COMEDY REVIEW Afflicktion *‘k‘k

Two glamourless usherettes lead the unsuspecting viewer into a voyage through some of the most distasteful underground films on show in Edinburgh. Eight debauched offerings reach their nadir in Arthur Lager's disturbing animation The Rape Of The Arthuraprods which depicts an underwater world of cocks and crabs, fish and fellatio, squids and semen. In a subsequent Spanish short we witness a group of scissor-wielding bikerettes bobbitting their way across Spain - little is left to the imagination. You can decide whether this is postmodern pastiche or just pure pish, but if you’re a sicko or psycho and eager for cheap thrills, then this is your show.

(Davie Archibald)

I Afflicktion (Fringe) P/easance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 30 Aug (not 24) 2.25pm, £6/£5 (f5.50/£4.50).

THEATRE REVIEW Salome & A Full Moon In March

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Intended to complement each other, this double-bill of Irish writing fuses text, music and dance to explore the impulses underlying desire in this myth of sex and severed heads. But the



contrasting styles of the two plays serve more to highlight differences than similarities, with the Opaque modernism of Yeats's dialogue at odds with Wilde's gentler lyricism. Despite some initial technical slips the cast, with one or two exceptions, proceeded to overact their way through this opening performance. Clearly more at ease with Wilde’s text than with Yeats, perhaps by the time you've read this they'll have settled down a little. (Davie Archibald)

I Salome & A Full Moon In March (Fringe) Gira/da Theatre Company C Cubed (Venue 126) 225 5105, until 21 Aug (not 15) 1.30pm, £6 (£5).

DANCE REVIEW Once Upon A Time it Mr

A surprisingly satisfying dance concert imported from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and its College of Fine Arts. Given those origins, you'd expect glitz and kitsch. This lively programme of seven dances, lasting just under an hour, contains some of that. But there is also evidence of talent and craft. All of the choreography is by college faculty. Four of the five performers are female students, the odd man out being faculty member Louis Kavouras. The hard-working quintet sweat through a seamless collage of ethnic, jazz,


theatre 0 dance 0 comedy 0 kids

modern, pop and showbiz styles, triumphing over a stage the size of a postage stamp. (Donald Hutera)

I Once Upon A Time (Fringe) University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Randolph Studio (Venue 55) 226 5257, until 30 Aug (not 17, 23, 24) 1.45pm, £5 (£3).

THEATRE REVIEW Well, Farewell A * ink

Maxine and Babette are dying of a puzzling joint illness. They pass the time they have left in hospice beds side by side, drinking beer, smoking fags and taking perverse delight in winding each other up.

Well farewell: dead funny

The cantankerous, certifiable pair are both best friends and worst enemies - each needs yet detests the other. This love/hate relationship results in poignant moments shared by the two segueing into frenetic bouts of activity.

Despite its sombre subject matter, this mix of drama, comedy and mime is hugely entertaining and, at times, surreal. Thankfully, it never enters the realms of moroseness or saccharine- sweet sentimentality. (Dawn Kofie)

I Well, Farewell (Fringe) Brouhaha, Komedia @ Southside (Venue 82) 667 2212, until 29 Aug, 1.30pm, £7 (£6)

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