The index lists every show appearing in this week's List alphabetically, by title. Where the title of a show includes the artist's name, this is also listed alphabetically by first name. The page number(s) opposite indicate where the show is covered.


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Agnes Martin And John McLaughlin Inverlelth House

Andrew Walker, Robert Innes And Alan Kilpatrick Flrth Gallery 65 Callum Innes And Patrick Heron

Ingleby Gallery 4, 64, 65 Connections Royal Scottrsh Academy 65

Construction The 80er Famrly 65 Gary Hume: New York Dean Gallery 4, 63, 64

Heard And Not Seen Davrd N McIntyre 10 Joseph Beuys: Editions

Natlonal Galery Of Modern Art 64 Kiki Smith Frultmarket Gallery 64, 65 Scenes Of The Crime The Bongo Club 65


Alcohol And Cultural Identity

Gap Studro Theatre 95 Andre Brink Varlous Locatrons 94 Andrew O'Hagan Vanous Locatlons 95 Anthony Sampson Post Offrce Theatre 93 Blake Morrison Spregeltent 95 Doris Lessing VanOus Locatlons 93, 96 Edwina Currie Spregeltent 94 Emily Perkins Gap SIUle Theatre 16 Gordon Burn VarrOus Locatrons 4, 93 Ian Rankin Splegeltent 4, 93 Jackie Kay Post Off;ce Theatre 94 Jonathon Green On Slang

Gap Studso Theatre 94 Ken Russell Vanous Locatrons 96 Ludovic Kennedy Spelgeltent 96 Magnus Magnusson Spelgeltent 95

Marina Warner On Fear And Fairytales

Post Offlce Theatre 4, 93 Michael Faber Vanous Locatlons 94 Norway Sunday Varrous Locatlons 94 Sean Hughes Splegeltent 93 Steve Bell Post Offlce Theatre 93, 96 Tim Parks Vanous Locatl0ns 95 Tony Parsons Vanous Locatlons 96 Derrick Carter Tnbal Funktron 4, 98 Filth Studro 24 97 International Club Festival Tewot Row 97 The Lizzard Lounge Cafe Graffrtl 97

Room At The Top Room At The Top 97 Tonight We're Going To Party

Like It's 1889 La Belle Angele 97 Tribal Funktion The Venue 97 Underword Presents Trans

Scotland Express Studlo 24 97 The Vaults Nrddrle Street 97


The 4 Noels Present The Magnificent Seventeen

The 4 Noels 52 Adam Bloom Pleasance 26 Afflicktion Pleasance 36 Alan Miller The Stand 26 And A Glass Of Wine For The Lady

AI Murray 21, 51 Andre Vincent Is Cheeky Andre Vrncent 79 Arctic Boosh Pleasance 26 Baron Brothers Gllded Balloon II 49 Ben ’n' Arn's Big Top Pleasance 60 Bob Doolally Queers His Pitch

The Stand Comedy Club 46 Bottle And Mango

Chrlstle’s Comedy Cellar 53

Chris Addison: Gentleman, Scholar, Acrobat Chns Addlson 46

The Comedy Zone Pleasance 79 The Complete Millennium Musical Observer Assembly 31

Count Arthur Strong And Terry Titter: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

FeaSIble Promotlons 49 Dave Gorman's Better World

Dave GOrman 46 David Strassman Pleasance 81 Dehydrated And Travellin' Light

Sean Hughes And Owen O'Nerll 47 Dylan Moran: The Last Gasp

Dylan Moran 14, 26, 59 Ed Byrne: On The Road Ed Byrne 26, 81 Greg Proops Observer Assembly 52 Harman Leon The Stand 26 Howie The Rookie The Bush Theatre 51,55 Jimeoin Beck's Splegeltent 26 Johnny Vegas George Square Theatre 26 Kissing The Goldfish Pleasance 81 Krasky Vostoka (Colours Of The East) Observer Assembly 40

The League Against Tedium

Slmon Munnery

Life, Love, Sex, Death . . . And Other Works In Progress Stewe Jay 81

26, 51, 53

Looking For Love Fuon Scena 60 The McBeige Lecture Lenny Beige 48 Men Dyball And Kerr 44

The Mitchell B: Webb Story

Observer Assembly 26, 55 The Nimmo Twins Pleasance 42 Northern Uproar

The Stand Comedy Club 81 Omid Djalili Pleasance 26, 81 Phil Kay Gllded Balloon 26, 60

