The Observer Assembly

The l"."IaO.'I Cabaret Provocateur returns to the city he took by storm in '97 wtn a fabulous new show. The Angel Tour also features the UK appearance by Rietta, New Zeaiand's reading Maori femaie vocalist - sne's blonoe, sne's buxom and she'ii give the sensational boy dancers a run for their money.

22 August

5 pairs

Caribbean TBITIpBSt Royal Botanic Garden

Get ready for carnivall as Shakespeare gets dredds. Let thumping Reggae, heavy Bayan Dub and sweet Calypso rhythms entice y0u to their bewitching island. Discover voodoo magic, blood Curdling Baku spirits and fire breathing Rasta Acrobats.

19 August at 7.30pm

David Strassman The Pleasance

Asahi - Japan's best selling lager is giving five lucky readers a pair of tickets to see David Strassman. This is the man who makes ventriioqwsm cool again. Armed with a band of renegade puppets, Strassman's show is absolutely hilarious.

21 August at 7.45pm 3 Pairs fiMT

Whisperers Traverse Theatre

A delicious comedy written by two women separated by two centuries. Begun in 1765 and completed in 1999, The Whisperers, combines devilish eighteenth century wit and startlingly modern attitude to

sex, love and money.

24 August at 11.00am 5 pairs

Begin Traverse Theatre

An intngurng narrative staged against a pulsating undercurrent of music, s0und and light, the text of Begin Again is written by the Traverse's Resident playwright, David Harrower.

24 August at 12.00pm 3 pairs

Electra Theatre Workshop

Theatre Cryptic prowde a shocking journey through spoken and sung text, music and vrdeo. Pre-rec0rded images and live video footage will form the visual backdrop. A devised soundscape will be mixed live with the performance as it takes place on stage.

19 August at 5.30pm 5 pairs

Bleach Graffiti

Bo:lerh0use, the theatre company with attitude are back with their new co-prOCuction Bieacn. Using a volatile mix of narratzve and abstraction

tnat combnes epc .magery \‘liiih a montage style Bleach exp.0res human

isOlaton and sauna: .n contemporary society.

19 8t 23 August at 5.30pm 5 pairs

appetite Edinburgh International Festival The Hub

YOung choreographer Meg Stuart collaborates With installation artist Ann Hamilton for this striking, witty and theatrical production.

21 & 22 August at 7.30pm 5 pairs

Friedman International Book Festival

Experience the one and only Jewish cOuntry and western star Kinky Friedman. Hear him dish out his own uniQUe blend of comedy, readings and music'

20 August at 9.00pm 3 pairs

Annie International Book Festival

A unique club night with Britain's first and finest female DJ. Catch her spinning some disks with lighting supremos Vegetable Vision and reading from her book Wicked Speed plus guest DJ playing Indie tunes late into the night,

25 August at 9.00pm 2 pairs

The List Surprise Movie ABC Lothian Road

The ‘Surprise Movie” at the Edinburgh International Film Festivai is one the top att'actions of the entire f0rtnight. As ever, it's likely to be a sell Only Film Festival DirectOr Li22ie Francke knows what's in the DTOJGCTOT, even we can't give y0u any hints. Past years have shown LA

Confidential, Smoke and My Name Is Joe. For tickets for the sup movie, please send a postcard to: The List Movie offer, 14 High St,

Edinburgh EH1 1TE. Please include daytime telephone number.

25 August at 11.00pm 4 pairs

Disco Inferno The Venue

Sing happy birthday in a 1970's kind of way to a fabulous friend of the Edinburgh club scene. Get glammed up and shake that funky thang he them celebrate their 7th birthday!

21 August



of Out.


Delivering hot tickets at cool prices, The List presents its special Festival reader offer. The temptingly tasty FREELOADERS give you a chance to see shows from different parts of this year's Festival at ridiculously low rates. You may claim as many different

orfers as you wish, but only one pair of tickets per show on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED basis. Don’t forget to take the whole

of this magazine along each time you want to grab your offer. Tickets should be picked up from the VENUE BOX OFFICE (NOT THE FRINGE CENTRAL BOX OFFICE) ON THE PERFORMANCE DAY IN EACH CASE.


Traverse Theatre 10.003m-10.00pm Edinburgh Int. Club festival 10.00pm-2.00am Edinburgh Int. Book Festival 9.30am-9.00pm Edinburgh Int. Festival 9.003m-10.00pm The Pleasance 10.00am-1.003m

The Observer Assembly Gilded Balloon at the Palladium 4.00pm-11.00pm


George Square Theatre Graffiti Hill Street Theatre

10.003m-10.00pm 10.00am-various 11.00am-midnight

Royal Botanic Garden Shop 9.30am-6.00pm Continental Shifts St. Brides 10.00am-10.00pm The Bongo Club 10.25pm Queens Hall 10.00am-S.30pm Chaplaincy Centre 10.00am-10.30pm

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All tickets must be collected at least one hour prior to performance

19—26 Aug i999 THE LIST 17