A La Place Du Coeur

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Robert Guediguian follows his previous film, Marius Et Jeanette with another superb portrait of working class life in Marseilles. When a young French- African black man is imprisoned on a trumped-up rape charge by a racist cop, his adoptive white parents join forces with his pregnant girlfriend’s family to free him. The powerful social concerns of Ken Loach and the naturalistic style of Mike Leigh are in evidence here, but Guediguian makes his own, unique voice heard with a wonderfully optimistic, yet never sentimental, celebration of the disenfranchised underclass.

(Miles Fielder)

I A La Place Du Coeur, Fi/mhouse 7, 77 Aug, 9.30pm; 79 Aug, 5pm, E 7 (£4.50).


*‘ir A 1k *

This ironically titled portrait of London - focusing on three sisters, their family, friends and lovers pictures life in the big city as largely desperate and alienating. City life swirls around lonely Nadia, anxious, pregnant Molly and boozing maneater Debbie. Michael Winterbottom employs a plethora of stylistic tricks to achieve the effect: hand-held cameras, time lapse and slo- mo photography, natural lighting, all shot widescreen and driven along by

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Michael Nyman’s score. And none of this overshadows the fantastic ensemble cast, lead by Gina McKee, Molly Parker and Shirley Henderson. Anyone who's spent time in any metropolis will identify with Wonderland. (Miles Fielder)

l Wonder/and, Cameo 7, 76 Aug, 8pm; 17 Aug, 3pm; Glasgow Film Theatre, 79 Aug, 8. 75pm, £7 (£4.50).

Genghis Blues


This is a film with a plot which reads not unlike the start of a very odd joke. As peculiar a premise as it is, directors Roko and Adrian Belic tell the story, not only of blind bluesman Paul Pena's epic journey to the Russian province of Tuva to sing in their annual ’throat competition’, but that of the man's achievements in his eventful life. All this as well as a potted history of this exotic musical form. Sadly, the film, in its televisual rather than filmic style, underselts what is at heart a fascinating story. (Mark Robertson)

I Genghis Blues, Fi/mhouse 7, 76 Aug,

7pm; Glasgow Film Theatre, 78 Aug, 6. 75pm; Fi/mhouse 2, 27 Aug, 70.30pm, £7 (£4.50).

Nothing (Nic)

fr Ar it in In the shimmer and light-suffused blur of the opening scene of Dorota

Cinema paradiso: cult directors Daniele Huillet and lean-Marie Straub break many years of silence with Sicilial Filmhouse 2, 16 Aug, 8pm; Cameo 3, 23 Aug, 7.30pm, £7 (£4.50).

Kedzierzawska’s film, two lovers intertwine. But tender moments are shortlived in this schizophrenic film. Already with three children and finding herself pregnant again, the Ophelia-like Anita Kuskowska- Borowska gradually slips below the surface of sanity. Exquisiter filmed in a cinemascope golden sepia tint, the mesmerising beauty of the

filmmaking is juxtaposed with the ugliness of the characters and their situations. Haunting sound and vision.

(Catherine Bromley)

5 Nothing, Fi/mhouse 7, 78 Aug, 4.30pm; Cameo 3, 25 Aug, 70pm, E 7 (£4.50).

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