Top TWenty The List sorts out the best of the best

THEATRE A Madman Sings To The Moon You don‘t

have to stick to the city centre for the best in theatre this l’estival. Take a trip out to Musselhurgh and he astonished by this class- conscious twist on the typical hostage drama. I’ringe. Brunton 'I'lteatre. until 28 Aug (not 22) 7.30pm; 2/. 25 Aug. 2.30pm. Berkoff's Women Linda Marlowe draws from 25 years of working with Steven Berkoff to create an electifying presence on stage. Directed by Josie Lawrence. Fringe. Observer Assembly. until 57) Aug. I. 15pm. Electra (‘athie Boyd. recent winner of a liuropean Woman of Achievement Award (Arts). directs (ilasgow‘s Theatre (‘ryptic in a multi-media production based on Sophocles's original text. I’ringe. 'I’lieatre Works/top. until 2‘) Aug (not 23) times vary. Lyrebird: Tales Of Helpmann 'l‘he llamhoyant life ofAustralian dancer and choreographer Sir Robert llelpmann comes to the stage as writer-actor Tyler (‘oppin takes the audience through colourful anecdotes and confessions. I’ringe. ()bsert'er Assembly. until 5’0 Aug (not 25) 2. l5/mi.

Klimt Playing almost like a liuropean art movie on stage. this collection of vignettes drawn from the lives of(iermany‘s Sinti ((iypsy) people is as inventive as it is moving. Also recommended is the cmnpany"s other show. No Business. performed on alternate nights. Fringe. Net/ter/unt‘ Theatre. 20. 25’. 25. 27 Aug, 8pm. The Murder Of Sherlock Holmes The master of detection features in a play within a play. set in a house of ill repute in Whitechapel. A darkly comic. rihald thriller with live songs thrown in. Fringe. I’leasanee. until 30 Aug (not 24) 3pm.


Phil Kay With hair as unruly as the pathways of his patter. Scotland's number one comedian goes from strength to strength. Fringe. (ii/(led Balloon. until 28 Aug. l()/nn.

Al Murray The Pub Landlord opens his doors again for another round of off-centre observations on life as he knows it. A l’erricr Award nominee for the past three years. he‘s one of the most consistently funny men on the circuit. I’ringe. l’leasanee. until .w’I) Aug (not 24). times vary; (ieorge Square Theatre. 2() 2/. 27 2‘) Aug. //./5pm.


Boris Charmatz the had boy of l‘rench choreography transforms some unusual

corners of the Festival Theatre with a series of

intimate and intensely physical performances. International Festival. lit/in/nogli lest/val 'I'lteatre. l9 2/. 24 25 Aug. [0.30pm. Gumboots A blend of dance. song and music hursts out of Africa and onto the lidinhurgh stage. The roots of the gumhoots style of dance are found in the gold mines of apartheid South Africa. but this upheat show pttts oppression in the past and looks to a bright future. I'ringe. (ii/(led Balloon at The l’allatlium. until 30 Aug (not 25’) 7pm;

2/ 22 Aug. 51/5/1111; 28 .i’UAug. /.45/nn.


All About My Mother Hollywood-style melodrama. suffering heroines and an increasingly mature vision of Spain make for what many are calling Pedro Almodovar's best film yet. l’ilm I’estival. ('ameo l. 2/ Aug. l()..»’()/mi; l-‘ilmliouse /. 25’ Aug. 7.30pm.

The Blair Witch Project The scariest film ever made'.’ We've all heard the hype. but if you're one of the lttcky ones to have a ticket to this year’s most in-demand screening. then you‘ll he finding out for yourself. View at your peril. I’ilm I’estiral. ('ameo /. 2/ Aug. /2..»’()am.

The Surprise Movie In the past audiences have been greeted by premiere screenings of Pulp I’ietion. Smoke and l..A. ('on/itlentia/ among other film masterpieces. It‘s always a sell-out show. so if you have yet to purchase your ticket to this The List-sponsored event. do so swiftly. I’ilm l-‘estival. ABC /. 25 Aug. Ila/n. See /"es‘tit'al /'-/'(’(’/()(l(/(’I‘.\', page /7.


Triduum Scotland’s .lames .\lac.\lillan is a composer of internatioiml standing. and here three of his works are performed together for the first time « The World's /\’ans‘oiniltg. (‘e/lo ('o/u'erto and .X'vm/ilionv l'igil. lnternatiotutl l’eslii'al. (’s/ier Hall. 22 Aug. 8pm.

Huun Huur Tu l’nlikc anything else you‘ll ever hear. the Mongolian throat singers return to lidinhurgh. I’ringe. (int/tin. 24 .s‘() Aug. times vary.

John Cale The Welsh quarter of the legendary Velvet l'nderground has had a fascinating solo career to date. ranging from experimental performance pieces to beautiful hallads. Here he mixes readings with music. l-‘lus/lfook I-'esu'i'til/l-ringe. Queen 's Ila/l. 2t) 2/ Aug. 8pm.


In Memory Of H.P. Lovecraft Inspired by the cult writer. this atmospheric show unleashes the chaos that lurks beneath the surface of life - a half-lit gallery. stripped walls. torn plaster and paintwork. ('ol/eetive (ia/lerv. until 26 .S'ep. 'Iue Sat

llam 5..»’()/nn. ’I'liu until 8pm. Sun 2 4pm.


Vikram Seth The former Booker winner pttts on both his poetry and prose hats to talk about a couple of his favourite things -- love and music. [look festival. l’ost (ll/ice 'l'ltealre. 2/ Aug, 5pm; .S'piegeltent. 2/ Aug. 8pm.

George P. Pelecanos Described as 'the coolest writer in America’. Pelecanos may well he the natural successor to James lillroy as the king of hip crime. Book Festival. .S'piegeltent. 25 Aug. l/nn; Napiers Ilerlm/ists Lifestyle Yen]. 25 Aug. 5.30pm. Annie Nightingale Britain's foremost female l)J spins the discs and turns the pages in one of the most eagerly awaited events of the l‘estival. Boo/v lest/val. .S'piegeltent. 25 Aug. 9pm.

From left: Huun Huur Tu; All About My

Mother; A Madman Sings To The Moon