Rabbi Lionel Blue Out Of The Blue 47 The Rat Pack

Grlded BalIOOn At The Palladlum 77 Rich Hall Aka Otis Lee Crenshaw

Pleasance 26, 81 Ross Noble - Laser Boy

Gllded Balloon 26, 51, 52

Sean Cullen: Worm Lover Sean Cullen 52 Seven Deadly Sinners (+1 Free) Alternate Shadows 42 Star Wars Trilogy In 30 Minutes

Festlval Theatre USC-USA 4, 31, 81 Stephen K Amos Assembly Rooms 48 Terry Alderton Observer Assembly 26. 79 Ubersausage Fresh Blood Theatre 44 The Very Best Of Kit And Widow

Observer Assembly 56 Yank Me! Harmon Leon 41, 43

Alone, Coupled And Bunched AIOne, C0up|ed And Bunched Featurlng Chlcago Artlsts 79

Artifact Dutch Natlonal Ballet 4, 45, 46 Ballad Of Branwell Bronte/Medea” JOnathan Burnett 32 Boris Charmatz

Edrnburgh Festrval Theatre 59 Egiku Hanayagi Garage Theatre 44 Gumboots

Gilded Balloon At The Palladlum 4, 45

Mimi La Sardine Wendy Buonaventura And Company 79 Morir Por Ti (I Would Die For You)

The Ensemble 79 Mozart Preposteros Nola Rae 40 Numb b. Camrlle Thoman 43 Once Upon A Time

Unlverslty Of Nevada 37 Passage Theatre Tallpot 45, 50 Peter And The Wolf And Sunrise

Burklyn Youth Ballet 33 TurboZone Presents Cinderella

TurboZone 11, 51

Turul: Grotesque Myth Of A

Plucked Angle Artus: Demarco European Art Foundatlon 56 The Water Carriers Theatre Talrpot 41, 44

A Black Cat On The Snow (Musta Kissa Lumihanghella) Frlmhouse

A Good Baby Cameo 87 A La Place Du Coeur Fllmhouse 82, 83 A Man Escaped Fllmhouse 82 An Affair Fllmhouse 87

At The Sharp End Of The Knife Frlmhouse 84

Based On The Novel Cameo 84 The Big Tease ABC 9 Chi Girl Cameo 84

Cookie’s Fortune Cameo 86 Election ABC 85 The Family (Aila) Fllmhouse 87 Genghis Blues Fllmhouse 83 Go Cameo 84 Herr Zwilling Und Frau Zuckermann Frlmhouse 87 Humanity (L'Humanite) Frlmhouse 86 Janice Beard 45 wpm Cameo 86 Journey To The Sun Frlmhouse 86 Limbo Fllmhouse 82, 85 Milestones (Milles Bornes) Cameo 84 Nothing (Nic) Fllthuse 83 Praise Fllmhouse 87 Ratcatcher Odeon 4, 82, 86 Redball Cameo 87 Rushmore ABC 4, 82 Show Me Love Cameo 85 Stuart Sinclair Blyth

Hold Back The nght @ Cameo 16 Speedy Boys Fllmhouse 87 The Thomas Crown Affair Odeon 86 Throne Of Death Fllmhouse 87 Thug Life In DC Frlmhouse 85 Welcome To Hollywood Cameo 84 Wes Anderson Rushmore, ABC 82 Whispering Corridors Frlmhouse 84 Wild Side: The Director's Cut

Frlthuse 4, 82

Wonderland Cameo

Events For Children V8f|OUS Locatrons 94


Hong Kong Youth Arts Festzval 31, 32

Pooh And Piglet Meet The Heffalump Again Richard Medrlngton's Puppets 32

British Animation Frlthuse 11 The Festival Club The Hub 14 Front The Flux Prlnces Street Gardens 14 Midnight In The Music Hall

Observer Assembly 10

Bruce Mathiske Famous Grouse HOuse 90

Caroline Nin: Lush Life Pleasance 89 Ceol Na Pioba: Music Of The Pipes

InternatIOnal Festaval 92 Chet Baker Tribute Graffrtr 90 Colin Reid Famous GrOuse HOuse 92 Eliza Carthy Appendlx Out 89 Gustav Mahler 4 Honky Trash Beck's Spregeltent 89 Ivor Cutler Flux 91

