. H m, GiLoeo BALLOON BMW”, 311 BROUGHTON PLACE BOX omce: 226 2151

FESTIVAL 8-10pm continued

COMEDY REVIEW Dara O‘Briain (With Special Guest Deirdre O'Kane)


With wits quicker than even his Dublinish delivery, Dara O'Briain's act is all about audience acquaintance. Plunging into his pool of punters, pulling out obscure offerings, and , pasting them into his montage of immediate funniness, his speedy connections put the internet’s posturing firmly in its place. All this heats things up for the superbly chilled Deirdre O’Kane, who, in her laid-back take on the male world of stand-up, may well feel like the male Corr, but is fortunate enough to not only resemble his sisters but sing considerably better. Swat the Millennium bug, with mind games that leave the senses reeling, O‘Briain is aptly named. (Judith Ho)

l Dara O’Briain (With Special Guest Deirdre O‘Kane) (Fringe) Dara O’Briain, Gilded Balloon (Venue 38), 226 2 757, until 30 Aug, 9pm, £7 (£6).


’lts kind of comical,’ says Gob Squad's Matt Adams of their new production Safe. ‘Although it does involve a plane crash.‘ The acclaimed, Anglo-German ensemble have been invited by the British Council to join the best of British Theatre season with this innovative multi-media performance. It is unusual for the group to appear in a venue like the George Square Theatre - their last performance took place in a car park and the next will be a full wedding banquet in a hotel. But


dance and video as well as dialogue,‘ Adams explains. ‘With a venue like this we try to play around with the idea of a stage show.‘

This is a bunch of people who cite Abba, bad disaster movies and cartoons as their unfluences, so fasten your seatbelts - there may be a little turbulence. (Moira Jeffrey)

I Safe (Fringe) Gob Squad, George Square Theatre (Venue 37) 662 8740, 25—30 Aug, 9.30pm, £8 (£6).


Three Disciples Ascending

Los Angeles's Harvard-Westlake School and New York’s multi-racial Rembiko Project have collaborated on a dramatic production grounded in the music of John Coltrane. The disciples in question are young musicians competing for three places in the gig of a lifetime at Carnegie Hall. Each act will be introduced by one of the three compositions on Coltrane's A Love Supreme. These will be the original Coltrane recordings, but elsewhere the cast will play their own compositions live.

According to Schrode, A Love Supreme provides the show with its theme: 'Coltrane was the well spring of the whole piece. It’s about music as religion, a way to achieve epiphany. It’s sort of a journey to the kids becoming artists.’

‘Jazz is the one music form America can call it's own,‘ continues Schrode. ‘The play also addresses some racism issues, but more than anything else it was a personal connection, just the gorgeous beauty of Coltrane's music.‘ Amen to that. (Miles Fielder)

I Three Disciples Ascending (Fringe) Harvard-Westlake School/Rembiko Project, Rocket Venue (Venue 123)

H don't expect a conventional theatrical 24-30 Aug, 8. 75pm, £5 (£3). Preview 2 d experience. ’The show involves music, 23 Aug, 8.15pm, £3 (£2).

Runs-Ki‘igust 24 - t

940% ~"ii-“i”:

Presented by yMusic, .2. Km Kuzma, 3 Kuzma W Productions

A critically acclaimed Canadian Production comes to Scotland from Vancouver, BC, Canda “AFR km“ celebrating a year at out“ sold out performances. Making its first appearance at Wan n c the Edinburgh Fringe

Fleeing mining Just Singin’ ’Round combines . . . the ift of music with the 4!: odmnssron wrtli halt inspgimfion of human! to "'9 Proceeds hem? showcase 3 exceptional donmed '0 "'9 F""99° Canadian singer/ songwriters. _ _, , , I The show highlights new and D°"°"°" "9 cl vibrant original music from an acoustic styling. Thank you to our sponsors: us'unningu’ afresh" &

Boamtou/n Tours "Captivating, a must see." "

6824070 Ems-3‘ one of Van.’s best a - Bahama} B;§e(jmsus.r;4é catering kept secrets." . 1' . ' - ttorny Kidszt’hree Disciples Ascending

54 THE usr 19-26 Aug 1999