venture out on their ovvn very late at night to trouble the vvaters ol’

jealousy and guilt. In fact. its cheery title belies the fact that it‘s actually

lower on luguhrious laughs than its predecessors. With the exception ol‘

the opening track. ‘Can We Start Again." (currently out as a single). which is one of the sunniest and most seductive things the ’l‘indersticks

have ever turned their hands to. it‘s an elegantly dejected alhum. Sparer

than the previous albums. it replaces cascading massed strings and desperate romanticism \vith tense. tight-vvound melodies and muttered vocals.

Selling out Flux. then. but never selling out: shifting styles. but seizing heartstrings with the same deadly accuracy as ever: making a joke out of heartbreak and a tragedy out of pleasure. We need the Tindersticks. It‘s as simple as that.

Tindersticks (Fringe/Flux) Queen's Hall, 220 4349, 668 2019, 0870 9070999, Mon 30 Aug, 8pm, £11.




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