The index lists every show appearing in this week‘s List alphabetically, by title. Where the title of a show includes the artist's name. this is also listed alphabetically by first name. The page number(s) opposite indicate where the show is covered.

Angels Portfolro Gallery 33 Callum Innes lngleby Gallery 82 Construction Boyle Farntly 32 ECA Festival Exhibitions

Edrnburgh College Of Art 82 Festival 99 Edrnburgh College Of Art 82 Gary Hume: New Work Dean Gallery 82 Hisashi Momose

Edmburgh Prrntmakers and ROyal Museum 83 In Memory Of H.P. Lovecraft

Collec trve Gallery 4, 82 John Stezaker Portfolro Gallery 82 Kiki Smith Frurtmarket Gallery 82 Loving Las Vegas Umverslty Of Las Vegas 83 The Nature Of Sweetness

Edrnburgh College Of Art 10 Oneness 24 Royal Crrcus 83 Terra Nullius Talbot che Gallery 83 Welcome Strlls Gallery 33


A.A. Gill Gap Studro Theatre 81 A.L. Kennedy Spregeltent 81 Annie Nightingale Spregeltent 4. 78 Annie Proulx Post Offrce Theatre 78. 80 Cuban Cigar Night Spregeltent 12 Dead Funny: The Art Of Comic Crime Gap SILKIIO Theatre 81 Earl Lovelace Various Venues 81 Edwin Morgan Post OllICC’ Theatre 81 Events For Children Various Venues 79, 81 George P. Pelecanos Spregeltent 4. 20, 78 Graham McCann Post Office Theatre 80 Happy Birthday Just William! Post Office Theatre 79 Herta Mflller VdIIOUS Venues 80 Kinky Friedman Spregeltent 81 Melvyn Bragg Post Office Theatre 80 Nick Nairn PurVIS Marquee 79 Peter Ackroyd Vanous Venues 79 Rose Tremain Post Office Theatre 81 Sir Robin Day Post Offrce Theatre 78 Steve Jones Post Office Theatre 78 Tony Hawks Gap Studro Theatre 79 Vikram Seth Post Office Theatre 4, 78 Will Self And Andrew O'Hagan

On Urban Landscape In Fiction Gap Studro Theatre 78, 79 William Dalrymple Post Office Theatre 79

Afro Art Records Vs In Demand Recordings Party

The Honeycomb 73 Club LatinoThe Bongo Club 73 Colours Of Love Club Mercado 73 Disco Inferno The Venue 73 Eden Prcardy Place 74 Forward The Honeycomb 73 The Honeycomb Blarr Street 73 International Club Festival Tevrot Row 73 Pure The Venue 73 Rebel Waltz The CIty Cafe 73 Salsa In The City Vanous Venues 73 COMEDY 2000 Years Down The Drain From Jesus Christ To Jerry Springer

Boom Chicago 53

Adam Bloom: Beyond A Joke Pleasance 46, 63 AI Murray Pleasance 4

Arj Barker Pleasance 55 Ben n' Arn's Big Top Pleasance 59 Best Of Irish Comedy The Stand 45 Big Value Comedy Show . . . Late Screamrng Blue Murder Comedy 61 Bill Bailey Playltouse 57 Chambers And Nettleton -

Two For The Price Of One Chambers And Nettleton 44 Craig Charles Queen's Hall 24 Crusaid. The Food Chain And

Stonewall Benefit Edinburgh Playhouse 12, 49

Dara O'Briain (With Special Guest Deirdre O'Kane) Grldecl Balloon 54 The Divine David's Spatial Awareness No. 1

Grlded Balloon || 62 Ennio Marchetto Grlded Balloon at The Palladlum 50 Fit To Burst Rocket Venue 45 Further Ted Grlded Balloon 55 Hang A Bra On Your Shield! Outrageous Sc rrpts 51 Harmon Leon Yank me' @ The Stand Comedy Club 16 Hudson And Pepperdine Pleasance 4S Judith Lucy - The Show Gilded Balloon ll 53 Julian Barratt And Noel Fielding

In Arctic Boosh Pleasance 47 Kevin Hayes: Beyond The Pope The Stand 45 Lee Mack's Bits Pleasance 44 Martin Bigpig: My Grandmother

Was A Bearded Lady The Stand 52 My Own Little World Adam HIIIS 44 The Nicki Narcissus Show Rocket Venue 59 Paul Tonkinson Pleasance 53 Paul Zenon: Turning Tricks Beck's Famous Spregeltent 49, 51 Phil Kay Grlded Balloott II 4. 57, 60 Phill Jupitus Observer Assembly 49 The Purple Pineapple Show Medusas 52 Rainer Hersh Conducts All Classical

Music Explained: The Orchestra Pleasance 38 Reel Stories Glass Tahsrnan so Robert Knox Verses Lee Ness -

