Art listings



IO Stafford Street. 226 58l2. Mon—Sat 9.30am—6pm; Sun noon—5.30pm. Magic Carpets Until Mon 30 Aug. Carpets and rugs by Lorraine Statharn.


University of Edinburgh. Sotith Bridge. 65() 22l I. Mon—Sat Iliam —5pm; Sttn 2—5pni

Terra Nullius Rob Maclaurin lintil Sat ll Sep. Following his travels to Australia and Tasmania. Rob Maclaurin shows a new series of landscape paintings.


34 Hamilton Place. 226 5425. Mon—Sun 9.3()am—‘).3()pm.

Andrew Testa antil Mon 30 Aug. Photographs by award-winning journalist photographer Andrew Tesla.

Nabil Shaban Until Mon 30 Aug. Computer art by Nabil Shaban. the co- founder of the (iraeae Theatre Company. Britain‘s first professional national theatre for disabled performers.


36 Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon—Fri

I lam—6pm; Sat l().3()am—4pm.

Anne Gordon and Joyce Borland Sal I4 Aug—Sat 4 Sep. New paintings. TRAVERSE THEATRE

Atrium. Cambridge Street. 228 I404. Daily “lam—midnight.

Dazzle Until Sat 4 Sep. (‘onlemporary jewellery selling exhibition.


24 Royal Circus. 226 276‘). Mon-Sat

I lam—6pm.

Oneness Until Sat 4 Sep. The first British showing of work by Russian artist and graduate of the Tbilisi Academy of Art. Guennadi Vassilkov and Chinese/German artist Walter Ding.


15 St Bernard's Crescent. Stockbridge. ()7‘)7 l85 5964. Tue-Sun l()am»75pm. Festival Exhibition Sun l5——Mon 30 Aug. A rotating. selling exhibition of artwork by emerging artists from Scotland and the north east. featuring painting. drawings. sculpture and ceramics.

16 THE LIST Edinburgh Gallery Guide 1999

The West Clare Experience Mon


Ground-breaking: the Boyle family show reconstructions of the ground beneath our

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VIEWFORTH CENTRE l()4 Gilmore Place. 22‘) 765‘). Daily 2—6an

|6~Sat 28 Aug. A series of images inspired by the landscape of West Clare by artists working on the Viewforth Production of Dancing A! Lag/mam.

West Parliament Square. 557 0707. Sat 4.3()pm—midnight; Sun—Thu

l lam~midnight.

Fractured Dreams/Journey’s End Sat l4-Thu l9 Aug. A temporary installation by Istanbul-based artist Consuelo Echeverria exploring attitudes and issues surrounding the Muslim community living in the West. Projected on to the west end of St Giles' Cathedral. a video montages a diverse range of Muslims living in the West walking through the columns of Edinburgh's National Monument which is situated on (‘alton Hill.


This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions.


I42 Canongate. 52‘) 4 I43. Mon—Sat Illam—Spm. Free. Packed with historic artefacts. this restored l6th century mansion tells the story of Edinburgh's past and its people.

Thomas Lochhead Until Sat l4 Aug.

Free. A retrospective exhibition of the work of Kirkcudbright-based potter 'I‘homas Lochhead.

It's No Palm Beach Sat 28 Aug-Sat l3 Nov. Free. An exhibition of prints by Jules (ieorge focusing on people of African descent living in Edinburgh.


42 High Street. Edinburgh. 52‘) 4 I42. Mon- Sat l()am--5pm; Sttn noon- -5pm. Free. Founded in l‘)55. the museum has five public galleries with all manner of archive material and old toys relating to childhood through the ages.

MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘hambers Street. 247 42 l‘). Mon—Sat l()ame 5pm (8pm Tue); Sun noon—5pm. £3 (£l.5())'. under I8s free. This is the newest addition to our national museum selection and the only one dedicated

feet at Prince Regent Street, Leith

"smart ri‘aiirei‘nugéon“

5 THE redness—ion? Canongate Tolbooth. I63 Canongate.

solely to Scotland‘s history and heritage. The building contains five thematically-

! arranged exhibitions. moving from pre- 3 history. through the Industrial Revolution. to the present day. at which

point national heroes such as Billy Connolly and Elaine C. Smith get

involved. The Parliament Of Scotland Until Wed

I Sep. This display traces the history and

origins of parliaments in Scotland including exhibits of the statues of Justice and Mercy and the only known

illustration of the former parliament of Scotland in session. The silver mace

1 syrnbolising the authority of the Parliament presented by the Queen on the

opening of the Parliament goes on display for five weeks.

Newhaven Harbour. 551 4165. Mon—Sat noon—5pm. Free. Memorabilia and reconstructed scenes

: tell the story of Newhaven and its sea- going heritage. from its origins as a

naval doekyard to its continued use as a fishing port.

Photographic Memories Until Thu 30 Sep. Photographs by Hill and

; Adamson. taken in the l840s and

contemporary portraits by Miles Tubb. linking past and present generations in New-haven.

Edinburgh. 52‘) 4057. Mon—Sat l()am—5pm. Free. Situated in the

Canongate Tolbooth. the sights. sounds . and even smells of Edinburgh folk from

the 18th century onwards are faithfully reproduced.


53 High Street. South Queensferry. 33l 5545. Mon. Thu. Fri & Sat l()am—lpm & 2.l5—5pm; Sun noon—5pm. Free. The natural and historical heritage of Queensferry are explored. from its roots on the medieval pilgrimage trail to the building of the Forth bridges and the wildlife of the Forth estuary.

