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The Fall

Mark E. Smith’s band has been about since the dawn of time (well, okay, the mid-70$), released 23 albums and has a line-up that’s been through more changes than Michael Jackson's kisser. John Peel’s favourites hit the north with a show as part of the Flux festivities.

Looking forward to being back in Edinburgh?

It’s got a bit trendy since I lived there. I used to go into hibernation at the Festival, like most of the locals do, or go back to Manchester when it was on. Do the Fall have an infinite lifespan?

I see The Fall like a never-ending graph. Up and down. Folk say ‘He’s finished', but I'm like, 'No I'm fucking not.‘ You just have to keep on.

this must be about your 50th line-up of the band. No chance of an ex-Fall members reformations then?

Nah. These reformations of old groups, they’re tucking boring. We‘ve just never gone away. No point meeting up with people you hated ten years ago and pretending you like them again.

leeds, Reading, Flux: it's festival madness with you.

I think we're banned from the rest of them. That’s us. right at the bottom of the bill for being naughty in the past. Demoted. We've had our last chance with a

Glastonbury and the rest, so it's nice to be invited 5 really. . What do you reckon of fellow lancashire lad «it Johnny Vegas? "

He's alright, but let's get this right, mate: he’s from St Helens, so he’s a sheep shagger.

The Fall (Fri ' lux, Queens Hall (Venue 72) 667 7776). 22 Aug, 10pm,