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ART LISTINGS continued


Centre For Developmental Arts. I8 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon—Fri l0am—5pm.

On Your Plate litttil Fri 27 Attg. An international exhibition exploring ltow food -- tts tastes. looks attd rituals —— ltelp shape our idea of cultural idetttity.


I l.\' Douglas Street. 243 6386. Mon—Fri I030ant 5pm; Sat I0..‘~0am-lpm. Sylvia Allen Sal 2| Aug—Sat 4 Sep. Oil paintings.

RSAMD (Iillllr 4.30pttt.

The SAVA Exhibition L'ntil Mon 30 Aug l’autttngs by tttetttbers of Sotttlt Area \'tsual Artists (SAVAI featuring landscapes. Itgttt'alive and abstract paintings to raise funds for (lie Prince and Princess oI \\'.tles Hospice.


.\ III Balcat'tes Avenue. ls'cl\ ittdale. ‘sw 6|b’5. .\lon Wed I0attt--5ptn: Sat

I 5pm. 'l'hu iv Fri by appointment. Design And Scenography In Mask And Puppet Theatre Until Fri RI Dec. ('taft and design from tlte puppet theatre tncludutg set designs. scale models and drawings. to working Itgutcs and masks. l’ttrl u/ (i/ttvc'mt' lot/U


26 Ktttg Sheet. 552 2|5l. Tue Sat l0.utt 5..‘\llpttt.

Orienteering l-‘u _‘(t .v Sat 3t Aug. Fri 7 ‘tpni. Sat l0 30am 5.30pm. The launch oI ()I/t'ult't'rlllc'. a public art protect and book by Stephen llcaly. Media Art The 24 Aug- Sat 2 ()ct. ('tuatetl by The (ioethe Institute and /l\'.\l. an insight tttto recent (lt'\L'lH|‘l|lL‘lIl\ ttt (iet'tttatt Ittctlia at‘t Icattu tttg wot l\\ on ('D—ls’ottt. \ ttleo attd ttttetttet protects

Look Out 'I ue 21 Aug Sat 2 ()ct. 'l’tatltltonal photography. tltgital ttttagtttg .uttl pltotostlkscrcett works are among the techniques used during a settes ot cit-am e photography

\\(tl ksllttl‘s \\ ttll It'll ( il;tsgtt\\ sc'lltttils.


.50 60 Ktttg Sheet. 553 I633.

Rock Not Roll l'ttttl Sun l2 Sep. I’ltotogtaplts by Toni (iattetts of bands who have played at the venue.


LS Albion Sheet. 552 2S22. l0.tttt 5pm.

Elinor Currie t‘nttl In 27 Aug. 'I‘estile .Illvl ctatt wotk by liltttot ('urrie.

Solo Exhibition Tim I‘) Aug I'I'l l7 Sep. I0.ttn 5pm Recent paintings by 'l‘rongate Slutltos tttetttbet .-\le\ Attchtsott.

Mon Fri


‘(ilasgow and its Pcople‘

liXl-llBlTl()f\l 199‘)

Lisbon & Glasgow

99 THE LIST 1 3 3t» Autt I‘I‘l‘t

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions.


Argyle Street. Kelvingrove. 287 26‘)‘). Mon—Sat I0am—5pnt: Stttt Ham—5pm. Cafe. Free.

Food: Design 8: Culture Until Sun 22 Aug. The preparation of food combines social ritual. aesthetics. technology attd functionality. This exhibition examines ltow design effects our attitudes to food as well as providittg an insight ittto the cultural history of Great British cuisine. l’url u/ (I/tlvc'mt /‘)‘)‘/.

Going Out In Style Until Sun Attg. Created at l’aa .loe‘s workshop itt Accra. Africa. these unique coffins can be made-to-measure tn tlte forttt of anytlting from a boat or lion to an onion ()l' b'ICl‘CL‘dCs. /’(II'I (II (i/(I.\gutt /‘)‘/‘/. Scottish Landscape L'ntil Sun 2‘) Attg. Scottish landscapes witlt a selection of works front the galletys collection by William Daniel. William Leighton Leitch attd Sir DY. Cameron.

12+sky Mon 23 Aug~Thu l6 Sep. Free. Contemporary landscape architects working itt Scotland featuring established practices attd the work of four recent lidinburgh College of Art graduates.


The Cross. Ktt'kintillocb. 57h ()l44. Tue—Sat I0attt—Ipm .v 2-- 5pm. Free. Summer Art And Craft Until Sat 21 Attg. Applied arts and crafts by a range of artists including paintings. ceramics and knitwear.


2060 l’ollokshaws Road. 64‘) 7l5 l.

Mott —Sat l0attt-5pm: Sun llattt -5pnt. I‘TL‘L‘.

Mies Van Der Rohe t‘ntiI Sun 2‘) Aug. This exhibition looks at three of Van Der Rohe's most significant projects the famous Barcelona Pavilion of l‘)2‘). the \\'eibetthof building itt Stuttgart of l‘)26 and the Villa 'l'ugentlhat itt Brtto. l‘)28~30 attd cotttpares tltettt to his tttoderttistic furniture designs. l’ttrl n/ (f/(quutt‘ /‘/‘)‘/y

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellahouston Park. It) Dutttbreck Road. 353 4773. £3.50 (£2.50). Cafe.

First Season t'ntil Thu so Sep. The launch of ‘Artpark 9‘). a series of public art exhibitions. situated III the grounds of Bellahouston Park. The first show is connttissioned sculptures by artists l’ete Bevatt. Doug Cocker. l’aul Cosgrove. Marion Smith and Aeneas Wilder. complemented by an exhibition iii the llottse illustrating the creative process behind the works.


