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Emily Bates. Nina Saunders and Nicky Hoberman create innovative works which explore what home and family signify at the end of the century. i"‘."lii‘y Bate's unusual SCulptural works use human hair that has been spun and knitted connecting the human With the animal. The hair bikin; that she has created and incorporated into the 'Balcony' series of photographs on show in welcome. emphasises how 'civillzed' sooety constructs "ules for sexual behaviour and personality.

The work of Nicky Hoberman captures the complex and mysterious personalities of children exploring the contradictions found in their ability to function as rationally as adults whilst still holding on to a vast reservOir of fantasy and spontaneous instinct. This is eVident :n the disturbing eeriness of the new series of Bubble-wrap photographs.

With Nina Saunders work our assooations With things domestic are turned on their head. For welcome Saunders has produced an Oil-painted piece of Sanderson Rose fabric. SITPOIhC‘I'Cd. which confronts assumptions about domestiCity and class.

Based at Central Saint Martin's College of Art and DCSign. The Multiple Store has launched its First Collection of seven limited edition artworks by high-profile British artists. Amongst the collection are Cornelia Parker's Meteorite Lands on Buckingham Palace a framed map of London which shows the burn left by an iron meteonte: Keith Coventry's Inhaler a life-size asthma inhaler which, on closer inspection. reveals the darker side of urban life; and Kenny Hunter's ‘historical' busts of Monica Lewmsky and Osama bin Laden.

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Talbot Rice Gallery

Terra Nullius: the empty land


by R000":


The Audience Busmexx

50y Nicky Houe'"


Escape from the chaos of the Festival city and experience Robert Maclaurin's magical antipodean landscapes in the oasis of the White Gallery at Talbot Rice.

Maclaurin follows in the tradition of the far- travelled landscape painters of past centuries. His ViSits to Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand have reSulted in a series of paintings. some large canvasses. some 'cigar-box' Size hung in groups, which present the Wide horizons of those countries in his unique style. He brings to his paintings a freshness of VlSlOr‘. that gives special conviction to his images of the great spaces. the strange vegitation. the harsh light and extraordinary colour of the Australian landscape so unfamiliar to European eyes. Duncan Macmillan, in his essay for the beautiful catalogue. says that the works are 'as all true landscape should be, images of the real world. but metaphoric, lit by memory and enlarged by imagination...'

A full events programme of discusSions and tours is available - please call for details.

Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh, South Bridge

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