He may not exactly have put the grrr in swinger, baby, but Ivor Cutler inspired John Lennon as much as Elvis Presley.

’But he never told me,’ says the septuagenarian poet and humorist of the Beatle's admiration. 'I did the Magical Mystery Tour with them and Lennon was the one whose personality attracted me. I think he quite enjoyed me too.’

Music has provided a backdrop for much of Cutler’s 40-odd year artistic career. As well as a part in the Fab Four’s psychedelic home movie, he appeared on Robert Wyatt's 1974 LP Rock Bottom and must have racked up more John Peel sessions than even The Fall. He currently finds himself a Iabelmate of the brothers Gallagher on Creation Records; but noise is hardly his favourite thing.

'It upsets my body clock,’ he explains. 'When I do a gig, quite often you'll get one person whistling instead of clapping. It drives me nuts. It'd be worth going to prison for if I attacked them. Then they'd know I meant it. And halfway on the way down to punch this guy up I get a heart attack like

Clap unhappy: Ivor Cutler

Tommy Cooper. That's the way I’d like to go.’ (Rodger Evans) a Ivor Cut/er (Fringe) Flux, Queen's Hall (Venue 72) 668 2079, 74 Aug, 3pm, £ 7 7.

DP Concerts Presents


plus special guests

GLASGOW SECC Thursday 9th December


TlelttoS available from SECC Box Office 0141-2877777. TIcket Centre [Candlerrggs]. VIr‘gIn Records

(Glasgow 8 Edinburgh), Gr‘ouchus (Dundee). Goldrush (Perth) 6. Sleeves Records [ alklr‘k 8. Krrkceldy). TICKET HOTLINE: WAY AHEAD 0141-3398383 (24hm) www.cicketsaonline.co.uk.

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Lyle Lovett


Tickets available trom: SECC Box Office 0141-287-7777. Ticket Centre (Candleriggs), \firgin Records ( asgow & Grouchos (Dundee). Sleeves Records (Fallu'rk a. Kirkcaldy) a Way Ahead 0141-3439-8383 (24hrs) mtrckets-onlinecouk

Edinburgh Jazz Festivals, and he returns for a two-week Fringe residence this year. (Kenny Mathieson) . Bruce Mathiske (Fringe) Famous Grouse House (Venue 34) 220 5606, 76—29 Aug, 6. 75pm, £6 (£4).


'We'd like to think our music could be listened to anywhere,’ says honey- voiced Pollen singer Lyndsey Black, ’but we’ve always thought it would go down really well at a festival, lying in the middle of a big field.‘ She's right. Pollen have a very Jekyll and Hyde sound, with mellow, bluesy tunes sitting side-by-side with screaming in-your-face tracks, which would suit just about any type of environment. ’We are still developing our sound,’ she admits. ’At the moment I’d describe it as blues/Jazz vocals done over some nice grooves.’ Developing or not, they have already generated a very positive response, both from Edinburgh’s music-loving public, and from record companies who know a good thing when they hear it. With three gigs over the Festival period including a promising slot at the Festival Revue Band Competition - and a single due out in mid-October, you have no excuse not to discover what the buzz is all about. (Kirsty Knaggs)

. Pollen (Fringe) Ross Theatre (Venue

52) 72 Aug, 2.30pm, free; Bongo Club:

out of the blue (Venue 743) 556 5204, 72 Aug, 70.25pm, £5; Cas Rock, 78 Aug, 9.30pm.


Salsa Celtica

Sounds that provoke the kind of reaction usually retained for incredibly spicy food will soon find their way to the Queen's Hall, in the shape of Salsa Celtica. Be ready for an evening of frenzied dance as their unique brand of pulsating Cuban beats combined with Celtic melodies and rhythms return to the capital for a series of gigs under the banner of 'Salsa Thursdays'.

Formed in 1996 by a group of Celtic and Latino musicians, Salsa Celtica will celebrate the release of their second album on 19 August. They will perform new material from the album as well as old favourites, alongside special guest performers. Four of the principal dancers from the Ballet Folklorico Cutumba will perform with the band on 26 August.

Edinburgh will be the first date on a tour that moves on to Santiago in October. So dust off those dancing shoes and get ready to salsa and rhumba into the early hours. (Jennifer Alford)

I Salsa Celtica (Fringe) Queen '5 Hall (Venue 72) 668 2019, 72, 79, 26 Aug, 77pm, £8 (£6).

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