London calling During the Festival, it

seems as if all of London comes to Scotland. So beat them at their own game and head south for a weekend.

Words: Simone Baird

If you live in London, it's the epicentre of the world. If, however, you're a tourist in London, it can be an expensive, polluted hellhole (although some residents will agree to that too). It's true that everyone should do the sights Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, etc before passing on to pastures greener. But if you're escaping from the tourist hordes in Scotland, the last thing that you want to do is jostle for space in an even bigger and totally unfamiliar city. London has scores to offer when you're out of sight of visitors' cameras it’s all about knowing where to find it.

If you are seeking respite from the noise, head to Camley Street Natural Park. Hidden behind some gasworks in the unlikely Kings Cross area, it's a haven of natural meadows, flora and - best of all peace and tranquility. Within walking distance of Camden Town tube station is Primrose Hill, an elevated criss-cross of paths with an excellent view of the city's skyline. It doesn't cost anything to wander round either, which makes it something of an endangered species in London.

Markets like Camden and Portobello are big attractions in their own right and thousands of people go there on the weekends, fighting for footpath space. If you want to get a real sense of market heaven, however, head to

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Sign of the chimes: Big Ben

Spitalfields, Brixton or Brick Lane. Spitalfields is a chilled and comfortable affair where you’ll pick up everything from Japanese paper paintings to original and second hand clothes, fresh noodles and organic food. Brixton is the place for Afro-Caribbean food; even if you're not doing your ethnic grocery shopping, the sounds, smells and characters make this a sure winner. Brick Lane has been suffering something of an invasion over the past year as the surrounding Shoreditch has become trendy, but its market is still interesting, with the old Bengali influence hanging on.

The Underground in London is undoubtably the easiest way to get around, but don't base your geography on the tube map: what will seem a good distance on paper is only just down the street. Get out and walk and you'll see more of this incredible city than you had ever planned. '

Stating The Obvious

Dinosaur snr: Natural History Museum

Trafalgar Square An enormous column, wuth Lord Nelson atop, domunates thus most famous of landmarks You too can play the art crutuc and duscuss the new Jesus statue un the fourth corner, but watch out for the pugeons.

Big Ben/Houses 0f Parliament Passung lavvs(nud HTHLKNTCHTQ nuOSt()fthe Western world for centurues, the

Vuctonan Gothuc buuldungs stull attract the t0urust masses eager to hear the chumes of Bug Ben.

The British Museum Attractung 6.7 mulluon vusutors a year, thus was the world’s furst publuc museum Make Sure you venture unto the basement: what used to be the unfam0us Bedlam Lunatuc Asylum us now a museum to the World Wars. The eerue rotatung clock-hand c0unts off the number of human luves lost to war, and the number us estumated to reach 100 undhon nextyear

Buckingham Palace Surprusungly unumpressuve, ut’s stull a laugh to see peOple aplenty pressed up agaunst the uron gates, hopung to catclu a glumpse of the Royal Famuly Nasty people hope the Guards wull trup over

Natural History Museum Whule some of the dusty exhubuts seem unchanged sunce uts openung un 7881, the dunosaurs here are defunutely where ut’s at v— see two reptules tear apart a much bugger foe

The List Alternative

Bah Humbug Set south of the Cuty madness un Bruxton, thus bar/cafe/restaurant us set beneath an old church Full of gorgeous mosuacs made by the owner and wuth the best bug cocuches you ever sat on, thus us one of the best hudden treasures of London. When you feel up to facung the hoards, head down Cold Harb0ur Lane to the Dogstar, one of the best bars around. The Crypt, St Matthew’s Peace Garden, 0777 738 3784

Yo! Below If you want to get a sluce of super-trendy London before everyone else knows ab0ut ut, head down to the new hangout underneath Yo! Sushu’ and smueg tell your fruends that you were there months before they heard about ut. 52 Poland Street, 0777 439 3660 Spitalfields/Brick Lane/Brixton markets Avoud the more tourusty and chaotuc Camden market and head down to the very casual and unterestung Sputalfuelds (Sundays), Bruck Lane (Sundays), Bruxton (Saturdays and

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