Dylan Moran

He won the Perrier in 1996, starred With Charlotte Coleman in BBC's critically adored How Do You Want Me and nicked a book in Notting Hill. By turns Wilfully grumpy and utterly charming, you are as likely to see the floppy Fringer in an Edinburgh boozer as on the comedy Circuit now that he has moved to the capital.

What's your definition of love?

Two men on a beach looking for the same dropped IoIIy,

Do you have any scars on your body? If so, how on earth did they get there?

I was bitten in the face by a priest as a small boy,

What would you do if your final breath was imminent?

Play Iv1ah long With my old enemy Jong Mah.

Were you to take up shoplifting as an alternative career, what would be your nicking niche? I would steal and respray divmg bells.

There seem to be more stand-ups writing novels than doing stand-up. When can we expect the Moran meisterwork?

I’ve written several but every one gets eaten by a fox on page five.

Dylan Moran: The Last Gasp (Fringe) Dylan Moran, Gilded Balloon At The Palladium (Venue 26) 226 2757, 73—77Aug, 70,30pm, £9.50 (£8.50).

The Festival Club

Over the next few weeks, it's just possuble you’ll need a place to chill out. The magnificent Main Hall and Dunard Library of the International Festival’s new home, The Hub, will be open to members of the Festival Club from 10am until 2am every day from 15 Aug—4 Sep. Membership is open to all; the chance to meet up over coffee, wine or food, buy tickets, read reViews and relax in beautiful surroundings awaits.

Membership is available from the Hub Ticket Centre, Cast/ehi/l, Royal Mile, Edinburgh EH7 2NE, 473 2000. Day f5, week [25, Festival £75.

Iron Il i nes

Front The Flux

Spiritualized (main man Jason Pierce pictured) have been added to the Flux bill as guests of Ken Kesey, and the promoters are offering an unsigned band the awe-inspiring oopoitu'iitv to open for them at the 5000 capacity Piinces Street Gardens on Sat 28 Aug Drop off a CD or demo tape at an Original Levr's store or a seIec ted Iocal independent record shop, or send one to Slice PR/Front The Flux, The Clockhouse, 220 Latimer Rd, London W10 6QY All entries must be received by Fri 20 Aug, Include name, address, contact number, and a note of the number of people in the band so that LeVi’s can kit them all out With new trousers,

Ken Kesey and the Original Pranksters, Spiritual/Zed, Howard Marks and Jimmy Cauty (Fringe & Book) Flux, Princes Street Gardens, 0870 907 0999/0737 220 4349/

0737 668 2079, Sat 28 Aug, £72.50.