at Whistle Binlties what a surprise! I love your eyes - always never forget me. Love Jim-Starr xxx. Box No U/366/46.

0 I saw you at the Watering Hole - as always. Take care and never forget the Jemstarr. Box No U/366/47.

O I saw you Frallan, Du ar var ogonsten, frallan, du har sa lackra ben. Rock it! Box No U/366/48.

Q I saw you City Cafe barman. Dark hair, your chilli peanuts were hot, want to give me any other flavours? Box No U/366/49.

O I saw you dread locked man on Cockburn Street - if I come in again will you fill my salad box? Box No U/366/50.

0 I saw you Zootie sipping Sauza and lemonade at the Lyceum. Will you protect me from ‘I-lorrors’ at the Palladium on 8th August? Box No U/366/51.

O I saw you in the Traverse with your feet flrrnly on the ground. No more indoor skydiving! Just keep up the arm exercises. Box No UB66/52

O I saw you Pie Manufacturer. You with macaroni pie, me with president. One lump or two, Monty? Box No U/366/53

O I saw you taking photos at Marc Almond’s book signing and in the beer tent at Pride Scotland. You smile a lot but do you talk? Box No U/366/54

O I saw you big boy Blicker at SLB ofiice. You are my fool and I am your flower. Please can we relive that fateful night. Box No U/366/55

O I saw you on Saturday 3 July on Princes Street. You: collecting for Amnesty, from Leeds, blue eyes. Me: redhead, moving to West Coast, nice perfume! Box No U/366/56

O I saw you in Borders cafe. You have brown hair, brown eyes and you have a blue Baby- G watch. You were wearing a cocktail t-shirt. Box No U/366/57

O I saw you two beautiful girls in Blue on Sunday 4 July. I love you lots and will miss you

heaps. Big hugs and kisses, Nats xxx. Box No U/366/58

O I saw you gazing at the Heron. Let’s go to our favourite Bushy Creek soon again MWAH! OSLO! Box No U/366/59

O I saw you in Sirius 12/7/99. Beachcomber, chocolate milk drinker - let’s shake. Box No U/366/60

O I saw you lain Laurie aka Han Solo. Let me love you like Leia. Saber Boy. Box No U/366/61

O I saw you mon petit poisson and am always indebted to you in more ways than one. Little B xxx. Box No U/366/62

v I saw you at City Cafe groin thrusting baboon with extremely camp leather. Find another move, that one didn’t work. Call me. Box No U/366/63

9 I saw you skateboarding whizz outside Borders. Why not be my ‘flying postman’. Box No U/366/64

O I saw you Gav looking sexy, single and free. You make me horny baby! Blond streaks garage 3lst August. Box No U/366/65

O I saw you in the Garage. You are Irish. Your name is Janet. I love you. My name is Kenny. Box No U/366/66

O I saw you with bulging biceps and triceps. You look artistic, fancy a dirty weekend caravaning. You look so aggressive to and I so sub. Let’s play ball games. Box No U/366/67

Q I saw you with hot brushed spikes in tennis gear, dancing to “Better Best Forgotten”. You sing well. Fancy a duet. I could be your Lea Salonga. Care for me matron! Box No U/366/68 O‘I saw you with Neil Tennant coiff sporting Mallorcan suntan. Do you holiday with mum and dad. Do you like redheads. I hope so. Box No U/366/69

O I saw you legs up to your neck you celtic goddess. Do you ride that motorbike in the Tron. I wanna go pillion baby! The Cheesemaister x. Box No U/366/70

O I saw you wiggling your toes at the Tron. Do you want to bring your sexy sandals to my desert island. K & M. Box No U/366/71


O I saw you working in the Disney Store, you look so cute. Your cardi and goatee combo. Fancy a snog. Box No U/366/72 O I saw you bleached haired, oriental guy in the Filmhouse foyer on 2/7/99 at Lush. You were checking out the videos before you left on your bike. Let’s go for a cycle together. Box No U/366/73

. I saw you at a house- warming. You were tall and mysterious, charming and witty, wearing your ‘gay’ safari shirt with velcro pockets. I have thought of little else since then - you not the shirt! Box No U/366/74

O I saw you and I want you - NOW. Sauza you are such a flexible spirit willing to be tried with anything. Let me master the taste!

Q I saw you I did see you with your goaty beard and big shiney head (Borders) maybe my sticky muffin. Would like to meet your shiney head. See you. Box No U/366/75

Q I saw you in Borders cafE. You have blonde hair and blue eyes and were wearing a hawaii- girl t shirt and Carpenter flares. Box No U/366/76

O I saw you samba lamba big brown eyes that I could lose myself in. Me tall, dark, beautiful stranger aching for you only you. Box No U/366/77

O I saw you in your sexy dragon shirt bargaining about in Borders Books. Marry me? Box No U/366/78

O I saw you... Horse, 2/8/99, Tall Ships, Greenock. Me: Port Glasgow girl in a hurry. Wish I’d introduced myself properly. Friend has photos developed already - fancy a look? Box No U/366/79


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