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Out of Africa

It seems appropriate to show the international aspect of Scottish artist's work during the Edinburgh International Festival. therefore Out ofAfrica presents new work by Alastair Fiddes Watt and Lucy Poett. in an oscar Winning exhibition of paintings and sculpture which capture the very essence of Africa.

East Lothian based Alastair Fiddes Watt interprets the African land— scape With the eye of an artist who has a natural instinct for compOSition and colour. He captures the fleeting effects of light and evokes heat and atmosphere usmg a palette of hot reds. oranges and yellows so that we are in no doubt that this IS Africa. His figurative work are essays which portray the spirit of the people of Kenya.

LuCy Poett's sculptures are the natural complement to Alastair's paintings. Her sculptures are of African children and animals in bronze and bronze resin. She achieves great movement and emotion in all her work.

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Aastaii i “Nat:

Royal Museum

Sentimental Journey: A History of Souvenirs Crowns and Roses

Sentimental journey is the first exhibition to explore the history of souvenirs from early medieval times to the present day. Presenting more than 500 objects ranging from unique works of art to popu- lar holiday souvenirs. it promises to be a highlight of the I999 Edinburgh Festival.

'l he exhibition is presented as a series of Vignettes - including a shrine. a spa and a Curio shop - complete with the mementoes they generated.

One section is devoted to the Grand lour. famous for the fine works of art which travellers acquired. Another section illustrates the Victorian vogue for ViSiting architectural landmarks of the age, The exhibition concludes With the place we identify most closely with souvenirs today: the seaside. This looks at the popular l:ng|ish resorts of Brighton and Blackpool, and their American counterparts - Coney Island in its heyday and Honda today. It also features Scottish holiday souvenirs. not least the lhermos flask and rainmate. essential for all Scottish holidays!

Crowns and Roses is a stunning exhibition focusing on the flourish- ing Norwegian folk costume tradition. it includes a Wide range of richly coloured. elaborately embi‘Oidered folk costume and a strik— ing group of bridal crowns. as well as fine examples of modern ceramics. textiles and jCWCHCl‘y inspired by these traditions.

Royal Museum, Chambers Street

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