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1 Andrew Murrell - Off The Back A TI‘UCk Comedy Cafe

A (aria-(2‘; C'I‘I t'te Elmo»: o' ' ' presenter-.2 by a. (clt‘edtan or the F'z'tge aiszng; ire avers i":":_;e la: the rntn". This (may,

Gen .s is Eli-3 Esme-1w professc“ 'flitsv' Rr‘t'n'i, Itéletuhlves. 19 August 2 pairs

Daniel Kitson and Lee Canterbury

are the Monkey Touohers Domedy Date

Strings interwoven with words

Since 1995, this company of classically trained musicians has built up a

reputation for Playing stringed instruments in a theatrical context. W?“ W“ V'V‘Ii'iiin"; :i iv 9“” 2 . Some (middle-class) critics' first criticism of the 9095 is that they are middle- ugus 93'“ class. Frankly. this is far less of a problem than their weak acting skills. , For their third sojourn to the Edinburgh Festival the gogmagogs have, for sweeney & Steen ,G'Ided Balloon the first time, worked With writers as well as composers, creating four tl‘ s is smut-sci :rzay arc-gt :y'v‘ 2r ’2 ill." ;;-:u'sa". Inside :t. No:

' . . l.,v~p‘ a, 6». a... _rif‘("‘ll ;'-:A- r (I r wm v rm? r‘ m t' .tl rn'n' n. fifteen minute narrative strands, cut and rewoven together into a tapestry SV'~°_“|'~' It 'l Cw 9 ~8 a v » It, i or my smalais of words movement and music. if»:- 251n Anniversary Show 6.". :“n 2'. [midst - ‘.‘.'!'.Il some famous

The seven-strong fresh-faced company of three girls and four boys Put mm“ 13mg“ "‘ "no in” mm" 2 . their heart and soul into their ultra-physical playing: at turns tender, foot- 21 AUQUSt at - pm 93'“

stomping, melancholic and playful, and employing a variety of theatrical techniques to complement both poetic words and music.

'How To Deal With Being Dumped', a step-by-step beginner’s requiem in eight easy movements, struck a comic chord, running from angry tango to forgiveness stages.

Neil lnness' ‘Zap' was a straightforward piece of audience participative fun, but having employed writers, it's obvious that their acting skills are no match for their musical abilities.

Alcohol & Cultural Identity

International Book Festival T3": ‘.‘.o.'t9n, man Vlt.‘.'l{?‘.’, 5% Sailor: ltrmzaqe as they discuss

e“é:c'.s that alcohol can co the rhinos at; hearts 0' a

1U9WA'ugust at 7.30pm 3 pairs

Well lit, well designed, a perfect musical score, a script that both surprises - 7.’.5,.£;'-_}j;f}, GUban Clgal‘ International Book Festival and delights: only performances on the verge of am-dram let down the I (Jug... 33m (.3503 am as nmeagm my: Hilary 3mg“ rm 8 overall OffeCt- (Gabe Stewart) a" TI sic-any night of nasty, pd»: cs :‘:C11I.‘..“":’}‘.'.’i’i£"fl retreate the I gobbledygook (Fringe) the gogmagogs, Traverse (Venue 75) 228 7404. until 22 ~ s grits, scorios arid smells cf Buena Vista. one am. ltveiter With 3 Aug, times vary, £72 (£7.50). t:-t 3‘ 't ;:- surging salsa' .

22 August at 9.30pm 3 palrs

RObBPt GPOWtITBT‘ International Book Festival

THEATRE association with the hip, all-male 1;; - ; .

Descent Featherstonehaughs. He’s also co- "if \gFPi’f’91E9..1}5'f A r‘tandS-Gr‘. t-lcrksnon :nsp-veci by ’lte l.1CSt;’\.’l‘.a1lrtg Hldi‘ and Seek directed/choreographed two shows by ’IINTIRNWOQfi; ABC Aishabet 330K. ‘.‘:astet pape"-:-'ti;tneel anc author

*** cult physical-theatre practitioners ' ' demonstrates the SK'I. of Inc- pdzrait; attzst, arr! teaches hzs audience

Charting a life through the lucid ravings Frantic Assembly.

IS (“3833 SGT? ESQ-USS C' {"37 “"

19 August at 4.15pm Family Pass (for 4 people)

of an 18th century lunatic, this new Now Kirkham is testing his wings as a production is based on Gogol’s Diary Of deviser/performer of his own work. A Madman. Ringing on the same ’l'm promoting myself as a comic Gate Cl‘aShel’ International Club Festival register as the anti-heroes of Nabokov, actor,‘ he says. Not that he's forsaking ms is mg, (m, of the meme“ . 3.3.; mm as :35; as 3.3.“. an and the protagonist's insanity is more his movement background. His short, dance my 4 my”; imagination overdose than mental inaugural solo vehicle Crash, part of a 19 August at 3.00pm 5 pairs decay. With wild-eyed flamboyance, triple-bill from Scotland’s Dance Base, Michael Palmer skilfully releases is a dead-pan funny essay on demon- Aksenty’s pain and isolation from facing. Sticking near to an island-like Delivering hot tickets at cool prices, The List presents its special Festival behind his proud, sane facade. Both the metal floor, and outfitted in motorcycle reader Offer. The temptingly tasty FREELOADERS give you a chance to see shows SUM? 50"” and the $93.69 Stag'ng are helmet box'ng gioves and red tap. from different parts of this year's Festival at ridiculously low rates. You may claim manipulated wrth sensrttvrty and shoes, the bare-legged Kirkham plns .ff ff v . h b I . f I. k {8 er Show on 8 humour. Although perhaps lacking the emotional honesty to show biz kitsch. as many d' erem O erg as you W'S_ ' UI 9“ y one pa” 0 K e p spine-tingling grip that its opening 'My character is so desperate to be FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED baSIS. Don I forget to take the whole of the promises, Descent is laced with more liked he short-circuits and practically magazine along each time you want to grab your Offer. Offers are subject to than enough punch and pathos for a tears himself limb from limb.’ (Donald avanabilny and the management's decision is final. Tickets should be picked up inggfcrfortr?f?nce'jjgditng‘Zj :U;era) & C h”, )St h from the VENUE BOX OFFICE (NOT THE FRINGE CENTRAL BOX en rlne oue e ano ras rlne een

Drama, P/easange (Venue 33)%nti/ 30 Kirkhagm, DudendancegTheatrI; and OFFICE) ON THE PERFORMANCE DAY IN EACH CASE Aug (not 23) 77.45am, £6.50/E6 Cent/i Templeton, Famous Grouse _ (55.50/E5l- HOUSE (Venue 34) 220 5505' 2 4'2 9 - high?“ OPENINGiifoliign-roopm - Gilded Balloon at the palladium 4.00pm-1‘l.00pm

Aug, 72.30pm, £7/E5. - Edinburgh Int. Club festival 10.00pm-2.00am 0 George Square Theatre 10.003m-1o.00pm DANCE PREVIEW - Edinburgh Int. Book Festival 9.30am-9.00pm :c'aménenntzt (5.21:8 at St.Bridele.OOam-:3.gg:$ Tango & craSh commuec’ over page 0 Fesmal All fickitg must be collected at least one

o The Observer Assembl 10.303m-midni ht hour rior to performance

British dancer Stephen Kirkham's *****STAR SATIN? y g p pedigree includes stints with top-notch T'Tl'ss“ W Ileana 31* See page 17 for more Freeloaders one of the original male birds in the H Below average I Iatter’s Swan Lake), plus a long * le‘r’“ “N” """l' "p"

19—26 Aug 1999 THE L131 29