Kati Szvorak And The Water Carriers Fam0us Grouse House

Orbital Flux 4, 28, 89 Planet Pop: Week Two VBTIOUS Artlsts 90 Pollen Ross Theatre 91 Prodigies Pelageya And Katya Chllly 10 Recognition Graffm 92 Roland Gift Beck's Splegeltent 92 Salsa Celtica Queen's Hall 91 Sketches Of Mirror Man 92 Snow Patrol The Attrc 89 Turondot PlayhOuse 4, 89 Vocal Sampling Beck's Splegeltent 89

Angelika Kirchschlager Queen's Hall 16 Nunsense Festlval Theatre USC-USA 56


Turandot And Macbeth

Edlnburgh Playh0use 4, 88


2:18 Underground The Natlonal Youth Theatre

Of Great Bntaln 46 A Madman Sings To The Moon Brunton Theatre Company 48 A Madman's Diary By Gogol Art-Vrc Anglo Russ:an Theatre 77 A Night At The Grand Guignol Ugly Theatre Company 77

A Symmetry Of Love

Cambrldge University ADC 43 A Woman Alone Hoot 55 Adolescence

Tartan Palm Theatre Company 34 Adult Child/Dead Child Stage 2 34

Andromache Laboratorlum Asteroid Haemorrhoid Wendy Lloyd And lezle Roper 48

51. 56

Bare Guy Masterson Productrons 35, 36 Berkoff's Women Guy Masterson Productr0ns 4, 35, 36

Bleach BollerhOuse/Trouble 41 Box The Pony Observer Assembly 4, 59 Boyband

Oxford Unrvers.ty Company 53 Carmen Funebre Teatro BUIrO Podr02y 59 Charlie Chaplin Is Wearing My Pants Flrefly ProductIOns 34 Cooking With Elvis

Live Theatre Company 41, 42 D.A.R.E. Theatre Workshop 60 Diary Of Takuboku Japan Experrence 47 Drummers Out Of Jomt 56 The Exhibitionist Rldlcuiusmus 34 Five O'Clock Angel

Red Pear Theatre Company 31 God Love Thatcher! (Fade To Greek) RSAMD 42 GraeaelFitting - The Final Freakshow Pleasance 43 Harvey Fierstein Usher Hall 27 Hopeless Games DO-Theatre/fabrrk 9, 59 I Might Be Edgar Allan Poe

Collectlve Unconscrotls 38 llluminata Clear Inslght 55 In The Line Of Duty 50 Krishnan's Dairy Traverse Theatre 49 Laodamia FamOus GrOuse House 4 Last Train To Nibroc

The JOurney Company 44 Lovepuke Gllded Balloon. 44 Machinal Mowng Parts 47 The Maids Midnlght Cowglrls 79

Murder, Madame? The Tell Tale Hearts 32 The Nation’s Favourite

Fatbloke Productions 45 New Age Romance

Rexana Productl0ns 52 Nixon's Nixon

Observer Assembly a, 14, 41 Octopus Pie

P0unds, Dollars And Cents 47 The Opium Eater Gllded Balloon || 43 Out Damn Spot

Lampman Productlorts 34 Parcel Of Burns

Gallus Theatre Company 32 Pilate Morpheus Theatre 77 Polarities (Part Two) Ubu Roi

FeCund Theatre 49 Present Tense Imperfect

Frantlc Redhead ProductaOns 34 Red Devils Hot Poker Productlons 48 Riddance Parnes Pl0ugh 35 The Robert Burns Tour Netherbow 36

Romeo And Juliet Shakespeare 4 Krdz 35 Salome And A Full Moon In March Grralda Theatre 37 Scary Antics The Shysters 32 Shakespeare: In Love - The Passion,

Plays And Poetry Bruce MOTTISOn 36 Shakespeare's Bottom

Pace Productlons 38 Sherlock Holmes . . .The Last Act! Jay Productrons 38

Shylock Sally Vaughan And

Rlchard Jordan lelted 31, 34

Skint Ugly Theatre Company 42

SNAG: A Sensitive New Age Guy 38

Speed The Plow

Brrmlngham Stage Company 38

Stone Moon

Royal Lyceum Youth Theatre 42

Titus Andronicus

Bare And Ragged Theatre 42

To Have And To Hold Theatre 28 35

The Treehouse Collln Johnson 36

The Wake King's Theatre 4, 45

Watching Charlie

New Mercury Theatre 52

Well, Farewell Brouhaha 37 Werewolves Theatre Archlpelago 53 5 When She Was Bad Hot Wax 43 Wolfsong Second Nature Theatre 50

Women Of Troy: 2099

Riggs O’Hara Theatre Company 48

12—19 Aug 1999 rucusrs