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Scottish National Portrait Gallery

0 Caledonia! : Sir Walter Scott And The Creation Of Scotland


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Through the paintings. draWings. sculptures and manuscripts which embody Sir Walter Scott's unique Vision of his homeland. as well as outstanding works of art inspired by his novels and poems. this exhibition explores the creation of'Scotland as a nation.

It examines how "the Wizard of the North" sought to pro]ect his views about Scotland and. in domg so. created a romantic land peopled with distinctive indiVIduals and cultural traditions.

This is an exhibition about one of Scotland's greatest and best-known historical personalities as well as the myths we tell ourselves about ourselves.

Murray johnston’s Landscapes

This exhibition is a tribute to the late Murray Johnston. His pho-

5; . A I, _ ' , . .l V _ tographs were not often exhibited in his lifetime. and ih many cases f; Ii. exist only in negative form.

" “'“‘""""‘"’;‘l""“"""“H'” '-”"' “‘ ' ' """”"""’ 5’ “W L m . This exhibition shows twenty of his landscape photographs. which :5 ' have been printed by photographer Owen LoganThey are taken in Kielder Forest in Northumberland and in America and express the E: beauty and character of his View of the world.

The exhibition also includes work by some of the many . “IL _ f -. photographers influenced by Johnston. including Calum Colvin. 2:: _ ix 5.3“ .3 '52' j fl} Robin Gillanders. DaVid Williams. Owen Logan. Graham Mclndoe E . li‘:v.:;§i’t§ 7', , la? i i 2' {‘35: ' " and Iain Stewart.

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Scottish National

Gallery of Modern Art

Joseph Beuys: Editions

This is the first comprehensive exhibition in Britain to show the editions. or multiples. of Joseph Beuys. It comprises 562 prints. objects. photographs. books and postcards made between I965 and his death in I986.

Beuys' revolutionary concept of‘sooal SCquture' - that art could and should be a liberating part of life itself rather than a separate activity - Changed both the way artists create work and the way we View it. Beuys' multiples. often made in large editions. were a crucial part ofthis ethos: he wanted to encourage the audience to become active participants in his art and for it to change the way they thought. there- fore. the more peOpIe who owned examples of his work the better.

Scottish NationaTEal—lery of Mode—m Arthelford Road See listings for details

lphigenitl/Titiis Anti'iOiiicus by Joseph Beuys