'The Gay Bernard Manning' Canon's Gart Cellar Bar 44 Scotland 2010: An Independent Country! Independent COLrntry Produc trons 61 Screamers Comedy Club Screamers 60 Sex And Sequins Deb Percy 59 Supergirly World! Grlded Balloon 50 Terry Alderton Observer Assembly 58 Three Weird Beards Gilded Balloon || 58 Tripod Grlded Balloon ll 44 Vic Henley Observer Assembly 52


Appetite Damaged Goods 10, 43. 63 Boris Charmatz

Edrnburgh Festrval Theatre 4. 57, 58 The Brutal Telling Mascall Dance 62 Deadly No Ordrnary Angels 31 Destino Tango Graftrtr 50 Giselle Cullberg Ballet 44

Gumboots Grlded Balloon At The Palladrum 4

Sell Out Frantrc Assembly 57 Striptease Mon-Amour Talkmg Bodres 62 Swahili Godot I 157 Performance Gr0up

And Platform 9 Theatre 60 Tango And Crash Stephen Krrkham 29

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Vanous Cinemas 67 A Reasonable Man Cameo 65 Air And Mike Mills Various Cinemas 63 Air Reel Life ABC 63 All About My Mother Cameo 4, 66 Art Linson Reel Life Fllmhouse 64 Berlin - Cinema Frlthuse 67 The Blair Witch Project Cameo 4, 63. 65 Buena Vista Social Club ABC 64 The Cruise Frlthuse 64 Damien O'Donnell Cameo 16 The Darkest Light Cameo 67 East Is East Various C rnemas 63, 67 The Flight Of The Bee Frlmhouse 64 Following Cameo 67 From The Edge Of The City Cameo 65 Haut Les Coeurs Frlmhouse 66

Himalaya: L'Enfance D'Un Chef Frlmhouse 66 Hitchcock's The Lodger Lumrere 14, 63

Interview With David Mamet Frlmhouse 63 Kiyoshi Kurosawa Varrous Crnemas 63 L'Ennui Frlmh0use 64 The Last September Cameo 68 The Last Yellow Cameo 67

Let It Come Down: The Life Of Paul Bowles

Frlmhouse 67 Lola And Bilidikid Cameo 66 The Magnifying Glass Frlmhouse 67 Mifune Frlmh0use 66 Nadia And The Hippos Cameo 66 Peau Neuve (New Dawn) Fllmhouse 68 The Quiet Family Ftlmhouse 67 Rosie Frlmhouse 66

Run Lola Run Cameo 68 Scarfies Ca'neo 65 Second Century Ftlmhc)use 64 Sicilia! Cameo 68 Stray Light Ftlmhouse 12 Sud Fllmhc)use 66 The Surprise Movie ABC 4, 63 Tartan Shorts Cameo 68 Tim Roth's The War Zone Vanous C rnemas 18 Trick Cameo 64 Us Boys Frlmhouse 64 White Sky Frlmhouse 64 The Winslow Boy Domrnron 66

Arabian Nights Observer Assembly 34 Events For Children VdrtOuS Venues 79. 81 Happy Birthday Just William! Post Offrce Theatre 80 I'll Tell You A Story About Jackanory Marque BarbOur 30 King Stag Shoestnnq Players 30 Labyrinth: Mystery Of The Monster

In The Maze Wee Stones Theatre For Chrldren 37 Snow White Tall Stones 38

Edinburgh Nights BBCZ 14

Bag O'Cats Famous GrOuse H0use 71 Brassy The Attrc 16, 69 Chikuzan The Japan Experrence 69, 71 Eislermaterial Festrval Theatre 72 The Fall Flux @ Queen's Hall 9, 69 Fruit Beck's Splegeltent 69

Garry Middlemist: Pictish Blues Byzantrum 70 Huun Huun Tu Graffrtr 4

John Adams Usher Hall 72 John Cale: Spoken Word Queen's Hall 4, 69 The Lanterns Beck's Splegeltent 69 Lush Life CdfOIlnC Nun 7o Peatbog Faeries Beck's Spergeltent 72 Philip Jeays: Here I am The Cafe Royal 70 Planet Pop: Week Three Varlous Venues 70 Poisoning Pigeons In The Park

Grlded Balloon ll 36 Popcorn Final Pnnces Sctuare Gardens 69 Richie Hawtin @ Pure The Venue 14 Scanner The Attrc 69 Schumann: The Symphonies

SCOIIISIT Chamber Orchestra 70 Tam White Beck's Famous Splegeltent 71 Tindersticks Queen's Hall 22 Triduum Usher Hall 4

Macbeth 2000 A Multi-Media Rock Musical AurOra/Western C0nnectrcut State Umversrty 61


