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FESTIVAL 3—6pm continued The songs are marvellously performed superfluous percussion soundtrack Balloon (Venue 38) 226 275 7, until 30 and with just the right amount of further adds to the confusion; drums Aug (not 25) 3.45pm, E 7 (£6). THEATRE REVIEW comic irreverance. (Ross Holloway) are beaten and bizarre rattles rattled to Marlene! Live! Tonight! I Marlene! Live! Tonight! (Fringe) The little effect. The lighting redeems it THEATRE REVIEW Four Horsemen, Gilded Balloon (Venue somewhat: pinks and yellows bathe Stephen Fry's The Liar **** 38) 226 2157, until 30 Aug, 3pm, the - othen/vise uncompelling - stage It is with a certain degree of shock that £6.50 (£5.50). in warm glows. Only worth the journey *** one is reacquainted with the if you’re heavily into pretty lights and If you don't like Stephen Fry then The profoundly amoral nature of many of THEATRE REVIEW mirrorballs. (Victoria Nutting) Liar isn't for you; and even if you do Dietrich’s songs. The spirit of Berlin Minute To The Millennium I Minute To The Millennium Club there is a strong chance that this play cabaret that the bisexual German siren West (Fringe) Edinburgh Dance Centre will float gently but professionally over took with her to Hollywood must have * (Venue 182) 337 0748, until 28 Aug your head. Public school, buggery and been in itself as provocative as her own Further proof that the Millennium (not 22) 4.30pm, £6 (£5). cricket (not necessarily in that order) behaviour allegedly was. should be called off due to form the basis of this story which gives This show is not a straightforward re- overexposure, this show is a THEATRE REVIEW a disturbing and often confusing enactment of Dietrich. An unknown bewildering mixture of soliloguies, . Dance With Me (Be Mine) insight into a world that, for most of sunger IS asked to take on the role, dance movements and repetitive nonses us, IS totally irrelevant. which she does with some reluctance. (think Men Behaving Badly on their air **** Having said that, you can’t fault the She is a modern woman with more guitars). Unfortunately, the The scenario is this three unlucky production which has all the polish and than just her sex to see her through combination doesn’t really work; the individuals find themselves at an stylish performances you would expect life. Slowly, however, the sultry soul of noises are nauseating and the activities weekend in the middle of to see at the Gilded Balloon. It's just a

Dietrich seeps through. monologues abstract. A rather nowhere aimed at self-discovery and bit too clever. (Victoria Nutting)

coming to terms with millennial I Stephen Fry’s The Liar (Fringe) Gilded malaise. Their course leader, hopelessly Balloon (Venue 38) 226 215 7, until 30 intolerant and insecure, is, out of all of Aug, 3.30pm, £7 (£6). them, the one most in need of help.

Already the comic potential is huge THEATRE REVIEW

and it's not wasted in a written script and excellent delivery from the four performers. Juvenile toilet humour is juxtaposed against an intelligent battle of wits and against all the odds, our characters emerge from the testing weekend having conquered their inner demons. (Catherine Bromley) - Dance With Me (Be Mine) (Fringe) No. he's not Robbie and she's not Marlene: Marlene! Live! Tonight! Who La Hoof Theatre Company, Gilded

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Philadelphia’s Pig lron Theatre Company craft arresting moments

p I . l w}? i from the simplest materials, using .\ ’2 1' . » ' " minimum props and maximum ..umgr'ml theatre... rm: stitmi. ;, a invention. In Gentleman Volunteers @ VENUE 82 \_ they conjure up the intimate moments Au “5t [0 .. 22 a. “3.45 . 4 h ._ . and unspoken horror of a field hospital 32, omcemt 0'3, 667 22.2 J "I? ) -' in the First World War. The youthful

idealism of American volunteers is quickly shattered by the stark reality.

Off set sound effects, physical theatre, and the mournful tones of an A , 517°"? accordion: the majority of the buy“: “it!” , I‘ {27.9 company’s tricks are economic and ("’"W’ ‘l' 7) Venue 33 effective. The lighting is flexible and ] 7 “a.” [{,.._.-,‘s“.,- 5",.” Thu 5 ' Sun 29 Aug 5-309"! ingenious. While the promenade . I . (r70! Sun 8 Aug. no! Tuesdays) production leaves the audience feeling ". . . .“N’hPNIIPUILV TleetSI a marginal, is an otherwise "Harv/".0 , , , . 99-00 (£5.00) compelling experience. (Moira Jeffrey) q, I, . ,h. '1. , ,, . , -~ P'eV've Th” 5 Aug ' 555-00 I Gentlemen Volunteers (Fringe) Pig ' l ' l, t ' 80" Office: 013‘ 556 6550 Iron Theatre Company, Gilded Balloon I “In US l 'thor0ughly enjoyable... at La Be/Ie'AngeIe (Venue 101) 226 the best play around' The Herald 2757, um” 30 Aug ("Ct 23) 5pm. £7 'a gorgeous production' (£5)- MON, Edinburgh Evening News 23'00'00 STAR RATINGS $7.00. 23.30 ° sea" was ‘" t°W"-» and on tour *iiii Ummssahlt‘ . . . .. .. and time as r nn' t... *iii Very (‘()O(l | H J‘I': I 5: w 0 mg cu (imam.- "mm 0141 3346685 in“. \./".’()l'.ll xvi-w;

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