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Hisashi Momose Prints

Hisashi Momose. who lives in Morioka. Iwate. Japan. is an internationally established painter and printmaker. well known for his skilful and inventive use of colour. He has won several awards. exhibiting extensiver in Japan. Poland. Paris and San Francisco. This is the first time he has exhibited in Scotland. and he is showing work both at Edinburgh Printmakers and the Royal Museum during the Edinburgh International Festival.

The originality of his work lies in the remarkable fusion of contemporary western influences with high levels of Japanese craftsmanship and design. Since I969 he has been interested in screenprinting. and in the l980's began to experiment with new approaches and techniques.This led to the production of reversible print works utilising innovative scanning techniques and print processes.

Using oriental papers as an integral part of his images. Momose prints subtle gradual layers of colours on either side of the paper. emphasising both its delicacy and translucency. The paper fibres create texture and luminosity. subtly modulating the changing tones and hues. This endless interplay between a few simple colours produces bold. luminous and vibrant two sided abstract prints of stunning beauty and originality. In addition to the print works on show at Edinburgh Printmakers. Momose has created complex paperworks by gluing paper and other materials onto canvas. Visits and tours of the Studio are available. along with artists' talks. demonstrations and children's workshops - please call for details.

[Edinburgh Printmakers w0uld like to gratefully ackn0wledge the Sasakawa F0undation. The japan F0undation. the DOIWO Anglo-japan Foundation and The John Lew:s Partnership

for their Support of [hlS prOJect.]

Edinburgh Printmakers, 23 Union Street See listings for details

The Royal Scottish Academy


Beach House by Jack Knox RSA

Members of the Royal Scottish Academy and 70 guests join forces in this comprehensive exhibition of the best of current Scottish art. which covers all four of the Academy's disciplines of painting. sculpture. printmaking and architecture.

The strength and depth of Scottish art comes from the number of Member / guest pairings featuring tutor/ students (a noteworthy accolade) as well as works by young award-winning artists. These are exhibited side-by-side with works by internationally-known artists.

The eclectic nature of this exhibition can be seen in all the disciplines. from the traditional. beautifully sculpted nudes in the Sculpture Court. sitting happily side by side with futuristic sculpture in either stone or metal. The works are even more diverse hanging on the walls. where dramatic abstracts rub shoulders with figurative works and beautifully executed pastoral scenes share wall space with allegorical works.

The Academy's President. Ian McKenzie Smith said “In Connections Academy members have delivered a stunning exhibition featuring their own new works and a wealth of talent from their invited guests - a winning formula".

Most of the works in this exhibition are for sale.

There will be a series of lunchtime lectures on Tuesdays at | 2.45pm. by Victoria Keller (lOth Aug). George Wyllie ARSA (l7th Aug). Richard Murphy ARSA (24th Aug). John Busby ARSA (3lst Aug). Stuart Duffin ARSA (7th Sep) and Prof Andy Macmillan (l4th Sep). There will also be a guided tour on Sat 28th Aug. -

Please call for further details.

RSA Galleries, The Mound See listings for details