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Riddance Traverse Theatre

'They don't have to do homework or wash dishes,‘ says Burklyn Youth Ballet director Angela Whitehill about the young American summer school students she's been bringing to the

Fringe fOf the past five years, There‘s A Ch:ll:r‘.:;, eBrrtCUCFaI Ilzzriier abart Kw: 1‘93" 3"!) l ":i'ii: else to do but dance ' {OQ‘EmC‘T [fill 7hr”: SQUGI‘ Cl Slli‘.’ivr".} 3 (libil‘flrfi’! "r ,i, (MES-TN. . I I a {QRE’WET‘C «kbf’ing i'iSi 711;: “Twin” ("$1 K, )1:"JS{') 3.7:.“- '3”. ' SUEDE-“3'? 3"“! WW". (‘1 CDC-l it‘ll??? 1'?" Viki? ‘.'.r‘- (ti'i ."f'VW 9878:"? '-"~.‘

dancer, travels about the States every new year auditioning for her four- ~ g week programme. The young people .

nr (. L, "M.

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17 August at 12.00pm

she selects. all of them pre- , , professionak' gather in remote north, Tony Parsons International Book Festival eastern Vermont. There they rehearse Sky's the mm for 50min ‘Corhe fanti hear atriz‘tltfitt‘?’ fur: .mzl torts 9' v.71“; ;; it; la a”:

’19 Ear ":52, tie-3r? : '. if“? T: rain-'Cfll 3?; m. r, ‘1 (-7 3?»:- a for in ' . {SE/“0;. all‘t'Cii'.’ 371(7931'3‘1 if‘: 8X23“; Wildi li Lakes [0 'ft'tll with Edinburgh. Apart from the experience these admittedly unseasoned hoofers _ , a A 6 ' l, I, r A ' (n I I a h acquire by coming to Scotland. Whitehill says 'they get to meet other people demmts' “‘0 S M " “39 "“' 9" '(‘ " , who have the same kind of passions for dance that they have.’ 14 Aug”St at 5°3Opm 5 93'“

This year’s eighteen students range in age from 14 to 24. Their ranks are supplemented by two professional male dancers from the Dayton and Cincinnati ballet companies. The repertory consists of a Balanchine-style contemporary piece called Sunrise, an untitled work set to Berlioz, and a staging of the kids’ chestnut Peter And The Wolf. It features a local friend of the company. Duncan Fisher, fondly referred to in the company press release as 'Edinburgh's own dancing dentist'. Amateur? Maybe. Enthusiastic? For sure. , (Dgaldggft’era) "A d S ( ) H h I lee Gandyfloss The Pleasance ' ter 9 W0 n “Wise Fringe Bur y" YOUt Ba/et' George Square "A small world where big things happen in Technicolour". Theatre (venue 37) 662 8740’ 73—27 Aug (not 16) “am’ £6 (£4) Following award-nominated, sellout hit Grace , another anarchic,

WBPBWOIVB The Traverse

Theatre Archipelago (formerly Communicaclo) return to the Festival With a compelling and un-nervingly funny Werewolves. This is definately one to see.

17 August at 1.45pm 5 pairs

poignant, romantic, farsical, visual comedy - with songs.

. Q A ' .,_ ('3' the author's brother. The piece is an What you get is an extraordinary 12' 13' 14 8‘ 15 Aug"St at z'oopm 5 pa'rs ' l 9- . overlong, silent movie-style Dawson ’5 Creek meets Gr 0 ’5 Girl . masquerade, but there's no denying cultural soundclash. It’s hafgtg How To Be SUCCBSSfUIly Mad Roman Eagle Ledge sum“) the performer‘s skill at wordlessly imagine there being too much Anyone who has ever questioned the cause of mental illness and .fl‘L- - portraying both male and female common ground between the well- wondered about the way the mrnd works, will become enllgm' { characters. Verdict: a dual curio at a heeled US youths and the kids from ened by Jeremy Ward's humorous, but thought provoking one bargain price. (Donald Hutera) Leith, but they do combine remarkably man chat show on the alternative ways to therapy, c0unselling ' I The Ballad Of Branwe/l well. and psychiatry. Bronte/Medea” (Fringe) Jonathan This is a very erudite production - if 17 August at 10.15am 3 pairs Burnett, Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41) at times too weighty for its own good . 226 6522, until 18 Aug, 17.50am, £4 of which they should be proud. (Ross Actlvated Image Chaplaincy Centre (£3). Hollowa) " \~ ~. .. ., .. , - , .. r... s Y \ mp Junk“,- -. -;.y.s or ,ar-esl'orn, lua'wLUJ, 1.030. :s-.s tn: rrI-JdlltS .-'

I Adolescence (Fringe) Tartan Palm m was; 3.5m use (1,343. 9%,»in at gr-s rim of mow. m d «m, THEATRE REVIEW Theatre Co, Randolph Studio (Venue Z,in(}'a,,3.' C... gulf... (m- .19.”;93- “, a. ,.,;.,.'..,,_.,; m 2.3.7.. (gm). *** Nam; 25, 27Aug, 4pm, £4 (£3). :~"'f», ,‘ 3:34 12 August at 10.30pm 2 pairs ’Adolescence: theme and variations' is Continued over page Cinderella o|d Couege Quad an ambitious production staged by ,1 M ,, g“; was _, 3 . _. N. school children from Edinburgh and STAR RATINGS LIT: if: If; ', ' Los Angeles. It addresses issues of a. * * ,i a, up“. that”, ;L’y,,...., frag}, .2" L5,} LL15}; . i} g; g ' being a teenager in a series Of * in." x(,\‘“".m)0(j you that I E I I Vignettes in the styles of Shakespeare, ::* E'ggg‘Zfl'AJ‘ 5 August at 9.30pm 5 pairs BECkettv Mamet and more' * ‘r/(Ll'x't‘ {lt‘t‘l‘ \\'tl'l‘.(‘(i

Dylan Moran palladium

A l1r’}.".l', 3:,servant, ‘.'.r:(i<:,].‘,' runny .rrsrr tuna/1 all. chi/3‘} ,ra unrlcr

. . g \ \ . ~ -- 7 ' guarantee-r1 {Ea'nful beiiy aching laughs, w 17 August at 10.30pm 5 pairs ' Golden International Club Festival

NOrman lay a't': clear. Wrison pave the way for a Club that is best

r described as dogma- tag partnern night out. BY 12 August at 8.00pm 5 pairs

A darle comic Story GOIOUI'S International Club Festival

of burglary and betrayal long standing friends of house music Terry Farley & Pete Heller come to the capital to give it some!

mm'" "a V“ 3'" 15 August, at 8.00pm 5 Pairs


Venue 15, Cambridge St, Edinburgh

I, 12-29 August (Excludin Monda) ' ' _ I . rm... mmmmm 1;“ v See page 11 for Box Office details etc

12-19 Aug 1999 THE US? 33