. ROYAL MUSEUM-or‘scorL—A'uo ' '7

2 Chambers Street. 247 42l‘). Mon—Sat I()am—5pm (8pm Tue); Sun

noon—5pm. £3 (£|.5()); under l8s free. A l‘)th century museum housing international collections of natural

history. geology. science. technology ; and the decorative arts. plus two permanent exhibitions: Art & Industry

and The Ivy Wu Gallery.

Octo International Until Sun l2 Sep. Three weavers. three architect/furniture makers and two textile printers make up

this artists‘ collective from Denmark.

Combining their skills. the group create an installation of furnishings which reflect contemporary Danish design

j today. Sentimental Journey A History Of

Souvenirs Until Sun 9 Jan. From the earliest forms of souvenirs dating from Pilgrim times to the tacky seaside kiss- me-quick hat. this fascinating exhibition

traces the history of the souvenir with a displa of over 5()() objects.

Hisas i Momose - Paperworks Until Fri l2 Nov. (Ivy Wu Gallery). Paper works by Japanese artist Hisashi Momose.

Crowns And Roses Sat 14 Aug—Sun 26 Sep. An exhibition looking at Norwegian folk costume featuring detailed costumes. WRITERS MUSEUM

Lady Stair's House. Lady Stair‘s Close. 52‘) 49()l. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Free. A treasure-house of items relating to three of Scotland's most famous writers: Robert Louis Stevenson. Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.

George Mackay Brown (1921-1996) Until Tue 3l Aug. Free. An exhibition celebrating the life and literary achievements of George Mackay Brown.


Torso by Ken Currie Mon 16 Aug. i

12.45pm. National Gallery of Modern

Art. Ken Currie‘s work is put under the spotlight by Ken Neil. Pursuing The Question Mark Tue 17 l Aug. l2.45pm. Royal Scottish Academy. The inimitable George Wyllie gives a talk. The History Of Lace-Making Tue 17

Aug. lpm. Royal MUseum Of Scotland.

Presented by lace-maker Ernst Ziesler. George IV At A Military Review On

Portobello Sands 23 Atagust 1822 by

William Turner ‘De Lon Wed 18 Aug. 12.45pm. National Portrait Gallery. Patsy . Cam‘pbell gives a lecture on this painting. 1 5 Meetings Wed I8 Aug. 5.30pm. Royal Fine Art Commission Bakehouse

Close. A series of informal seminars to

accompany the Flesh + Stone exhibitions at RIAS Gallery and Royal Fine Art

Commission for Scotland. In Creative

('(ntsert'arion ()r Scholar/y Preservation. Ben Tindall. Brian Ligbtbody. Paul Stallin and James Simpson discuss The

Hub. Fairfield House for Midlothian Council and Glasgow‘s Tron Theatre.

The East India Com any: 400 Years Of

Trading And Turmoil Thu l‘) Aug.

12.45pm. Royal Scottish Academy.

Author Anthony Wild gives a talk.

Minds Meetings Fri 20 Aug. 5.30pm.

Royal Fine Art Commission. A series of informal seminars to accompany the Flesh l + Stone exhibitions. In New Designs For Ix’arning. Dick Cannon. Father Adrian Porter SJ. Mark Fresson and Ivor Lloyd. i discuss St Aloysius College Junior School . and Abertay University Library. Rocky Landscape by Thomas I Gainsborough Fri 20 Aug. 12.45pm. National Gallery of Scotland. A talk from

Hugh Belsey. curator at Gainsborough House.

Elegant Gestures Of The Drowned l After Max Ernst by Steven Campbell Mon 23 Aug. l2.45pm. National (iallery

of Modern Art. Victoria Keller talks

about Steven Campbell's work. I Continuing History - Architecture Of Its Time And Place Tue 24 Aug. l2.45pm. Royal Scottish Academy.

5 Architect Richard Murphy 'ives a talk.

Scotland. Michael Cassin gives a talk on

Two Scottish Palaces An Their

Landscapes By Alexander Keirinex

Wed 25 Aug. l2.45pm. National Portrait Gallery. Landscape historian Christopher i Dingwall puts Alexander Keirinex's work I under the spotlight. : The Tiger And The Thistle Thu 26 Aug. 2—5pm. £5 (£2.50). Royal Society of ; Edinburgh. 22—26 George Street. 1 Booking essential on ()1 3| 240 5()()(). The I Royal Society of Edinburgh present this half-day symposium in association with i the National Galleries of Scotland. to j coincide with the Festival exhibition at i the National Gallery of Scotland which I marks the 200th anniversary of the i storming of Seringapatam by the British

and the death of Tipu Sultan. ruler of the kingdom of Mysore in South India. ; The Uncut Cloth - From I

Seringapatam To Contemporary ; Scotland Thu 26 Aug. 12.45pm. Royal Scottish Academy. A talk given by Elizabeth Guest.

Three Ages Of Man By Titian Fri 27 Aug. l2.45pm. National Gallery of ,

the work of Titian.

Murdo Macdonald Fri 27 Aug. 2.30pm. Free. Talbot Rice Gallery. Murdo Macdonald is in conversation with Rob Maclaurin. whose work is currently on show.

Pose Work For Plinths By Bruce McLean Mon 30 Aug. I2.45pm. National Gallery of Modern Art. Siobhan Dougherty discusses the work of Bruce McLean.

The Painting Of Nature In Western Art Tue 3| Aug. l2.45pm. A talk by Royal Scottish Academy. artist John Busby. James Grieve by Henry Wright Kerr Wed 1 Sep. l2.45pm. National Portrait Gallery. Nicola Kalinsky talks about Henry Wright Kerr‘s painting.