The Lodger

The Alfred Hitchcock centenary celebrations peak with the re- release of the master’s 19205 Jack the Ripper-style thriller, The Lodger. A new score for the ’silent' film, composed by The Divme Comedy’s Joby Talbot, \Nlll be performed live by The Matrix Ensemble at the film’s premiere in Edinburgh 'Although it's got Hitchcock humour and that kitsch melodrama thing, it’s a very dark film,’ suggests Talbot. ’80 my opening gambit was to make it more scary, more disquieting I wanted to play up the doominess, the eerinessf (Miles Fielder)

The Lodger /F//m Festiva//F/ux) Lumiere, 26 Aug, 7 30pm (9

70 30pm, [7 7 50

Edinburgh Nights

'The Edinburgh Festival is always a hot bed of new talent, and I’m looking forward to fronting a show which Will demonstrate this and bring the Festival's diversity and exotement to the screen.’ Now imagine that quote spoken in the famous Frosti‘iip rasp. Mariella Will be keeping tabs on Edinburgh events in her own inimitable style, as the lynchpin of BBC 2's Edinburgh Nights programmes. ASSisted by local lad Alan Tyler, she’ll front a mix of interViews, discu55ions and performances, savmg you the hassle of sorting the fab from the drab for yourself.

Edinburgh Nights, BBC 2, 23—27, 37 Aug, 3 Sep, 7]. 75pm.

Richie Hawtin

Canada's most favoured techno son returns to Scotland to help celebrate Pure’s ninth birthday. His live set as Plastikman at this year’s T in the Park was one of the Slam tent highlights and his quasi- live ’decks, fx 8. a 909' set (exactly what it claims to be) should wow

the birthday punters. Richie Hawtin @ Pure, The Venue, 55 7 3073, 20 Aug, 70.30pm, £70 (£8).

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