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HAPPY cocmns £1.95 PIICHERS £5.95

During Happy Hour Heatwave: a chilled down fusion of coconut rum and malibu with real fruit and coconut cream. 6' Joe: vodka & sloe gin with orange and apple juices. weekender: gin & apple schnapps topped with cranberry juice. Russian Roulette: cream loaded with vodka & coffee liqueur. wed & Sun 5pm - 3am, Passionate Kiss: a smoochy concoction of vodka & passion fruit liqueur with cranberry & orange juices. Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri 8t Sat 5pm - 10pm Blue Chimayo: tequila and blue curacao mixed with lime & lemon juices.


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24TllEll8'l‘12-19 Aug 1999