Mister Butterfly Frrst Act Opera International 36


...And NO TALKING Grlded Balloon 34 A Kind Of Alaska Two‘s Company 34 A Madman Sings To The Moon

Brunton Theatre 4. 44. 63 A Symmetry Of Love

Cambrrdge Unrversrty ADC 38 Adolf Observer Assembly 30 After Dinner Drrty Blrd pdeUCithS 47 Be Carna, Women Of The Flesh

Theatre Workshop 46 The Bedsit Observer Assembly 28. 31 Begin Again KtC 28 Berkoff‘s Women

Guy Masterson Productrons 4, 33 Bingo! The Amsterdam Parade 46 Bond Generally Better Production 34 Box The Pony Performing Lines 57. S9 Brave New World

The American Drama GrOup 30 Buster Keaton With The Blue Grassy Knoll Observer Assembly 57 Car Theatre Absolute 40 The Constant Couple

100% Proof Theatre Company 50 Corpus Christi Theatre 28 SS

The Curse Of Iain Banks Gilded Bailoon 34 D.A.R.E. Theatre Workshop 53 Dance With Me (Be Mine)

Who La Hoof Theatre 42 The Dark Enematrc 58 Descent Double Edge Drama 29 Dream State Theatre Works 30 Drink Vinegar Gentlemen

Theatr Bruro Podro/y 26 East Steven Berkolf 45 Eleanor Of Acquitaine,

Mother Of The Pride Eileen Page 34 Electra Theatre Workshop 4, 37 Fantasia Farc es Theatre 40 Fantastical Voyage Company Gavrn Robertson 40 Fat Girl Vague lcleas Theatre 38 Fool And Lear Performance Exchange 50 G.O.4: A Technodram KCW 46 Gentlemen Volunteers Prg Iron Theatre Company 42 Gobbledygook the gogrnagogs 29 The Green Man Green Man Produc trons 45 Happy Birthday Mister Deka D Told By An IleI 34 Hoipolloi - Living Like Victor Pleasance 40

How I Got That Story Seasonal Produc trons 36

Howie The Rookie The Bush 49 Hunger anlttve Science 46 Jim Rose Circus: Secrets Of The Strange er Rose 50 Journey To Macbeth Theatrum Botanrcum 50 Journey‘s End Double Edge Drama 38 The Ju Ju Girl Traverse 33 The Kaos Importance Of Being Earnest The Kaos Theatre UK Ltd 37 Klimt Theatre Fahrenhert 4, 49 The Lower Depths Royal Lyceum Theatre 45, 63 Lyrebird Observer Assembly 4, 34 Macbeth - The Director's Cut Volvano Theatre Company 47 Mainstream Suspect Culture 38 Marlene! Live! Tonight! The FOur Horsemen 42 The Meeting Royal Lyceum Theatre 36 Messengers Theatre Works 30 Minute To The Millennium Club West 42 Mojo Mickybo Kabosh 62 The Morning After (A Hangover Mystery) Thrngrmrpg Theatre Company 52 The Murder Of Sherlock Holmes Pleasance 4, 37 The Nation‘s Favourite: The True

Adventures Of Radio 1 Fat Bloke Productrons 48 New South Wales Theatr Y Byd 40 On Business Theatre Fahrenhert 49 On The Whole It's Been Jolly Good Leslre PITIIIIDS 34 Parcel 0f Burns Gallus Theatre Company 31 Play Wisty For Me: The Life Of Peter Cook Pleasance 30 Poppy Day Ben Moor 3B Present Tense Imperfect Frantic Redhead ProductIOns 31 The Ragged Child The Natronal Youth Musrc Theatre 48 Riddance Parnes Plough 38 Safe Gob Squad 54 Scary Antics Shysters 31 Schrodinger's Box Reckless Sleepers 59 Skerry Vhor, 'Ultimate Islands' Famous Grouse House 36 The Sleepwalkers Start Theatre 48 So, I Killed A Few People Martrn Sutherland SS Spinout Inflate 51 Stephen Fry's The Liar Gilded Balloon 42 Stones In His Pockets Lync Theatre 59 Taking Sides John Graham Davres 59

They Shoot Horses Don't They? National Youth Theatre Of Great Brrtarn 37, 40 Three Disciples Ascending Harvard-

Westlake SchooVRembrko Prorect 49. S4 Topless Peta Ltly 59 touched . . . Granary Productrons 30 The Wake Abbey Theatre Dublrn 43 War And Glaur Rowan Tree Company 36 Wedding Belles Sally Woodcock 30 The Whisperers Rough Magrc 28

Will's One And Only Time Deprivation Play

Fletcher Players And Footfall PYOdUClIOl'TS 52 Wreck The Airline Barrier

The Rlot Group 48, 63 Zoyka's Apartment

Empire SlUdIO Productrons 40

19—26 Aug 1999 THE US? 3