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National Gallery of Scotland

Mastery And Elegance: Two Centuries of French Drawings From The Horvitz Collection

This exhibitton displays one of the greatest private collecttons of French drawings in the world.

Mastery and Elegance. organised by the Harvard Unlversnty Art Museums. Cambridge. Massachusetts. has Its final European Showmg in Edinburgh and presents a selection of around IOO works. by sev~ enty artists. dattng from the early seventeenth century to the early nineteenth century.

The exhibition features remarkable drawmgs by such well—known draughtsmen as Poussin, Claude Lorratn and Watteau. but also includes superb examples of work by lesser known figures such as Louis Galloche and Franaois-Andre' Vincent.

Purnatya. Chtef Mmister of Mysore by Thomas Hickey

Dean Gallery New Work By Gary Hume

Gary Hume is a London-based patnter who recetved much international acclaim in the I990s. He IS one of a number of now prominent young artists who attended Goldsmtth's College In the late


This exhibition concentrates on new work made espeoally for the

Dean Gallery.

The subjects of his paintings are taken from nature but are sumpllfied to the verge of abstraction and are characterised by thetr bold

colours and design.

As well as paintings. this exhibition includes two Installations on the

theme of the garden.

Dean Gallery, Belford Road See listings for details

Hem! of potzphur‘s ‘/'./::'e by Charles Antoine Coypel

The Tiger And The Thistle

I999 marks the 200th anmversary of the Storming of Sertngapatam by the Britts‘h on 4th May I’V/99. and the death OlTIpu Sultan. ruler of the ktngdom of Mysore In SOuth India.

Many Scots had campatgned In India during the four Mysore Wars and lhe ltger and the lhtstle celebrates the stirring events of I799 and their strong asso< iatlons wuth Scotland.

Central to the exhlbttton l8 the Nattonal Galleries huge canvas of Sir [)awd Batrd ClISCOVCl‘lng the Body othpu Sultan by Sir David thkte.

Wrth support from a number of lenders the exhibttton also brtngs together [)Ol‘tl'dllS by Brittsh artists In Indta. topographical prints and water-colours. books and manuscrtpts from Ttpu's library, and sculpture and decorattve art.

National Gallery of Scotland, The Mound See listings for detail

Ochid (H) by Gary Hume