THEATRE REVIEW Krishnan's Dairy ****

Just what is love, asks this bittersweet tale of life in a New Zealand cornershop. As Gobi and Zina live the long hours of immigrant shopkeepers, it seems their dreams may not come true. Their daily grind is contrasted with the romance of tales from home, the daily horoscope and the story of the Taj Mahal. But perhaps they have more than meets the eye.

Writer and performer Jacob Rajan turns ordinary lives into appealing romance through this deft solo performance. His fluid, easy presence and smart physical humour allow him to tug the heart strings without becoming cloying. He has a relaxed comic touch with its source in affection rather than satire.

While Rajan covers the issues from

Dairy Charmers: Krishnan's Dairy

arranged marriage to everyday racism, this play is above all about the pleasure of storytelling. Sweet, sentimental and funny, this is a perfect show for those seeking a gentle laugh, a few songs and a prick of sadness. Few surprises, but a great deal of charm. (Moira Jeffrey)

- Krishnan's Dairy (Fringe) Traverse Theatre (Venue 75) 228 1404, until 4 Sep (not

16 Aug) times vary, £9 (£6).

Ladyfingers, Beige self-admittedly ’suckles on the pig of light entertainment' with a voice as smooth as molten chocolate and dance moves which encourage knicker throwing onstage. A man of traditional values and outstanding fashion sense. Shiny as polished gold. (Tracy Griffen)

I The McBeige Lecture (Fringe) Lenny Beige, Observer Assembly (Venue 3) 226 2428, until 30 Aug (not 23) 7.25pm, £9.50/£8. 50 (£8. 50/£ 7. 50).

COMEDY REVIEW Baron Brothers at at *1

This totally kosher sketch show from the three Baron Brothers - they really are brothers - can boast some really fine elements. In lots of ways it’s a cut above. The short films could easily hold their own at the Film Festival. The musical gags and songs hit all the right notes and the story about the man who’s penis becomes locally famous really has to be heard. It is only on the sketches themselves that they fall away a little. Their comedy targets in these sections are too soft and thus fall prey to being insubstantial. Nearly, but not quite, four stars. (Ross Holloway)

I Baron Brothers (Fringe) Gilded Balloon ll (Venue 36) 226 2151, until 30 Aug, 7pm, £7.50 (£6.50).


Count Arthur Strong 8: Terry Titter: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet


Terry Titter and Count Arthur Strong are two fictional Yorkshire club comics

in the fruit shop style who were never very good now they’re back. Of course, we the audience are ironically in on their risque un-PC antics. It’s all done with a certain amount of flair and you may leave with a few lewd limericks that you can recite down the pub later. It's all a bit of a cheap trick, though. The characters are too stupid and unlovely to call it homage and without any affection it’s all a bit ugly. Vintage crap. (Ross Holloway)

l You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet (Fringe) Feasible Promotions, Gilded Ballon (Venue 38) 226 2151, 6-30 Aug (not 16, 23) 6.30pm, E 7 (£6).


Polarities (Part Two) Ubu Roi 1k * *

Polarities presents two dramatic works at opposite sides of the theatrical spectrum. Sensual and sensitive with Chekhov's Cherry Orchard on even days of the week, downright filthy on odd days.

Tonight it's the latter. Adapted by John Keates, Ubu Roi tells the dubious tale of Mr Ubu and his degenerate cohorts’ attempt to overthrow Good King Wenceslas. Wenceslas is here presented as the Good King of Disco and Ubu wants to establish a terrifying reign of lounge music. Tightly scripted with fine

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by Oliver: Wymark directed by David Marris

The Odd Youth August 17tk-29th

except 23rd 1:40pm to 2:40pm Venue 28:

Greyficiars Kirk House, Candlemerker Row

£5.50 Moll

adapted by Caroline Wilton 8. David Morris

st Azggustine’s, Geore IV Brid;

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Dian... “SIUNNING”lHE Gurnnrrn

Will 30 AUGUST Al 5.4UPM Assembly Rooms. George Slreet. Edinburgh EH2 Box flllice: 0131 225 2428/0131 225 5138

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12-19 Aug 1999 THE I181 49