V I saw you at the Theatre Royal. on 7/8. Your red hair shining while you danced. What a mover! I‘m iii love! Box No U/3(i7/l.

V I saw you at Dynamic Earth on Tue 3 Aug. I with my two boys had to leave abruptly at 4.45pm. Yoti in dark top with flowers. Please get Ill touch. we should tneet again. Jim. Box No U/3(i7/2.

V I saw you fruity poptastic supervisor 004. Meant to leave message bttt had to leave early. Call and tnake things peachy before I go ban‘anas. Box No U/367/3.

V I saw you looking very frazzled and lteading towards festival burn otit. Cart I suggest a long bath. a few deep breaths. a walk along the beach or a long. tall. refreshing Sauza and cranberry with ice and a slice of lime to bring back yottr vitality. Can I also offer to be your companion for any of the above?

O I saw you Gavin? With pierced eyebrow. You used to work in Polo Lounge. ()ur eyes met a few times and spoke briefly itt Bennets. 5/8/99. Probably too drunk to remember. Please contact David. Box No U/367/4.

V I saw you last year. -I Sep. Embrace concert. Your name was .Ion. you wore a white Nirvana t-shirt. I said no and wished l‘d said yes. Is it too late? Box No U/367/5.

V I saw you in pool room. You said if I could cheer you tip. to let you know. Well. you did it for tne. so I'd like to reciprocate. You're pure magic! Box No U/3o7/o.

V I saw you Flapjack. you lirm buttocked young sandwich concealer. I'll follow your trail of crumbs to the end of the earth. I7 days to Madrid. Love you to 'pieces'. Stevie Boy. Box No U/367/7.

V I saw you eating french fries in Theatre Workshop cafe. You had ketchup on your chin attd I wanted to lick it off. Interested? I'll bring my own sauce! Box No U/367/8.

V I saw you Alan or is that a dagger I see before me? Didn't you learn anything from Blue Peter? Take care. especrally around sharp objects. Love from the TW crowd. XXX. Box No U/367/9.

U I saw you Trade. 7 Aug. You. black-haired. topless boy. wearing jeans. Me. tall. dark- haired. skinhead in blue sleeveless top. We exchanged glances. I think I'm in love! Box No U/367/I0.

V I saw you Jane. wearing your tnutley t-shirt and jumping tip and down in Theatre Workshop‘s foyer You are just sooo excitable! nevermind two weeks of Fringe. hell will sort you out. Box No U/367/l I.

V I saw you Fri. 30/7. 6pm ish.

Sainsburys. Meadowbank. Gorgeous guy. green hat. long hair. beautiful. dark eyes. I have vivid hair. remember? You walked down London Road/Hillside Cres. Get in touch. Box No U/367/I2.

V I saw you dopey. dopey. sexy tart. It would have been

three years on the 29.7.99. It was really the l5.l2.95. when.


"You touched my heart" and “I got so excited". Now “You've torn it apart". Box No U/367/l3. V I saw you you can try your slick moves out on me anytime. From the B-girl. Box No U/367/l4.

V I saw you sexy tourists from Aberdeen - Iookin’ good - two fiesty lads and two foxy Iadeez. strutting your stuff on Bytes Road. Box No U/367/l5.

V I saw you sexy butt. learning that dance in Dels. Like to spend lots of time. love Nessie! Box No U/367/l6.

V I saw you spilling your coke in Tinderbox. Your burbs were cute! You make tne feel fizzy. Box No U/367/l7.

V I saw you at the coffee shop having a skinny latte. it looked delicious. Box No U/367/I8.

V I saw you in Tinderbox sorting through a paint colour chart - come and brighten up my life base! Box No U/367/l9.

V I saw you law librarian at I3th Note on Saturday 7 Aug. Me. shy boy in blue shirt. You look so line I want to make you mine! Box No U/367/20.

U I saw you this incredible form. appear before my eyes. Sexy and very edible. You know who you are. Box No U/367/2 I. V I saw you Black Beauty itt Babbity Bowstet‘. McChuill's and Blackfriars; two chocolates combined. all that jazz. and my fruit was not forbidden. Box No U/367/22.

O I saw you in Borders. looking at Playboy. You eternally iti beige. Great body. Love D! Box No U/367/23.

V I saw you at The Garage. You were on stage with Austin Powers. I stole your hat. You took it back. I pinched your bum. your stunning looks HIT

me! Box No U/367/24.

O I saw you 6ft 2ins. I956. Handsome dude. Near Easter Road. We are meant for each other. Don't lose tne. I love you. Box No U/367/25.

V I saw you working at The Filmhouse. 7 Aug. You also sat next to me at Star Wars. You can play with my light saber anytime. Darth Cyrus. Box No U/367/26.

V I saw you Susan and l was overwhelmed. I still am. I love you. I probably always will. P.S. Cassandra does too! Box No U/367/27.

V I saw you coming out of the ladies loo on Friday I3 Aug at noon. You were saving yourself from doing a mischief in the hall - so we'll let you off— this time. Box No U/367/28.

V I saw you “Big Al". selling The List on your sexy mountain bike. I love to watch you on those cobbles. Will you be my big hairy man? Box No U/367/29.

V I saw you nina de mis curazon en ttts vestida raja. Baya para mi tados los nochos chicita bonita. Hasta pronto si? Box No U/367/30.

V I saw you Sam. and we talked about your future. I think we are happy now. and I want to kiss you lots. Box No U/3o7/3l. O I saw you Louise. You seemed a little down. hope we cheered you tip coz you’re pure dead bn'lliant! Box No U/3o7/32.

V I saw you Matt at The List party dancing with a bleeding ear. Can I be you nurse? Box No U/367/33.

V I saw you Elaine behind the bar in EHI. Please pull me instead of the pint next time.

Box No U/36734.

O I saw you in EHI looking shy with a lovely daisy hair bobble and pink bag I think you were called Mary will you marry me? Box No U/367/35. V I saw you two blondes - Mrs Fried Egg and Mrs Knight Rider. Come and visit me in Wonderland. Love and kisses. Box No U/367/36.

V I saw you beautiful bride to be. wearing green see-through negligée on the Royal Mile. 24/7/99. Don't do it! Box No U/367/37.

I saw you uussmw

V I saw you and I knew that without you. my life would be empty. I love you. Box No U/3b7/38.

V I saw you working in the Disney Store. you look so cute. Your cardi and goatee combo.

Fancy a snog. Box No U/366/72 V I saw you bleached haired. oriental guy in the Filmhouse foyer on 2/7/99 at Lush. You were checking out the videos before you left on your bike. Let's go for a cycle together. Box No U/366/73

V I saw you at a house- warming. You were tall and mysterious. charming and witty. wearing your 'gay‘ safari shirt with velcro pockets. I have thought of little else since then - you not the shin! Box No U/366/74

V I saw you I did see you with your goaty beard and big shiney head (Borders) maybe my sticky muffin. Would like to meet your shiney head. See you. Box No U/366/75 V I saw you in Borders cafE. You have blonde hair and blue eyes and were wearing a hawaii- girl t shirt and Carpenter flares. Box No U/366/76

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