University Aventtc. 330 4221. Mon Sat 9.30am—5pm. Free.

The Animal Construction Company

.. 2- St Moog?) Mosourtt Glasgow from 23 To 2:?“ Anna: tram - Sat lOatn - Epnt, Sui: llatr - ng-irtt. W b Sense Scotland 15- the national charity ‘.‘.'C'3f‘.tl‘:(3 with am“ tor doatbttnr: .' . i... 1 .((. r: .L; . I 4 sunruuh’. \. \l .- sm I y I”, \_ It tel , ciao ., a. 0 ti:_ t idtflJGS 0 Hi “HUN,le ‘-'r P 1 , wards:

L'nttl Fri 20 Aug. An exploration of the anttttal kingdom's building abilities. from weaver birds to termite mounds. Is there anything humans can learn from these incredible feats'.’ Purl of (Hus-gun- /‘/‘)‘/.


I53 Ingram Street. 552 83‘)l. Mon—~Sat I()am--5pttt. Free.

Soft City Mon 23 Aug—Fri 24 Sep. Free. Textile artists respond to (ilasgow‘s built environment botlt past attd present. with an exhibition of stitched. quilted and applique textile art. I’tII‘l u/ (II/(IAIC'HH' /‘/‘)‘/.


(il;lsgt)\\‘ (ireen. 554 0223. Mon—Sat I0am--5pm: Stttt I lam—5pm.

The Britannia Panopticon Until Mon 27 Sep. The history of the Britannia Music Hall itt Trongate where Stan Laurel tttade his debut is illustrated by artefacts. old posters. costumes aitd Victorian tttusic ltall music. I’url of (i/(Ixt'ult‘ /‘)‘)‘/.


Museum ()f Iidttcation. 225 Scotland Street. 42‘) I202. Mon-~Sat I0am—5pm; Stttt 2—5pm. Free.

Future Systems Until Sun RI Oct. The cutting-edge London-based architecture practice. Future Systems. show models. drawings. plans attd photographs of realised attd uttrealised designs. l’url n/ (i/(Ivuun' /‘)‘)‘/.




l52 NL‘IIIL‘I‘gnlc. (H 382 432000. 'l'ue--\\'ed & Sat—Sun I0.30am—5.30pm; Thu .v Fri l0.30atn—8pm.

W. Eugene Smith Until Stilt 2‘) Attg. The only British showing of original prints by one of the great pltotoiournalists of the century. Creating passionate images in a highly individual style. the exhibition features his World War II photographs. photo text work for Life magazine and his documentation of a small .lapattese fishing village caught up iii an industrial poisottittg disaster.

Frank 0. Gehry The Architect's Studio Until Sun 2‘) Aug. The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is seen as one of architect Frank Gehry‘s tttost celebrated achievements. His first UK building project is to be a small cancer caring uttit situated beside Ninewells Hospital itt Dundee and this exhibition shows his sketches. plans. computer

\ isualisatiotts and models of recent projects including his Dundee building.



lilmbank Avenue. ()l 563 52640l. .\lon--Tue s Thu—Fri 9am—8pm. Wed &

Window dressing: an installation, A Formal Agreement Mad

e Casual, tackling conventions at the Fly Gallery

Sat ‘)am—5pm.

Green Man until Oct ‘). Glasgow artists Grineal create a giant sculpture. ttsittg sand. of the Green Man. a pagatt deity whose image was used iii the decoration of early churches and grave stones.



35 The Stirling Arcade. 0I7S6 47‘)36 l. Tue—Sat Ham—4.30pm.

Masquerade L‘ntil Sat 2% Attg. London-based artists Rebecca lfarley. Roney Fraser Munro. .lanet Schaefet‘. Yin Latn. Ken MacDonald and Sarah Staton present clothes. fashion accessories. video attd installation inspired by the fashion industry. Model Citizen L'tttil Sat 2S Aug. Audio/visual artworks by (‘altttn Stirling ittcluding recent projects frotn art.tm itt lttverness attd his residency at Gt'izedale Forest. Cutttbria.


lectures & events


Alexander ‘Greek' Thomson Tours Until Sat 25 Sep. livery Saturday leaving at |0.l5am frotn The Lighthouse. £l0 (£5) front the Lighthouse and Greater (.ilasgow & Clyde Valley Tourist Board. 0l4l 204 4400. l-lalf—day tours of l-loltnwood House and Thomson‘s commercial. domestic attd religious architecture. Kim McKinney and Deborah Norton Thu 1‘) Aug. 6.30pttt. Fly Gallery. The artists currently exhibiting at the gallery talk about their work.

Alexander Thomson Public Lecture Thu 26 Aug. 6.30—-7.30pnt. £4 (£2). The Lighthouse. Gavin Staittp. co-curator of the current Alexander Thomson exhibition. discusses the achievements of this great architect.

Vienna 1900 Part 1: Klimt's Beethoven Frieze And The Vienna Secession Thu 26 Aug. 0.30—8.30an £4.50. Hunteriatt Art (iallery. For tickets settd a cheque payable to the CRM Society together with sae to Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society. Queen‘s Cross Church. 870 Garscube Road. Glasgow. G20 7lil.. Dr Claire Willsdon frottt the Department of History at the University of Glasgow is the guest speaker.


W. Eugene Smith Evening Thu I‘) Aug. 7—9pm. £4.50 (£3). Dundee Contemporary Arts. A celebration of the work of photographer W. liugene Smith. Sara Stevenson presents a slide lecture on the importance of Smith‘s work and Owen Logan talks about the legacy of his work itt relation to current debates.