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Introduction The List’s Guide to the 1999 Edinburgh Festival

Welcome to the second of four special Festival issues of The List. As the only locally based publication entirely devoted to arts and entertainments, we are ideally placed to help you decide what to see. During the Festival, we publish weekly on Thursdays.

The Edinburgh Festival includes several major festivals, all taking place in August. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is the biggest arts festival in the world, running officially until 30 August, although some

Using The List

TOP TWENTY On page 4 we give our hottest tips for the very best Festival events taking place this week. When you're planning y0ur Festival, start here.

THEATRE, DANCE, COMEDY and KIDS To help y0ur daily planning, Our coverage of theatre, dance, comedy and kids' events IS diVided into SIX time-bands, from 9am until late at night. Each section covers the most Interesting shows in that time-band. FILM, MUSIC, CLUBS, BOOKS and ART Each of these is covered in a separate section,

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which you can find after the time-band sections, except for Art, which has its own sixteen-page colour supplement in the centre of this issue. The Club and Art sections include full listings as well as reVIews and DIGVIE’WS. REVIEWS AND PREVIEWS Events that we have reViewed are assessed for quality and given one—to-five stars according to how good our critic thinks they are. Our preViews highlight events which we have not been able to reView before the Festival, but which we think Will be worth seeing. PreViews are not given a star rating

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HIT LISTS The first page in each section Includes Our main recommendations for that section

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The complete gllldf‘ to all the festivals Thruway I3.

FREE TICKET OFFERS We have seCUred a supply of free tickets to see certain recommended shows Readers can claim these

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shows end later. The Edinburgh International Festival, the Film Festival and the Book Festival begin on 14 and 15 August and our coverage begins in this issue.

Other events we'll be casting our expert eyes over include the Flux Festival of contemporary music (part of the Fringe) and Planet Pop, an independent rock and pop festival. We’ve also got full details on the exhibitions at all of the city's art galleries.

Enjoy . . .

On a first come, first served basis See pages I I and 33 for full details

FESTIVAL LISTINGS SUPPLEMENT Inside this ISSLIC, y0u‘ll find a comprehensive, pull-out gtiide to every event taking place during the week TICKETS & INFORMATION Essential phone numbers and details of all the practicalities you need to know can be found on pages 2 and 3 of the Festival Listings supplement CITY MAP A colour map of central Edinburgh, With venues clearly marked, is published on pages 36 and 37 of the Festival Listings supplement

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